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Ankle Bracelets & Anklets for Women

Searching to buy ankle bracelets that are one step ahead? We have curated unique and catchy anklet designs to satisfy your online shopping needs. Explore golden, silver, beaded, pearls, and custom personalized anklets for women curated from Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Irrespective of the occasion and the style you opt for, anklet jewelry never becomes obsolete. When you choose a women's anklet pair from our collection, you will surely receive compliments. Such anklet jewelry is collected from popular shopping sites like Amazon, Zales, eBay, Walmart, Tiffany, Target, JCPenny, Kohls, Nordstrom, urban outfitters, Etsy, Target, Macy's, Underarmour, Gap, Asos, etc.

With the initial status being that this type of jewelry is only worn by people in Egyptian regions, the concept has completely changed. In recent times, girls and women of all cultures prefer to wear a pair of ankle bracelets to adorn their appearance. These jewelry pieces on sale are available in plenty of material choices like gold, silver, magnetic, shell, stone, plastic, etc. To showcase your anklets at the best, you can choose from contemporary variants like lace anklet, heart anklet, anklet with name, anklet with engraving, Anklet with bells, etc. From classic thin chain ankle bracelets to decorative anklets with charms, the options are myriad.

Types of Ankle Branchlets to Buy Online for Women

Gold Ankle Bracelets: Often decorated with gemstones, they pair excellently with stylish elegant heels and complementary gold accessories.

Silver Anklets: Best for presenting casual or a boho look in summer outfits.

Toe-ring anklets: Available in silver and gold, the structure is attached to a toe-ring through a chain.

Beaded Anklets: With beads in a myriad of colors, this kind of jewelry can be mixed to compliment all outfits.

Shell Anklets: Presented in a wide range of chic shells which are threaded together or they can dangle at the sides.

Charm Ankle Bracelets: Comes in different metals with a lightweight, sleek design and various charms attached.

Letter anklets: Typically made in rose gold, yellow gold, or silver, they let you personalize the look with the name of your choice.

Silver Bridal Anklets: To make the special day of the bride even more memorable, they come in adorable designs in precious stones and diamonds.

Antique Pearl Anklets: Prepared from sea pearls with crystal stones and brass studded over, this jewelry complements well with ethnic wear.

Zipper Anklets: Equipped usually with a bronze chain which is kept open halfway for presenting a stylish look.

Diamond and Heart Anklets: Recognized as the perfect gift for the loved one, they come in adorable heart and floral design.

Crystal Anklets: Considered lavish jewelry due to the inclusion of diamonds, you can wear them for formal occasions.

Rope Anklets: Showcasing handmade design, there is the inclusion of strings and complimentary beads.

Studded Anklets: Blend of silver design and colorful studded crystal stones gives an extraordinary appearance.

Barefoot Ankle Bracelets: Working as a replacement for shoes, the bracelets hold the toe and ankle together with cascading chains.

Engraved Anklets: With beautiful engraving, it becomes easy to pair with various outfits.

Hemp Anklets: Prepared from loose material, they can be decorated with multiple beads.

Beach Anklets: Best for those residing in a seaside area, the included shells present a decorative look.

Material choices for Anklets and Ankle Bracelets:

For a lavish look: Go for the anklets and bracelets made up of silver or gold.

For decorative look: Designed anklets with shell, gemstone, beads, etc. work great.

For customized look: Insist for the one equipped with engravings or thread or rope or handmade designs.

For everyday wear: Materials like leather, nylon, plastic, etc. ensures durability

Color choices available for Online Shopping

You can choose from a plethora of color choices like black, silver, golden, yellow gold, blue, turquoise, red, white, pink, navy blue, beige, gray, blue, tan, brown, purple, cream, multicolored, etc.

Tips to choose right ankle bracelets for women:

Trend: Make sure you choose anklets following the existing fashion trends else you will feel your investment went in vain.

For working professionals: Choose tiny, subtle designs to stay comfortable for hours.

Consider footwear: Avoid ankle-strap when wearing sandals or shoes.

For daily use: You can insist on a small size with limited embellishments.

For special events: Anklets made in gold or silver or gemstone studs can instantly grab anyone’s attention.

For the bride: Silver anklets are highly recommended.

When wearing flip-flops or sandals: To stay comfortable with such footwear, wear anklets below the ankle.

When wearing pumps or sneakers: Wear ankles above them.

The right size: To stay comfortable for hours, measure your ankle and add 0.5-1 inches to the size.

Obtain a fabulous look by wearing fancy anklets or ankle bracelets. They exemplify your entire look when you choose carefully considering occasion and attire.


What does wearing an anklet symbolize?

Earlier wearing anklets for women symbolizes their marital status. However, in recent times, they are worn as fashion accessories.

What does wearing an anklet mean?

In Indian culture, anklets are worn by married women as a symbol that represents their dignity and beauty. But for now, the anklets hold a fashionable status amongst all accessories of women. Time has changed so it's a trend to wear anklets nowadays. This delicate piece gives an aesthetic look to women’s legs with utter beauty and significance.

Why should we not wear gold anklets?

The gold jewelry retains heat in the body whereas the silver ones retain cold. Generally, it is recommended to wear gold jewelry on the upper body and therefore one must not wear gold anklets.

Is wearing an anklet a sin?

It was earlier a belief that wearing an anklet is sin from a religious perspective. However, this is no more the truth in today’s era.

Which leg should a woman wear an anklet?

There is no specific rule on whether to wear an anklet on the left or right ankle. Many women wear them on the right following the tradition.

What does it mean when a woman wears an anklet on her left ankle?

To show love for a partner, it is best to wear an anklet on the left ankle.

What does it mean when a woman wears an anklet on her left ankle?

It means either the woman is married or she is in a love relationship with someone.

Are ankle bracelets in style 2021?

Yes, ankle bracelets are in style in 2021 and people wear them with various outfits for various occasions.