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Shop Men’s Sandals: Leather, Dress, and Sport Sandals

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Now, let’s find out the different types of sandals for men, and how you can wear them.

However, let’s bust some common myths about sandals. Though sandals aren’t so common with suits nowadays, they still look dapper if matched and styled correctly. You can wear sandals with socks, and that’s okay.

Types of Sandals For Men to Buy Online

Sandals With Arch Support

Sandals with arch support provide a firm grip to the feet, minimizing the feet’ pain and comforting the feet’ balls. You can wear sandals with arch support along with jeans, shorts, pajamas, etc., for a casual outing.

Orthopedic Sandals

Orthopedic sandals are carefully engineered to soothe the feet’ joints, muscles, and pain. You can wear orthopedic sandals with a variety of casual and semi-formal outfits for perpetual comfort.

Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

Men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis feature comfortable padding that significantly relaxes the heel pain. You can wear sandals for plantar fasciitis with jeans and pants for casual outings.

Leather Sandals 

Leather sandals for men look opulent, and they come in multiple designs. You can wear leather sandals to various casual settings with pants, chinos, and jeans.

With Fur Sandals 

Sandals with fur are open from behind, looking more like flip-flops; makers design them in various styles. You can wear sandals with fur at home or to the nearby supermarket as per your liking.

Closed-Toe Sandals 

Closed-Toe Sandals are also known as fisherman sandals, and they cover the entire foot to prevent injuries. You can wear closed-toe sandals with pants for a more professional look.

Red Sandals 

Red Sandals for men look bold and effortlessly stylish. Red sandals are made of various materials like leather, synthetic leather, rubber, etc., and you can wear them with casual dresses.

Black Sandals

Black sandals for men are also made of leather, rubber, etc., and they come in multiple types. You can pair up black sandals with semi-formal and casual outfits and add elegance to your appearance.

Slippers Sandals 

Slippers sandals look funky, and they come in many vibrant shades so that you can match them with clothes of all colors. Slippers sandals look like flip-flops, and you can wear them with pajamas, shorts, joggers, etc.

Slides Sandals 

Slides Sandals are famous amongst men for their easy to fit in the design. Unlike closed-toe sandals, the front of slide sandals is open, and you can wear them with shorts and jeans.


Flip-flops are the most common sandals of all time. You can wear flip-flops sandals casually with jeans, capri-pants, and shorts around the house or for strolling around in your neighborhood.

Thong Sandals 

Thong sandals feature a leather or velcro strap that firmly holds the feet. You can wear thong sandals with casual outfits.

Beach Sandals 

Beach sandals are specially engineered to withstand water and sand. Beach sandals provide a firm grip, and you can wear them with your best beach outfits.

Dress Sandals 

Dress sandals look slightly formal, and they are generally made of leather. You can wear dress sandals with pants, shirts, and vests to official parties, semi-formal meetings, etc.

Waterproof Sandals 

Waterproof sandals come in various types, and they're ideal for men who spend most of their day around the water. The best waterproof sandals are known as fisherman sandals, and you can wear them along with shorts or jeans.

Tips On How To Buy And Choose The Right Sandals For Men Online:

  • Sandals for men come in various types and styles; try them all at least once.
  • Measure your size before making an online purchase for sandals.
  • Don’t buy a size smaller than what usually fits you perfectly.
  • Play around with leather sandals and casual sandals.
  • Buy leather sandals and wear them with tailored suits.
  • Check if the sandal is equipped with a high-quality sole or not.
  • Buy mandals, aka sandals, from well-known brands for perpetual comfort.
  • Don’t wear mandals to date no matter what.
  • Buy sandals with arch support; otherwise, your feet might be in discomfort.
  • Check the heel size of your new sandals.
  • Buy waterproof fisherman sandals if you’ll wear them in or around waters.

Men’s sandals look good with various semi-formal and casual outfits. You can also wear sandals every day.

Frequently Asked Questions for Men's Sandals

What to wear with sandals for guys?

 Sandals are versatile footwear, and guys wear sandals with shorts, jeans, suits, and trousers. Sandals go well with almost every fashionable clothing made for guys.

Can guys wear thong sandals?

Wearing thong sandals or any other sandals depends entirely on what you prefer. However, guys should avoid wearing thongs as their open-toe can damage the feet.

What men’s sandals are in style?

Adidas Slides, Crocs Swiftwater, Keen Newport, Teva Men’s Omnium, Reef Smoothy are the men’s sandals in style.

What are the best men’s flipflops?

Reef Fanning, Quiksilver Carver, Under Armour Fat Tire, Goodfellow & Co., and Men’s Fred are the best men’s flip flops.

 What is the most comfortable flip-flop?

Reef Anchor flip-flops, Teva Pajaro Flip-flops, Crocs Santa Cruz Flip-flops, Skechers Relaxed Flip-flops, Dockers Laguna Flip-flops are the most comfortable flip-flop.

Can wearing flip flops cause plantar fasciitis?

 Yes, wearing flip flops can cause plantar fasciitis if they lack proper cushioning and arch support. To avoid the risk of plantar fasciitis, you can buy flip flops with medium heels.

Who makes the best men’s sandals?

Vionic, Under Armour, Nike, Rockport, Orthofeet makes the best men’s sandals.

Is Sandal's size the same as the shoe size?

Yes, sandal size is the same as a shoe size. However, different brands follow different sizing norms, and if your preferred size of a brand’s sandal fits small, we recommend you to buy a larger size.