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Boots are a timeless fashion accessory that can help you exude class and confidence without having to try too hard. Premium designer boutiques like Prada, Channel, Ralph Lauren, etc have a separate section devoted to this distinguishable footwear. Previously, boots served utilitarian purposes but coming to modern times it has evolved into a radiant element of unisex fashion. You can shop a variety of boots ranging from muck boots to biker boots, cute snow boots, black combat boots, wide calf, narrow calf, side-zipper, no heel, round-toe, and many more to accentuate your overall appearance. Explore and compare the expert-curated mots selling boots for women's top popular online shopping sites.

Boots have evolved into an essential accessory across many cultures. Be it the Cowboys or the Vikings, boots have served as an important part of their outfit while helping in easy movement. Boots were originally designed to buffer our feet and legs from environmental stimulants like mud, water, snow, and many more whether you are working in the garden or hiking across rocky terrain. But over years, boots have undergone drastic transformations for becoming an integral part of the fashion circuitry.

45 Types of Boot Designs available for online shopping for women

  1. Hiker – These boots exude a rugged feel courtesy of their hike-ready features. The wide-fitted boots have extra spaces to accommodate your thicker socks and can firmly secure your feet in place by the D-ring eyelets on its lace-to-toe closure.
  2. Duck – The waterproof duck boots come with a full rubber sole and vamp so that you can creep through shallow waters while duck hunting.
  3. Combat – As the name suggests, these boots were initially designed for being worn by soldiers on the battlefield but have transcended the lines of fashion for being graced by modern fashionistas as a part of their formal wardrobe. However, these fashionable boots still blend in certain original army elements like a chunky sole, rounded toecap, and a high collar.
  4. Thigh-High – The classic style can keep you feeling warm once the mercury takes a dip with its shaft which hits mid-length. Some thigh-high boots are form-fitted and can be teamed up with skirts, jeans, tights, and dresses like your favorite fashion bloggers.
  5. Moc Toe – The USP of these boots lies in their Moccasin-style of stitching. While the construction and pattern might vary from one brand to another, the hallmark style is that the seam remains exposed at the toe.
  6. Stiletto Heel – You can think of the stiletto heels to be an alternative to the pumps you wear during fall months to the office. They can boost up your height and also add a dash of confidence to take on every day with panache.
  7. Riding – The knee-high riding boots might either have a low or flat heel style and can be availed in standard shades of black, brown, grey, or navy. You can opt for the leather or suede variants for radiating a posh vibe.
  8. Packer or Logger Boot – This work-boot style originated back in 1800 and was used by lumberjacks requiring them to cross rocky terrain on foot. Their USP lies in a tapered Western heel, thick lugged soles, high lace-up shaft, and Kittie leather detailing on the toe.
  9. Engineer – The rugged and hardwearing engineering boots feature a lace-less style which is an absolute hit amongst motorcycle enthusiasts. They have around eight-inch-high shafts and adjustable buckles around the upper shaft and mid-foot.
  10. Cowboy – This American classic boot style does not need any introduction. The red cowboy boots have a pull-on construction and plain-toed leather upper making them easy to pull on/off.
  11. Roper – These are a variation of the cowboy category and have their roots in ancient Spanish culture.
  12. Chukka – The clean construction of Chukka boots makes them the simplest member of the boot family. Usually, they have two to three eyelets and minimal lace closure.
  13. Jodhpur – The vintage style of Jodhpur boots was a sport for the first time by Indian polo players in the 1920s. They are characterized by a one-piece vamp and double-wrap buckle closures around the ankle.
  14. Chelsea – This British classic is identified by its elasticated closures housed on either side of the ankle. The women's chelsea boots gained rapid popularity after being sported by a legendary music band, The Beatles.
  15. Balmoral – The history of Balmoral boots stretches back to Victorian England and serves as a perfect form of occasion wear. Its slim cut along with a distinctive close throat lacing system and plain toe boot might feature dual tones of leather or two different varieties of hiding.
  16. Go-Go – This low-heeled fashion boot has continued to be a rage since its introduction in the mid-1960s to modern times and you can buy them at discounted prices from Amazon and other clearance sale events.
  17. Desert Boots – This British military style originated during the Second World War and holds immense popularity even today by offering comfort and optimum longevity.
  18. Ankle Boots – Strike the perfect harmony between comfort and versatility with the ankle boots which come with supportive features, such as soft interior lining and cushioned footbeds.
  19. Lita Boots – Nail high-street fashion in the Ralph Lauren Lita boots which comes with a two-inch platform heel and can be paired up easily with different attire options ranging from a skater dress to skinny jeans.
  20. Winter Boots – Keep your feet buffered from harsh winter with the winter boots which are ideal for both casual and semi-casual gatherings to amp up your style meter drastically.
  21. Snow Boots– The water-resistant women's boots for snow feature a rubber sole to keep them dry even in slushy situations and a high side to prevent the snow from entering inside.
  22. Wedge Boots - The wedge boots are a modern iteration of an ancient Greek design where a single piece of material serves the dual purpose of both the heel and the sole.
  23. Biker Boots – Even non-bikers can join the fun parade with grungy biker boots which are crafted using heavy-weight materials while basking your feet in plush comfort.
  24. Cowgirl Boots – The undeniably charming cowgirl boots can help you radiate a cool vibe without trying too hard while paying homage to ‘The Wild Wild West.’
  25. Flat Ankle Boots – This unique form of enclosed footwear reaches ankle height and is available in both casual and dressy styles.
  26. Harness Boots – Heavy-weight leather goes into the composition of these boots which come in versatile shades of black and brown.
  27. High Heel Boots – Improve your posture with stylish high-heel boots which can create an illusion of a slimmer waist and longer legs while boosting up your confidence.
  28. Knee High Boots Just as the name suggests, these boots rise up to the knee and are originally crafted using leather.
  29. Moccasin Boots - The front laced-up moccasin boots have sweat absorption capabilities to keep you riding high on comfort all day long.
  30. Over the Knee Boots – Also known as cuissardes, these boots can fully or partly cover the knee and include the varieties of top boots, thigh boots, and waders.
  31. Rain Boots The rubber-made rain boots come in a variety of heights and prints for catering to your versatile fashion needs.
  32. Ugg Boots – The traditional design of Australia has undergone developments over the years for becoming a classic style of women’s footwear.
  33. Wedge Sneaker Boots – Add a special touch to your outfit with the wedge sneaker boots which look great with a funky pair of bottom wear.
  34. Bunny Boots – Also known as Mickey boots, this extreme cold-weather footwear is usually crafted using waterproof rubber and features a liner-free interior that retains your body warmth.
  35. Ski Boots – Undertake an exhilarating skiing experience with this specialized boot which is uniquely designed to transmit control inputs to the snow from the skier’s legs.
  36. Work & Safety Boot (Steel toe boots/Garden Boot) – Bring down chances of workplace injuries with the work boots which have been crafted by keeping the wearer’s safety in mind.
  37. Platform Boots – Reform your entire wardrobe with the fascinating shaped platform boots which can elevate your entire look by adding a few extra inches to your frame.
  38. Pointed Toe Booties – Impart a dash of sharpness to your Western silhouette with the pointed toe booties which were initially invented to help dancers appear weightless during their performances.
  39. Winklepicker Boots – These boots were a staple of medieval French nobility and later on became a rage amongst a generation of youths and contemporary musicians.
  40. Ballet Boot–This latest style of women’s footwear blends in the classic style of high-heel boots along with the ‘en pointe’ shoes worn by ballerinas.
  41. Gladiator Boot – Keep them staring as your ooze out sex-appeal in this peep-toe style has a cushioned footbed and synthetic upper.
  42. Trapeze Boot – Your legs remain protected from rubbing and bruising with the trapeze boots which are longer than basic boots and extend till below the knee.
  43. Mid-Calf Boots – Wow your friends with the versatile mid-calf boots which can be worn with a variety of apparel.
  44. Low Heel Boots – Blend in style and comfort with the low heel boots which is ideal for women who like being on their feet all day long while exuding pure class with their getup.
  45. High Heel Boots – Look trendy and stylish in the high-heel boots which are bound to enhance every outfit, be it skinny jeans or midi dresses.

