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Buy Men’s Fashion Sneakers: Low & High Top Casual Sneakers

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Sneakers can serve as a timeless and versatile addition to your footwear arsenal. The classic sneakers have come a long way since their street-wear origins into becoming a much-loved fashion accessory of men belonging to different age groups. The trendy flair of designer sneakers can act as a conversation starter at every event you grace. At TopOfStyle, you can get on hands-on stylist-approved sneakers at clearance prices for looking effortlessly hip. You can go for brands like Converse, DSW, New Balance, Zara, ASICS, Puma, Timberland, Under Armour, Saucony, Reebok, Cole, etc. for basking in superior fits while benefitting out of moisture and odor control attributes.

Users can compare the prices of their favorite running, laceless, or steel toe sneakers from different online portals like Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Target, and Kohls for standing out in the crowd.

So, whether you are sweating it out in the gym or taking a leisurely stroll in the park, our cool collection of sneakers can serve as an expression of yourself.

Types of Sneakers for Men to Buy Online in USA

  • High Top Sneakers: This variety of sneakers has been trending for quite some time now. They can be worn confidently with long socks without having to worry about making a fashion faux pas. The high-top varieties have become a staple in basketball courts and can also make you look stylish on being worn with basketball shorts and tight-fitted jeans.
  • Low Top Sneakers: Also known as plimsoll sneakers, these are an extremely popular variety of sneakers designs that can help you create a fashion statement by revealing your naked ankle. You can team it with rolled-up or skinny jeans.
  • Grey Sneakers: Nail casual styling like a boss with the grey sneakers which can hike up your cool quotient during semi-formal occasions. You can add a dash of fun to your mid-week night outs by teaming the grey sneakers on sale with a short-sleeved shirt and slim-fit black jeans.
  • White Sneakers: Nothing can match up to the charm of white sneaker shoes which have gained cult status with their stylish appeal and minimalist look. They can keep you comfortable for hours especially if you have a job that demands you to be on your toes round the clock.
  • Canvas Sneakers: The designer varieties of canvas sneakers have evolved into a fashion staple of youngsters. Whether you are an uptown gentleman or fraternity brother, you can match your vibe with this relaxed style of footwear.
  • Chuck Taylor: Turn heads in this iconic footwear which was initially manufactured during the early 20th century as a basketball shoe. The shoe is characterized by a stitched upper, toe cap made of white rubber and brown rubber sole. Cotton canvas Chuck Taylors are the most popular and can keep your feet buffered from blisters while providing ample flexibility.
  • Trainer Sneakers: Feel stylish even while exercising in the trainer sneakers like Hamburg, ZX flux, Samba, Superstar, Gazelle, and Supercourt from Adidas. These lightweight variants have been specially designed for low-impact exercise and can offer you the perfect blend of support, durability, and flexibility.
  • Slip-on Sneakers: Have you been worrying a lot lately about your sneaker laces getting untied? If you have an affirmative response then the laceless sneakers can serve as a match made in heaven as they bring greater ease to your dress-up routines. The Low-rise nature of the slip-on sneakers looks best if you don’t team them up with socks.
  • Waterproof Sneakers: Keep your feet buffered from slipping and falling on wet floors with waterproof sneakers whose sides are usually lined with grooves. These sneakers are made of PVC, leather, or rubber materials and can guarantee a high level of stability in every step you take.
  • Leather Sneakers: Hog the spotlight at both casual and formal occasions with leather sneakers which have also been preferred by athletes for decades. Whether you are gearing up for a professional game or lending a sexy edge to your casual attire, the classic leather sneakers can impart a fashionable finish to your entire getup.

Tips on How to Buy and Choose The Right Sneakers for Men Online

  • Before buying a pair of sneakers, you need to understand the type of feet you have since everyone has a unique gait. This can be tested easily at home by placing your damp feet over a paper grocery bag or cardboard. People with flat feet have more than a thin silver arch in their footprint. They should look for sneakers that guarantee optimum stability. A neutral shoe can be selected by people having normal arches.
  • Now, you need to take care of the fit of the shoe as it should feel secure around the heel region without any slippage. The running or walking sneakers from Nike like Air max, Air force, Air Jordan, and Tour should ideally have adequate space so that you can wiggle your toes freely. It is always advisable to buy the running shoes one size up to your normal size as that helps your feet in moving dynamically.
  • Next comes the shape of the shoe which should ideally mimic the natural shape of your foot. The popular series of Fila Original, Grant, Tennis, Grant Hill and Disruptor 2 feels like an extension of your foot. You can gain insights on whether your chosen sneaker will contour to your foot curve by evaluating if it has a wide or narrow toe box, arch support, etc.
  • Our biomechanics and anatomy often make us more prone to injury. However, we can stay buffered from the same with the right pair of sneakers. This is why you should evaluate whether the sole feels more cushioned or firm. The shoe arch needs to feel supported so that you can enjoy a comfortable rhythm wearing the same.

How To Style Sneakers for Men:

  • Basic sneakers from Steve Madden can be paired easily with chinos, denim, and shorts in a variety of colors and patterns are given their sheer versatility. They can help you nail a suave look at casual occasions as you team it up with gingham shirts, printed t-shirts, or a cool blazer.
  • Spell out luxury with the smart causal sneakers which might be bulkier in comparison to the basic ones and look best when worn with a shirt, blazer, and denim.
  • Channel your love for the classic trainers which can pave the path for a breezy look during summer months on being worn with chino shorts.
  • The designer sneakers from Gucci, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vans can help you bask in compliments as you wear them with open plaid shirts and slim denim which are gathered at the bottom. You can add more drama to your look by opting for the Parisian style with drapey blazers and singlets.
  • Leather high-top sneakers from Timberland can be matched with leather jackets for a rugged biker look. You can further enhance your style statement by completing your look with a black striped tee and charcoal skinny jeans. This outfit can serve as your best bet during those laidback winter evenings where you wish to look stylish without sacrificing the comfort meter.
  • Several workplaces allow semi-formal attires and you can wear your favorite pair of Lacoste low-tops with slim-fit pants, a white shirt, a blazer, and a tie in a matching shade.