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Backpacks for Women

Backpacks not only help you carry your accessories around, but they also help you give a fashion statement. TopOfStyle brings you the best women backpacks and handbags from various brands like Gucci, Nike, Herschel, MCM, and the likes.

To cater to women’s different needs, we have a collection of multiple types of purses, handbags, laptop bags, and much more. From our range of trendy bags, you can even buy backpacks for travel and hiking during vacations. We understand what you expect from a reliable and stylish bag, and that’s why we offer you bags with great specialties.

The online shopper in you may be looking for a bag with a shoe compartment, bottle holder, or wide pockets. Or you just want a waterproof backpack with an ergonomic design, and we’ve got you covered. Our fashionable and stylish collection of bags are of superior quality. Moreover, our online sale will ensure you don’t spend a lot on a great bag that matches your style.

We know you won’t carry just about any bag with yourself on a special date night. You need a stylish bag for special moments in life because a bag ultimately is a reliable companion. If your bag isn’t spacious, doesn’t match your style, and looks odd, we kid you not; it dampens your persona.

We’re sure you definitely want to look your best every day and on all such special occasions in your life. Our collection of designer backpacks is just for you to help you enhance your style and make a better fashion statement. You can buy designer bags from various brands like Gucci, MCM, and Jansport from

We offer you great deals on selected best-selling bags and handbags from top brands on Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, and Target. You can also buy the best handbags, backpack purses, and mini backpacks at affordable cheap prices from our website. We also offer the latest women’s laptop backpack to help you keep your laptop safe.

You can find a wide range of laptop bags with multiple compartments to stay organized at work or school. Since laptops come in different sizes ranging from 13inches to 18inches, we offer bags for all sizes. Good laptop bags are spacious, and you may choose a bag based on your laptop’s size.

When buying a laptop bag, you should check if the bag is waterproof or not. A durable waterproof backpack is best for rough and tough use across various seasons. Bags and handbags made from waterproof material are generally great because they don’t let the water destroy your belongings.

Travelers, we have heard you all as well. Our unique range of travel backpacks for women offers you lightweight backpacks for hiking. You may choose your favorite hiking backpack from high-end brands like Nike, North Face, Supreme at the best prices on We have handpicked some of the best spacious travel bags that you wouldn’t want to miss for your next trip.

While reading this, if you’re wondering, Do I really need a new backpack? Well, the answer to your question is probably yes if your bag is heavy, small, and not waterproof. You can buy a new lightweight backpack online to travel and move effortlessly without letting a bulky bag slow you.

You wouldn’t carry your travel bag to your office, right. To help you stay on top of your style even during office hours, we got you. Our exclusive collection of the best women’s backpack for work offers backpack handbags from top brands. Each bag in this exclusive collection is fashionable, trendy, and offers great comfort.

You may buy various types of office bags in vibrant color, size, and design. Most of our bags are ergonomic to help you carry them effortlessly without getting tired. Moreover, all the high-end bags that we offer are durably made to ensure they last long longer. Some brands like Herschel make their bags from recycled materials to reduce waste from the environment.

Top brands don’t compromise with quality, and our list of numerous bags is hand-picked with some of the best backpacks for women. We also feature durable and most pleasing school backpacks for girls to help them keep their books safe. The school backpacks on our website are both cheap and trendy to make fashion accessible for all.

If you’re habitual of carrying a backpack almost everywhere you go, you might want to consider small backpacks for women. Small backpacks are great to carry a few things like a water bottle, makeup, a book, or a few snacks. You may carry these bags to grab some fast food or during a random stroll across the city.

Various brands also make small backpacks from leather. If you want to go for eco-friendly bags, you may also choose bags made of recycled material. We also have a collection of bags made from eco-friendly material on sale. The eco-friendly handbags and backpacks are both stylish and affordable. Moreover, these bags also have spacious compartments.

With time, bags have evolved as well, and now, you can also get yourself two-in-one convertible bags. You can use these convertible bags for multiple purposes, from traveling to daily use. Various top brands make high-quality convertible bags, and we offer a variety of such bags at affordable best prices.

In today’s brand-driven era, we understand how much you love your favorite brands. We’ve backpacks, handbags, laptop tote bags, school backpacks, purses, backpacks, and clutches from a plethora of top brands. Our collection includes Kipling, Coach, Vera Bradley, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Osprey, Everest, Fendi, Swissgear, Carhartt, and the likes.

And, if you think that’s all? Well, we got a lot more, and we’re not kidding. We have also got bags from Loungefly, Puma, Champion, Fila, Under Armor, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Tommy Hilfiger. Did we miss out on your favorite brand? Oh wait, here are a few more, Briggs & Riley, Amazon Basics, and eBags.

