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Women's Bracelets & Bangles in Gold, Diamond & Sterling Silver: Buy Charm & Personalized Designs

Equip your wardrobe with chic bracelets for women online. Make selection among gold bracelets, bracelet watches, bracelet charms, heart bracelets, knife bracelets, and more. Choose desired women’s bracelets amassed from top brands like Michael Kors, Valentino, Zales, Cartier, Steve Madden, etc.

Women's bracelets can prove to be one of the greatest precious accessories in their closets. Despite being petite, they serve the boldest way of flaunting your style with utmost comfort. Decode your style from the selection of fancy engraved bracelets, lavish gold bracelets, versatile watch and bracelet sets, adorable heart bracelets, bracelet watches, and more from the collection.

They are amassed from leading online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. When you buy any jewelry bracelet, silver bracelet, gold cuff bracelet, bracelet charms, bracelet beads, bracelet rubber band, diamond bracelet, bracelet bangle, etc. from this collection, you can exude your physical appearance at the same. They belong to eminent brands like Cartier, Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Zales, Valentino, Zales, etc. Make cherished gifts for special ones in your life by choosing women bracelets prepared from pearl or stone.

Types of Bracelets for Women to Buy Online in the USA

Gold bracelets: Presented in plain yellow gold or white gold or in rose gold, they also come studded with alluring gemstones and diamonds.

Beaded bracelets: For travelers and fashion enthusiasts, beaded bracelets prove to be lightweight along with adding a funky look to the wrist.

Bangle bracelets: Ingrained with precious stones, these forms of bracelets are often silver, bronze, golden in color.

Crystal bracelets: They remove energy blockages and offer 3 basic types i.e. chain, pearl, and bangle. 

Leather bracelets: Presenting a robust look, they may or may not include a chain on each end; some have clasps whereas some can be tied.

Chain bracelets: Metal loops are interconnected to create a chain structure; the metal used can be gold or silver.

Pearl bracelets: Available at reasonable prices, you can select your desired peal type, size, color, clasp type, and length of the bracelet.

Tennis bracelets: Typically made of platinum, sterling silver, or 14K, or 18K gold, these bracelets have tiny gems or diamonds connected by a metal chain.

Cuff bracelets: Usually wide and thick, there is an opening that pushes on the side of your wrist allowing you to wear and remove easily.

Hand-stamped bracelets/ Personalized bracelets: When you want a bracelet with an initial letter or some kind of personalized design, these jewelry pieces present an elegant look.

Cross Bracelets: The best choices for the occasion of Christians, for those who desire to showcase their love for God.

Knife bracelet: Prepared from stainless steel for durability. These pieces are the perfect gift idea for outdoorsmen.

Silver bracelets: Made up of pure silver or sterling silver, the durability is excellent and the design appears splendid.

Handcuff bracelets: Possessing a semi-rigid construction, flexibility is great and can be paired with a chain necklace.

Quartz bracelet watch: Also working as a practical watch, they present vintage beads pendant to present an extraordinary look.

Infinity link bracelets: Also known as chain-link bracelets, gold or silver is used in the construction; the infinity symbol makes them popular.

Multi-layer bracelets: Equipped with 2 or multiple strands of rope or chain or leather or any synthetic materials, they appear good on any outfit.

Slider bracelets: Can be adjusted according to your wrist size, there are plenty of sizes, designs, colors, and shapes.

Types of Materials used to Manufacturing Women's Bracelets

Gold plating Possesses a thin layer of gold covering with gold purity ranging from 10k to 22k.

Wood: Available in so many colors and styles, they are available in either small or large beads.

Copper & Brass: Equipped with elegant designs and textures, they resemble gold and present a unique shine.

Fabric: There is the use of fabric like cotton or wool or broadcloth or silk or satin; various designs and patterns are available.

Silicone: Extremely inexpensive and flexible, they are also available in multiple colors.

Pearls: Included pearls are available in various shades and sizes, and can be paired with any outfit.

Leather: Popular for being easy to take on and off and ease of handling.

Silver: Presented in varied strengths, it is easy to find the one in the desired price range.

Stainless steel: Known to be durable, they allow etching of names or designs for a personalized look.

How to wear women’s bracelets with a watch?

With a silver watch band: Go for a titanium-designed bracelet or a beaded bracelet.

With dark leather watchband: A leather bracelet in retro style or bicycle chain bracelet or sandalwood bead bracelet is the best choice.

With a bright watch band: A casual nautical bracelet suits the best.

With a sporty watch: Insist for an embellished bracelet or leather cuff bracelet.


What are the most popular bracelets?

The most popular bracelets are crystal bracelets, bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, charm bracelets, shell bracelets, heart bracelets, and distance bracelets.

Which wrist should a woman wear a bracelet/which wrist do you wear your bracelet on?  

The tradition followed is women wear a bracelet on the right hand. To pair a beaded bracelet with a wristwatch, wear both on the same hand. It is recommended to wear a bracelet on the dominant hand.

What is the use of wearing a silver bracelet?  

There are various health benefits of wearing a silver bracelet. The capability to produce an electric field leads to the generation of heat and electricity in the body. The field encourages the existing conductivity of the body. As a result, it improves blood circulation and maintains temperature. Another benefit is such bracelets prevent hyperextension in the finger joints. So, patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis benefit the most.