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Types of Sunglasses For Women:

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun by blocking sun rays with their bold and shiny lenses. You can wear aviator sunglasses with a plethora of casual attires like shorts, skirts, jeans, etc.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarers are vintage sunglasses launched in 1956; they feature dark shade lenses and prevent sun rays from harming women’s eyes. You can adorn a pair of wayfarer sunglasses with suits, jackets, tops, and other smart casuals to look chic and fashionable.

Round Sunglasses

Rounded sunglasses are also known as tea shades, and their frame is made of metal and polycarbonate. Round sunglasses go well with all sorts of casual and semi-formal attires, and you can wear them to look gorgeous.

Mirror Sunglasses

Mirror sunglasses keep sunrays away by minimizing the amount of light that passes through the lens. Adorn a pair of stylish mirrored glasses when stepping out with friends on a sunny day.

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses for women makes them stand out from the crowd. Square sunglasses or wayfarers provide a balance to the oval face, and you can wear square sunglasses with jackets, skirts, jumpsuits, jeans, etc.

Running Sunglasses (Sports)

Women’s best running sunglasses are equipped with lenses that adjust the light passing through the lenses. You can wear running sunglasses with high-quality lenses to minimize UV rays while running on the track.

Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangle sunglasses or geometric sunglasses suit best on women with a circular face, and their frame is made of plastic or metal. You can adorn rectangular sunglasses with jeans, skirts, hoodies, coats, and many other casual dresses.

Vintage Sunglasses

There are multiple vintage sunglasses that you can choose to wear with your casual or formal attire. Oval, Cat-eye, round, and square-shaped frames are the most common vintage sunglasses, and their frames are ideally made of metal and plastic.

Goggles Sunglasses

Goggles sunglasses keep the eyes safe from dust, water, snow, and everything else that can damage the eyes. You can wear goggles sunglasses to protect your eyes from water and harmful UV rays while practicing your swimming moves.

Sunglasses with glass lenses

Unlike standard sunglasses, sunglasses with glass lenses are mostly transparent. You can wear sunglasses with glass lenses to alleviate your style and look charming in your casual and formal attire.

Sunglasses white frame

Mostly, white frame sunglasses are made using plastic or polycarbonate, and their frame comes in many styles. You can slay a sunglasses white frame with t-shirts, gowns, jackets, and other casual outfits.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are the eyes’ best friend in the sun as they significantly reduce the amount of sunlight that the wearer’s eyes receive. Their frames are made of metal, polycarbonate, and plastic, they might also have a matte finishing, and you can wear them for casual outings.

Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Non-polarized sunglasses can’t block sunlight as efficiently as polarized sunglasses; however, they also protect the eyes to some extent. You can wear non-polarized sunglasses while roaming around with your gang.

Cateye Sunglasses

Cateye sunglasses are the most famous sunglasses a woman can have to look irresistible in her casuals. The frame of cat eye sunglasses is made of numerous materials like plastic and metal, and they suit best on the square and round faces.

Black Sunglasses

Black sunglasses steal the show with their elegance and unmatched style, and the frame of black sunglasses is also made of plastic or metal. You can wear black sunglasses with your casual and formal outfits and flatter everyone at work.

Tips on How To Buy & Choose Right Sunglasses for Women Online:

  • Figure out the shape of your face and buy sunglasses according to your face shape only.
  • If your face has a round shape and looks small, some of the best sunglasses for women with small faces are Cateye, Butterfly, and Rectangular featuring narrow bridges.
  • If your face has an oval shape, your best pick will be Cateye, aviators, and butterfly sunglasses.
  • If your face has a square shape, you can go with Cateye and oversized sunglasses.
  • If your face has a heart shape, you should try round sunglasses or aviator sunglasses.
  • Check what type of lenses are there in your new sunglasses. The materials used to make sunglasses are glass, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and Polyurethane.
  • If you stay outdoors for long hours, you can buy dark color lenses made of polycarbonate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sunglasses?

Ray-Ban Aviators, Vintage round sunglasses, and Oakley Polarized are the best sunglasses.

What are the most popular women’s sunglasses?

Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Versace Medusa Aviator, Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses, Bose Frames Tenor, Oakley Unstoppable are the most popular women’s sunglasses.

What sunglasses are in style now?

Mirrored sunglasses, transparent sunglasses, Cateye sunglasses, Round or Circular Sunglasses, Vintage Sunglasses, White frame sunglasses, and black sunglasses are in style now.

What are the best affordable sunglasses?

SOJOS Cat Eye sunglasses, Woodies Walnut wood sunglasses, Carrera Hot Aviator, and Ray-Ban boyfriend square are the best affordable sunglasses.

Where can I buy cheap sunglasses?

To buy cheap sunglasses, visit, the modern age online shopping genie.

What are the top 5 sunglasses brands?

The top 5 sunglasses brands are Ray-Ban, Oakley, Costa, Gucci, and Versace.