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Shop Women's Athletic Shoes: Running & Training Shoes

Say hello to happy feet and move around comfortably in the right pair of women’s athletic shoes. Women’s love for shoes is an open secret and now you can make heads turn even while engaging in athletic workouts. Choose from our trusted brands and get ready to take the game a notch higher whether at the soccer field or while out on your daily walks. These training shoes are specially designed for adapting to a variety of terrains while preventing accidents and the excruciating pain which follows.

There was a time when we would resort to the good old sneakers for just about any activity be it running or hiking. But changing times have made it clear that a specialized shoe is there for every single kind of workout. Top shoe brands like Reebok, Puma, Adidas, etc are offering an extensive variety of athletic shoes that are specially crafted to minimize gaming injuries while enhancing your level of efficiency. They have a larger contact surface which can guarantee the highest level of comfort whether you have flat feet or high foot arches. Read on to know more about the different varieties of athletic shoes that can suit everyone from beginners to pro-level athletes.

Types Of Athletic Shoes available Online for Shopping

1. Running Shoes: Get your feet ready to pound the pavement in these highly cushioned shoes which are uniquely designed to protect the heel and front of your foot from the sudden shock. You can invest in one to avoid tendinitis, stress fractures, shin splints, etc.

2. Minimalist Shoes: Nail the look of running barefoot with these light and flexible shoes which do not rank high on the cushion department.

3. Walking Shoes: This lightweight variety features extra shock absorption capabilities to reduce painful sensations in your heel post walking. Their slightly rounded sole smoothly shifts your body weight to the toes from your heels.

4. Tennis Shoes: Going by its nomenclature, this sports-approved shoe is a match made in heaven for making that rapid side-to-side movement in the tennis field.

5. Trail Running Shoes: Jog off-road with trail running shoes that can keep you safe on uneven surfaces by offering side-to-side and heel support. Their tread is heavier than the traditional running shoes and they have a greater capability of standing up to mud, dirt, rock, and water.

6. Basketball Sneakers: The stiff sole of basketball sneakers can help you run up and down the gaming court while offering a high level of stability. Its high-end variants can keep your ankle cushioned while changing your direction abruptly.

7. Soccer Cleats: These shoes feature spikes or studs affixed on the soles which can offer a greater level of traction on soft turf. They are form-fitting in nature and don’t cause any drag while you kick the ball.

8. Lacrosse Shoes: Run quickly across the lacrosse field with these shoes having high tops that can offer optimum ankle support and good grip as you make stop-start moves on the turf or grass.

9. Football Cleats: Their level of stiffness is comparatively greater than the lacrosse shoes and they come customized to suit your specific position on the football field.

10. Softball Cleats: These shoes are narrower and longer than peer athletic shoes and render adequate support to the toe arch for preventing pain.

11. Golf Shoes: Look like a country club girl while winning brownie points in your game of golf with this high stability footwear. Your chances of slipping get marginalized courtesy of the short cleats on its soles.

12. Hiking Shoes: Get ready for your upcoming hill trek with hiking boots that are specially designed to increase your grip and keep you protected from minor falls.

13. Cycling Shoes: Be it recreational or competitive cycling, you can transfer more energy to the pedal with the right pair of flexible cycling shoes.

Types of Fabric Used In Women's Athletic Shoes

  • Leather strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability. Being highly porous in nature, leather can absorb water, making it ideal for going on a hike in the rain or snow.
  • Canvas fabric is made up of resilient materials like flax and cotton which makes it ideal for being used in crafting sneakers. They come in a plethora of color choices and are also comparatively easier to clean and maintain.
  • Rubber is a popular choice in making outsoles of sports shoes like tennis shoes and running shoes. Previously the rubber shoes were crafted from polyester which has taken the shape of a more environment-friendly natural rubber in modern times.
  • Synthetic materials is favored by modern millennials as they offer ample cushioning to the feet. Athletes get immensely benefitted from the flexible stability offered by plastic materials like liquid silicone, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), or polyurethane foam.
  • Lastly comes nylon which is the most commonly found fabric in running shoes as it allows adequate breathability to our feet which is necessary for athletes who are consistently on the move.

Tips For Choosing Athletic Shoes

  • When it comes to choosing a pair of athletic shoes, there is no universal fit. You need to stack up against your wardrobe with different pairs earmarked against different activities. This might not seem very budget-friendly but it is bound to help in keeping your feet healthy and happy in the long run. The main principle behind running shoes is shock absorption and that is why they are heavily cushioned to break your fall. Walking shoes, on the other hand, usually feature rounded toes as they shift weight easily from the heel to the toe. You can also get your hands on athletic shoes for specific sports like tennis, basketball, etc.
  • While choosing an orthopedic athletic shoe, it becomes necessary to understand your foot arch. It becomes pretty cumbersome to shop for flat feet and you need to bring home shoes having motion control features. High arched feet call for high cushion shoes which can render an ultimate sports experience by balancing out your feet.
  • Ensuring that the athletic shoes fit snugly can guarantee you comfortable wear. For this, you need to make sure at least half-inch space in between the end of your shoe and your toe. You should be able to wiggle your toes while wearing athletic shoes as this alleviates pressure on your feet, ensures proper blood circulation, and also prevents after-exercise fatigue.