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Fashion Sneakers for Women

The inviting design of sneakers offer superior ankle support which helps in preventing injuries even when you engage in strenuous activities. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, then you are bound to feel benefited from the spacious design of the sneakers which deliver optimum breathability. You can take your pick amongst diverse style options ranging from slip-on to golf, lacrosse and many more for enhancing your efficiency in the sports arena. So, whether you are a college student or a mommy-to-be, add these trendy footwear to your cart today for radiating an impression of effortless style at all times.

Compare and shop women's fashion sneakers including white, leather, running, walking, tennis & chunky from slip-on to platform and high top at affordable prices.

Sneakers can serve as a cool addition to our wardrobe by merging in the best of practicality, comfort, and style. While the sneakers were initially designed to help us undertake physical activities like exercising, running, hiking, etc. It is increasingly being sported by modern fashionistas in casual settings. Explore some of the most common varieties of women’s sneakers offered by top curated fashion sneakers manufacturers like Reebok, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Dior, DKNY, Brooks from top online shopping sites with price comparison and sneaker-wearing guide from our fashion rule book to look both sleek and stylish in these top sneakers of 2020.

Types of Sneaker Designs for Online Shopping

  1. High Top Sneakers: These uber-stylish basketball court utilities can keep you basking in fashion both on and off the court. They look especially good when teamed with sporty attires.
  2. Mid-Top Sneakers: The mid-top Saucony sneakers rise up to the ankle level for delivering ample ankle mobility and fewer restrictions. They also rank high in terms of comfort apart from getting your style meter up and running.
  3. Low Top Sneakers: Engage in both long and short distance running with the low top sneakers which can keep your feet feeling comfortable with ample support and cushioning.
  4. Old Skool/Authentic Sneaker: This iconic footwear style features a side-striped silhouette and toe-capped style which has been a rage in street style and skate performance for quite a long time.
  5. Sneaker Boots: Blend in comfort and functionality with the sneaker boots which are the perfect street-style well suited even for cold-weather activities.
  6. Slip-on Sneakers: These lace-less varieties are perfect for people who prioritize comfort as they are extremely easy to wear and highly fashionable.
  7. Moc Sneakers: Get ready for a heavy-duty workout with the performance- recovery footwear whose relaxed design can help take the load off after a hectic day.
  8. Bow Sneakers: Nail a chic yet cute look with the bow sneakers which tags along an enhanced lightweight feel to ensure optimum flexibility of movement throughout the day.
  9. Leather Sneakers: Be it a weekend hiking trip or a Friday night office party, the leather sneakers can keep your style game high at all times.
  10. Canvas Sneakers: Accentuate your overall look with a dash of fashion courtesy of the canvas sneakers which act as a long-term investment with their high durability and comfort quotient.
  11. Synthetic Sneakers/Textile Blend Sneakers: Cater to both general and athletic use with the synthetic sneakers which guarantee a high level of breathability to your feet even while using them over prolonged time spans.
  12. Designer Sneakers: Upgrade your wardrobe with a pair of designer sneakers that can impart a contemporary touch to your entire getup with the fashion ramp approved looks.
  13. Velcro Sneakers: Bid adieu to constant juggling with shoelaces by bringing home a pair of Velcro sneakers without lace which can add a fashionable touch to your casual ensembles seamlessly.
  14. Denim Sneakers: Reveal your badass side with the bold denim sneakers which generally feature a PVC sole and lace-up front closure for a high level of grip and flexibility.
  15. Printed Sneakers: Add a dash of color to your everyday look with the lightweight printed sneakers having a heel pull tab and mesh upper for making it easy to wear.
  16. Knitted Sneakers: Radiate a laid-back vibe with the knitted sneakers which have become a rage in the fashion circuit with their incredibly modish and comfortable style.
  17. Platform Sneakers: Strike the right balance of style and comfort with the platform sneakers which can add an extra edge to your wardrobe by enhancing your height without making the whole thing uncomfortable.
  18. Wedge Sneakers: If running in stilettos all day long make your feet hurt, then the wedge sneakers can serve as your ideal choice by making you look classy and feel comfortable.
  19. Chunky Sneakers: The coolest trend in footwear fashion basks its wearers in plush comfort with a super thick sole which has been specially designed to keep leg strain at bay even on being worn throughout the day.
