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Brooches & Pins for women

Brooches and Pins for women can significantly enhance your style and infuse elegance in your appearance. TopOfStyle brings you a hand-picked range of vintage designer brooch pins. Our collection features Cameo Brooches, Pearl Brooches, and various other types of brooches designs to buy online.

Brooches and Pins for dresses aren't unique, but they're charming like anything. Though you may ignore the significance of brooches, however, if chosen wisely, it can make you look drop-dead gorgeous and turn all the eyes at you. No, we're not kidding.

Well-matched brooches for dresses will make them look chic. Choose a unique multi-color brooch pin set for your new dress and flaunt the match effortlessly. You can even check out brooches in shades like Red, Blue, Purple, White, and Pink for solid dresses.

Over the years, brooches have evolved into multi-purpose fashion jewelry that one can wear on various occasions. From a casual get-together to a grand celebration, there's a brooch for all ceremonies. Explore wedding brooches in our collection and make your dress look 10x better.

Whether you're looking for a large Golden Caduceus Symbol Brooch or a small single beaded brooch, we have got you covered. Our extensive collection of brooches also features the flying angel and hummingbird brooches. Well, don't panic because that's not all.

To make you stand out from the crowd at parties, we have collected some of the most-loved gold and silver-plated brooches. You can even choose your new pin set made from rose gold and sterling silver. We have brooches and pins made from these two materials in various shapes like skull, feather, butterfly, heart, and the royal crown.

We get it that history excites you, and you love vintage designer jewelry even more. Our new, updated brooches and pins collection also features the famous Swarovski Brooches, Viking Brooches, and Rose Gold Brooches.

Slay your casual looks and decorate your outfits with the cute and adorable Bumble Bee, Rabbit, Bunny, Mouse, Train, and other glittery brooches. If you need more variety, you can even use greyhound, owl, bird, dragonfly, and orchid brooches.

Buy the best brooches and pins online from Amazon, eBay, Debenhams, Tiffany, and Macy's by comparing prices through TopOfStyle. We help you compare the best deals on the trending brooches and pins.

Let's figure out the types of brooches and how you can wear each of them perfectly and transform your style. We'll walk you through seven different types of brooches designs and help you choose the right one for yourself.

Types of Brooches 

Vintage Brooches

A vintage brooch generally has a long pin, and they work using the Victorian T-bar hinges or Edward hinges. You can wear vintage brooches on your front lapel.

Cameo Brooches

Cameo brooches are made of shells, and their design is carved on them. You can wear a cameo brooch as a pendant in a necklace.

Pearl Brooches

Pearl Brooches are unique, and they give a shiny look. You can ideally wear pearl brooches on a dress or scarf.

Swarovski Brooches

Swarovski Brooches are made of rhinestone; Swarovski brooches often feature gold and rhodium-plated design to look stunning. You can wear them on your neckline or your lapel.

Viking Brooches

Viking brooches were traditionally made using gold and animal bones. You can wear a Viking brooch in your hair, on the front of your dress, or in a chain.

Rose Gold Brooches

Rose Gold Brooches feature a reddish color as it is made using various alloys. Wear rose gold brooches on your neckline and give yourself a vibrant look.

Initial Brooches

The initial Brooch pins feature initials of one's name and can be found in a wide variety. You can wear an initial brooch on the collar of your blazer or front lapel.


Which side does a woman wear a brooch?

Ideally, women wear brooches on their left side.

What does a brooch symbolize?

Each brooch, depending on its shape or design, symbolizes a different meaning. For example, Heart-shaped brooches symbolize pure love and luck. Leaf shape brooch symbolizes growth, and blossom pin brooches represent sadness and mean that you hold your lost one very close.

Are brooches in Style 2020?

Yes, brooches are in style 2020, and they are here to stay for a long while.

Where can I buy brooches?

You can buy a wide range of brooches, including the shiny pewter brooches and flower leaf brooches, online from Amazon, eBay, Tiffany, but has curated all modest designs for you, you can check all brooches products that available on most online shopping sites and buy with price comparision.

Where to buy cheap brooches?

TopOfStyle is your one-stop online deal comparison website for a unique range of vintage designers and cheap brooches.

There are a wide range of  Crystal, Enamel, Shell, Denim, and Cubic Zirconia brooches that you can adorn on your outfits. Brooches are not merely cloth holders anymore. Now, Brooches are meaningful fashion jewelry that defines one's style. Buy women's designer brooches and lapel pins in a variety of styles such as vintage, antique & oversized for suits, dresses, scarves, etc. at the lowest prices.