Types of Fabrics Used In Boots

  • Leather is the most popular choice of material given its high degree of breathability and moisture absorbency. The Georgia boots crafted using leather also ranks high in terms of durability and can be customized according to the shape of the wearer’s feet.
  • Next comes rubber boots which are adored for their weatherproof attributes. You can take the example of short rain and ankle rain boots. They come in an array of shades and styles while offering improved traction to enhance the safety level of wearers irrespective of the surface.
  • Carbon fiber boots were launched in the market by Nike. These lightweight boots are crafted using a heavy-duty material that can be threaded together at angles to offer a high degree of flexibility.
  • Denim is one fabric that never goes out of vogue. You can also look your snazzy best with denim boots which can help you nail a unique fashion statement especially if you have grown tired of the regular footwear.
  • Last but not least comes the velvet boots which can help you flaunt a bold look during special occasions.

Tips to Wear and Styles

  • Wear thigh-high IV boots during winter months with skirts or long jumpers to radiate a relaxed yet stylish look.
  • The over-the-knew Prada boots are perfect for being worn with your fluffiest socks underneath to keep warm during those frivolous night-outs.
  • Timberland boots can be styled with minimal effort as it looks equally flattering on being teamed up with ripped jeans, leather jacket or a hoodie to get winter-ready in no time.
  • Black Blundstone boots are a wardrobe staple that can be styled with a variety of outfits. You can create an insta-worthy look by pairing the black boots with a simple turtleneck and checked trousers.
  • Make a statement by teaming up combat boots with a turtle neck jumper or a smart blazer.
  • Grab the spotlight with the rock and roll-inspired Durango boots which are ideal for ladies who like living on the edge.
  • The dainty crossings of ankle-length lace-up boots paint a dreamy picture of being worn with those floral printed autumn dresses.
  • Wear black ankle boots under wide-leg jeans and a sweater set to nail the French-girl aesthetic with sass.
  • A pair of vibrantly hued Teva booties can add an extra pop to your look and get you ready to grace fun events like a boss.
  • Add some interest to your maxi outfit with flat Ralph Lauren boots to keep your feet basking in comfort throughout the day. Here you need to opt for boots crafted using reflective fabric and accessorized with tons of zippers or buckles.

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