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Cross Body Hobo Bags are trending because of their slouchy style, great designs, smooth texture, better and larger size. TopOfStyle brings you a wide range of Hobo Bags for women from top brands like Louis Vuitton, Coach, Michael Kors, The Sak, Prada, and many more.

Shop a hand-picked collection of designer crossbody, shoulder & messenger hobo bags in materials like leather, cloth, or canvas at great prices to complete your look.

Crossbody Hobo bags have a unique style, and you can use them for both casual and professional outings. Their smooth texture comes from materials like leather and linen. Leather hobo bags tend to have a long life, and they look classy as well. You’ll dramatically enhance your fashion style when you wear a hobo bag in a color that matches your outfit.

Our collection includes Designer Hobo bags from top stores like Amazon and Walmart. All the products on our website are from well-known brands, and we offer great discounts during our sales. We have hobo bags made from leather, canvas, and suede. You can choose hobo bags in vibrant colors, unique designs, and various materials from our website.

The inspiration for small hobo bags comes from traditional migrants, and they’re worn on a shoulder. The long strap attached to the bag makes it easier to carry it around and gives a nomadic feel. Moreover, the bag’s slouchy looks provide you with a lot of space to keep your accessories well organized.

Hobo bags look different depending on the material used to manufacture them. A leather hobo bag will give a completely different look and feel than a Suede Hobo bag. Brands like The Sak hobo bag, Montana West, SG SUGU, Prada hobo bags, Michael Kors hobo bags, Fossil make blue, brown, and black leather hobo bags. Because of its large strap, brands also often call them hobo shoulder bags.

It’s okay to love multiple brands for hobo bags of different materials. If you’re into canvas hobo bags, you may want bags from brands like Chanel, Covelin, and Dorr. If you love leather hobo bags, you may not want to miss out on the new collection of brands like Frye, Realer, and Hobo. We understand your different preferences, and, irrespective of which top brand’s bag you want, we got you covered.

Types of Hobo Bags for Women to Buy Online

1. Hobo Shoulder Bag

Hobo shoulder bags have a long strap that allows you to hold the bag comfortably. You may use a hobo shoulder bag on a casual outing with friends or the love of your life.

2. Crossbody Hobo Bag

Crossbody hobo bags are similar to hobo shoulder bags, but they are often smaller in size. Crossbody hobo bags are perfect for a day’s outing and a movie night.

3. Canvas Hobo Bag

Canvas Hobo bags are well-known for their simple design, durability, and vibrant shades. You can take a canvas hobo bag to your office and around the city for shopping.

4. Leather Hobo Bag

You get to choose a leather hobo bag from a wide variety of shades like black, blue, brown, and white. Leather hobo bags carry a professional look, and you can carry them to business meetings.

5. Suede Hobo Bag

Suede Hobo Bags are a softer variant of leather bags as their material comes from the lower part of animal skin. Suede hobo bags look great on professionals going to important meetings.

6. Hippie Crossbody Bag

A hippie crossbody bag is a more casual hobo bag that requires low maintenance. You would love to carry a hippie crossbody bag to picnic and outings with friends and kids.

Tips on how to buy the best and right hobo bags online 

  • Before buying hobo bags online, decide the color of the bag you need the most. If you know what color bag you need, your job is half done.
  • Don’t dwell over bags made up of low-grade material.
  • Choose the right size of the hobo bag that you need to keep your belongings. Larger bags are always better than smaller ones.
  • Check if you can use the bag for multiple purposes, including an office and a trip.
  • Make sure that the bag would complement your style and add to your personality.
  • The crescent shape of the hobo bags makes a difference in its overall style. You may want to choose between the different materials of hobo bags.
  • When you buy a hobo bag, a lot depends on its strap. You would want to check the quality of your bag’s strap for durability.


What are hobo bags used for?

You may use a designer hobo bag for both casual and professional use. The spacious compartments of hobo bags are idle for the everyday commute.

Is Coach & Kate Spade Still in Style?

Yes, Coach and Kate Spade Hobo bags are still fashionable and trendy.

What does a hobo bag look like?

A hobo bag generally has a crescent shape with a long strap for smooth movement and supportive grip.

How do you wear a hobo bag?

The most common way to wear a hobo bag is on the shoulder, keeping the hands free.

A good hobo bag won’t make you compromise on space and comfort. TopOfStyle brings you selected trendy yet designer hobo bags from top brands.