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Pocket Watches For Men: Shop Vintage Gold Pocket Watch With Chain

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The best thing about pocket watches is, they can be customized with lovely messages, photos, etc. Bag the best-selling customized pocket watches with chains at a fraction of the price and make your loved ones feel special. Now, let's find out the types of men's pocket watches and how you can adorn them like a gentleman.

Different Types of Pocket Watch for Men to Buy Online

Antique Pocket Watches

Antique pocket watches feature a vintage design, and they're made of materials like gold, silver, brass, etc. You can wear a men's antique pocket watch with coats or vests.

Vintage Pocket Watches

Vintage pocket watches are popular amongst collectors for their mesmerizing designs that signify historical craftsmanship. Vintage pocket watches are made of gold, brass, stainless steel, etc., and you can adorn them with various casual or formal outfits.

Pocket Watch with Chain

Pocket watches with a chain look chic, and they're made using a wide range of materials. Accentuate your looks and wear a pocket watch with a chain in both casual and formal setups.

Gold Pocket Watch

Gold pocket watches, as the name indicates, are made using gold of various qualities. The best way to wear a gold pocket watch is to pair it up with black suits, vests, or pants.

Clip-On Watch

Clip-on watches are easy to carry, thanks to the clip that allows you to hang the watch on pockets, belt loops, etc. Clip-on pocket watches come in funky and classy styles; you can wear them to work or play.

Nurse Watch

Nurse watches come in handy for medical caretakers to keep track of their time. Ideally made of stainless steel, you can hang a nurse pocket watch on your uniform and avoid delays at work.

Steampunk Pocket Watch

Steampunk pocket watches feature beautiful designs, and they're ideally made of bronze, gold, etc. You can wear a steampunk pocket watch as a necklace or with your best formal dress.

Hanging Fob Pocket Watch

Hanging fob pocket watches not only look elegant, but you can also carry them around without any hassles. Made in various types and designs, hanging fob pocket watches for men go well with casuals and formals.

Personalized Pocket Watch

Personalized pocket watches either feature initials or, may also allow you to keep a picture of your loved ones. Ideally made of metals like gold or brass, personalized watches can be adorned with almost any attire.

Mechanical Pocket Watch

Mechanical pocket watches operate clockwise and they're made in various types or styles using different materials. You can adorn a silver or golden mechanical pocket watch for men with waistcoats, jeans, etc.

Digital Pocket Watch

Unlike basic pocket watches equipped with analog dials, digital pocket watches feature a digital display to tell time. You can wear a digital pocket watch however you like with formals or casuals.

Silver Pocket Watch

Silver pocket watches are ideally made of sterling silver, stainless steel, or platinum. Available in a plethora of designs, you can wear a silver pocket watch with blazers, shirts, suits, etc.

Engraved Pocket Watches

Engraved pocket watches feature customized messages, initials, or images of loved one's. Engraved pocket watches are made of brass, silver, etc., and you can wear them with a dress or uniform.

Old Pocket Watch

Old pocket watches feature vintage designs, and they may also be antique. Old pocket watches may have designs dating back to the 1800s or so, and you can wear them with formals like coats or blazers.

FAQs for Men's Pocket Watches

What are the best pocket watch brands?

The best pocket watch brands are Tissot, Bulova, Elgin, Rolex, and Waltham.

Are pocket watches still used?

Yes, pocket watches are still used; however, they aren't very popular like wristwatches nowadays.

What are the best vintage pocket watches?

Vigoroso mechanical full copper, Charles-Hubert Paris open face, Sibosun mechanical, ManChDa Steampunk mechanical, etc., are the best vintage pocket watches.

Are old pocket watches worth anything?

Yes, old pocket watches are certainly valuable for both collectors and antique fashion lovers. The worth of old pocket watches ranges between $150 and even millions if their condition is good.

What should I look for when buying a pocket watch?

When buying a pocket watch, do not overlook the mechanism it operates on, as it'll tell you a lot about the watch. Secondly, decide if you need to buy a vintage or a modern pocket watch. If buying a vintage pocket watch, check if the watch is in good condition. Finally, do check if the material used in the watch is of good quality or not.

What are the different types of pocket watches?

Open face, half hunter, full hunter, double hunter, and double half hunter are the different types of pocket watches.

You can shop pocket watches for men in a plethora of designs from the best-selling brands on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. Pocket watches are reliable for various time-keeping purposes, and they also look stylish, making your appearance even more appealing. Shop the best men's pocket watches online via TopOfStyle.