  20. LED Lighted Sneakers: Grab the limelight with your footwear as the LED lights sneakers with bling add to the level of drama whether you are getting ready for night running, exercising, or hitting the party circuit.
  21. Golf Shoes: The lightweight design of these flat-soled beauties offers the right balance between style and comfort while keeping you stable even in the field with the built-in spikes.
  22. Hiking Shoes/Trekking Shoes: Plan long hikes with the trekking shoes having incredible traction and quick dry times. Its sock-like upper portion conforms to the natural curves of your feet to make you feel comfortable at all times.
  23. Basketball Sneakers: Nail an eye-catching style with the chunky basketball sneakers which have been specially designed to buffer your feet from strain whether at the office or college.
  24. Athletic Kicks: Add a sporty flair to your wardrobe with the athletic kicks which have been specially crafted for catering to a wide range of speed and lifting drills.
  25. Football Sneakers/Soccer Shoes: Studs embedded on the outsole of the soccer shoes offer an enhanced grip while playing on grass pitches so that you can win brownie points in the game.
  26. Cross Trainers: Engage in a variety of physical activities with the cross trainers which offer long-lasting support and high shock absorbency whether you are running at a park or working out at the gym.
  27. Tennis Sneakers/Court Sneakers: This highly iconic silhouette is an absolute must-have in every women’s footwear wardrobe as they enhance your efficiency in the field while also making you stand out with an elegant style.
  28. Trail Shoes: Take on every road and come out with flying colors courtesy of the trail shoes which deliver maximum traction so that you can transition easily. They come with adequate cushioning and guarantee a connected ground feel.
  29. Skate Shoes: The thicker sole of skate shoes can keep your feet protected while ensuring a proper landing as you perform those tricks. These shoes guarantee a high level of durability while reducing all chances of wear and tear.
  30. Lacrosse sneakers: The multi-season lacrosse sneakers blend in the unique aspects of durability, toughness, and comfort while adding a stylish and rugged touch to your appearance.
  31. Plimsoll Sneakers: Plimsoll sneakers can be paired up with a variety of outfits be it smart casual or party wear while delivering superior comfort with its super trendy designs.
  32. Track Sneakers: Attempt the next marathon in a pair of highly comfortable track sneakers that can help your feet adapt to a variety of scenarios with the right degree of grip and cushioning.
  33. Socks Sneakers: The hyper-sleek silhouette and knitted upper of the socks sneakers have turned into an outfit inspiration of the trendy millennial population as they can make you look stylish whether wearing sneakers for work or play.
  34. Walking Shoes: Superior level of arch support offered by these incredibly comfortable shoes can keep you protected from foot aches even after being on your toes throughout the day.
  35. Minimalist Shoes/Barefoot Running: You can expect a high level of resistance from the barefoot running sneakers which can keep your spine upright despite their highly lightweight built.
  36. Running Shoes/Jogging Shoes: The last contender of our list is uniquely designed for cushioning your feet from the impact created whenever your feet hit the ground for diminishing chances of injury and keeping you comfortable.

Types of Fabric Used In Sneakers

  • Leather is the most common fabric used in sneakers which moulds to the natural curves of your feet while offering a high level of durability, comfort, and elegance.
  • Next comes the textile variants which both look and feel great to wear. While they have a lightweight feel, they can cause discomfort on getting drenched.
  • Last but not least comes the synthetic varieties which can serve you well if you are looking for a highly affordable option.

Tips to Wear and Styles

  • Style the dressier sneakers with casual outfits like a casual shirt, blazer, or jeans.
  • Ensure that your socks are not visible while wearing steel toe sneakers and this rule holds especially true for the low-cut variants.
  • Family picnics call for a relaxed look and you can nail the same by teaming up chunky white sneakers with a red polka-dotted dress.
  • Plan Sunday brunches with your girl gang and take Instagram-worthy pictures by wearing Nordstrom metallic sneakers with an off-shoulder dress in a pastel hue.
  • With the festival season around the corner, it's time to go on a shopping spree where you might have to be on your toes over considerable stretches of time. For such trips, you can wear a comfortable solid off-white jogger with a relaxed t-shirt in shades of tan or beige.
  • Bring out your glamorous LBD and team it up with a pair of neon coach sneakers for the next cocktail party.