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Buy Necklaces for Women: Chokers, Chains & Pendants in Gold and Silver Designs

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Necklace sets are utterly important for women to outshine everyone else at the parties. A great necklace helps women look charismatic and captivating. Whatever the occasion may be, we have the best necklaces for you. You can choose your new necklace chain from various unique designs in our collection.

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Are you concerned and unsure about the length of the necklace? Well, necklace chains listed in our collection features a dedicated necklace length chart that will help you make a better decision. Sit back, put your worries aside and shop for the best necklaces online.

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Now, let's find out the types of necklaces and how you can wear them in style.

Types of Necklace Designs for Women to Buy online in the USA

Initial Necklace

An Initial Necklace ideally has the first letter of an individual's name, and these are made of silver, diamond, or gold. You can wear an initial necklace with your casual outfit.

Religious Necklace

A religious necklace features a pendant that symbolizes different religions. Available in unique designs, you can wear a religious necklace to family gatherings or festive celebrations.

Opal Necklace

Opal necklaces are made of opal gemstones, and they look appealing. You can wear an opal necklace with a jumpsuit and slay your casual looks.

Y Necklace

Y necklaces are the most popular necklaces, and these necklaces feature a long chain with extensions to form the Y shape. You can wear a Y-shape necklace daily with your casual outfits.

Key Necklace

Key necklaces feature a simple chain and a key pendant, symbolizing good luck and new opportunities. You can wear a key necklace with your semi-formal dress.

Urn Necklace

Urn necklaces are different as these necklaces can hold ashes, burial soil, or memorial flowers in them. You can wear urn necklaces in memory of someone close to you or simply for spiritual well-being.

Infinity Necklace

Infinity necklaces feature an infinity symbol pendant that symbolizes endless love and eternity. You can wear an infinity necklace by pairing it up with matching earrings and a formal or semi-formal dress.


Choker necklaces aren't too long as they fit closely to the neck and are made using leather, pearls, and other gemstones. You can wear a choker with sweaters, beach outfits, and deep-cut dresses.


Bib necklaces have a heavy design, covering a large portion of the chest. Bibs feature gemstones, and you may wear them with shirts or any other outfit that doesn't show your neckline.

Necklace chain sets accentuate women's looks. While some necklaces symbolize one's status symbol, many necklaces have deep meanings as well. You can explore and compare the latest necklace sets on TopOfStyle and save more on your new necklace sets.


Should I get a 16 or 18-inch necklace?

The length of your necklace mainly depends on what style you want to flaunt. If you want the necklace to not lay below your collarbone, you should pick a 16-inch necklace. If you prefer a long necklace and want it to lay on your upper chest, you must go for an 18-inch necklace.

What is the most popular necklace?

Diamond necklaces and gold chain necklaces for women are the most popular necklaces.

How long should a necklace be for a woman?

The necklace length varies from necklace to necklace. A choker is 14-inch long, while a matinee necklace is 24-inch long. Ideally, a woman's necklace should be at least 16-inch long.

What is a princess necklace?

A princess necklace is ideally 18-inch long and has unique designs.

What necklace length is best?

Based on your style preferences, you can choose a necklace that's 14-inch to 36-inch long. Anything shorter than 14-inch is a big no.

What is the average necklace length for a woman?

Though the length of a necklace depends on its type, the ideal average length of a women's necklace is 16 to 20-inch.

What is a good necklace length for a girl?

14-inch to 18-inch is a good necklace length for girls.

What does a necklace symbolize in the Bible?

As per the Bible, a necklace symbolizes an individuals' honor.

What does the Bible say about wearing a cross necklace?

Though the Bible doesn't condemn wearing a cross necklace, the holy book mentions that you shouldn't mix it with other religious jewelry.