All the bags listed on our website are from top brands to ensure you receive high-quality products. We work hard to ensure that you have a great shopping experience when you order your favorite bag from our website. So, TopOfStyle not only provides you the best women’s backpacks and handbags but also gives you a great shopping experience.

18 Types of Backpack Designs for Women to Buy Online in the USA

1- Mini Backpack

Out of all types of backpacks, mini backpacks are the most trending ones in recent times. As the name suggests, these are smaller than traditional bags and are great for everyday use.

2- Convertible Backpack

Convertible Backpacks give you the freedom to tweak the straps of the bag at your convenience. These bags are widely known for their unique features, and you may use them during your walk around the city streets.

3- Clear Backpack

Clear backpacks are quite popular amongst high school students. These bags are great for attending classes as they help you keep your stationery well-organized.

4- Water-Resistant Backpack

Water-Resistant Backpacks don’t allow water or liquids to destroy the goodies kept in the bag. Water-Resistant bags are highly beneficial for people who are always on the go.

5- Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-Theft Backpacks offer promising security of goods kept in them with the help of high-quality locks and secret chains. Techies, travelers, and business people can use anti-theft backpacks to keep their belongings safe.

6- Travel Backpack

Travel backpacks are spacious, and they’re often lightweight. Available in various sizes, you may use these bags for your weekend trips and for traveling across cities.

7- Hiking Or Rucksack Backpack

If you’re planning to climb a mountain or travel across multiple cities, you need a rucksack to pack your essentials. These bags are durable and spacious with features like shoe compartments, wider pockets, and a water bottle holder.

8- Rolling Backpack

A rolling backpack features multiple wheels at the base for effortless movement. Air-travelers love to use these bags because of their wheels and larger compartments.

9- Wheeled Backpack

Pretty similar to rolling backpacks, wheeled backpacks also have wheels on their base. Since some laptop backpacks also feature wheels, students are often crazy about them.

10- Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof backpacks are a better version of water-resistant backpacks because they block water or any other liquid from entering the bag. Travelers, climbers, and students use waterproof bags to keep their belongings dry.

11- Lightweight Backpack

Lightweight Backpacks are a perfect choice for travelers, campaigners, and daily commuters. These bags have comparatively less weight than a traditional backpack or briefcase, and they’re easy to carry.

12- Sling Backpack

Sling backpacks are often also called cross-body bags as you wear them on a shoulder. A sling bag is spacious enough to help you get through a day trip.

13- Daypack Backpack

A daypack backpack is bigger than a mini backpack and has less space than a regular backpack. You may carry these daypack backpacks around the city during a walk or a picnic.

14- Sequin Backpack

A Sequin Backpack is almost the size of a daypack backpack; however, its material is bright and glittery. Famous amongst girls, you may take these backpacks to movies, shopping, and cafes.

15- Transparent Backpack

A transparent backpack lets you see through for what’s inside the bag. Transparent bags appeal to teenagers and these bags are impressive to store books and stationery.

16- Canvas Backpack

Canvas Backpacks are feature-loaded, and you can use them for various purposes and still be stylish. You may use canvas backpacks for trekking, daily commute, and picnics.

17- Leather Backpack

Leather Backpacks are the most classy version of backpacks, and they give a professional look to anyone carrying them. Mostly, a leather backpack is used for business executives for meetings and safely carrying important documents.

18- Laptop Backpack

Everyone who owns a laptop needs a durable laptop bag to store their favorite gadget without damaging it. You may also use your laptop bag to carry around your essentials for a one-day trip.

Tips on how to buy the best and right backpack online

Picking the right backpack that fits your needs could be a headache. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision and choose the best backpack online.

  • Consider how much space you need in your backpack to keep your goodies. Depending on the required space, you may pick a backpack that can store 3ltrs or 50ltrs.
  • It’s always good to have a backpack that can prevent liquids from damaging your accessories. Look for waterproof or water-resistant backpacks and handbags.
  • Nobody hates secret chains in their backpack. You should also look for a few secret pockets in your backpack.
  • Padding shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Always check if the bag is sufficiently padded as it helps you to carry it around with ease.
  • Water is an absolute necessity, and backpacks without a water bottle holder may eat-up important space. You should consider bags with a water bottle holder or bags with side pockets.
  • The material of the bag plays a huge role in its durability. Check if the material used to make the bag is good and reliable.
  • Be sure to check how much the bag weighs. You definitely don’t want to end up buying a heavy bag.
  • Most importantly, check out the bag’s shape for comfort.