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Looking for the perfect footwear for your busy working schedule? The incredibly comfortable clogs and mules at TopOfStyle can strike the ideal blend between style and comfort. Choose amongst our canvas mules, outdoor mules, waterproof clogs, plastic clogs, finishing clogs, leather clogs, etc., and take the best step forward.

Looking good doesn’t always mean having to deal with discomfort. Clogs and mules have garnered mass appeal amongst the fashion-forward millennials who wish to take every step with plush comfort. You can find some of the trendiest clogs and mules at TopOfStyle hand-curated by our experts from the best brands of fashion like Bogs, Sanita, Seve Madden, Gucci, Sandgrens, Stegmann, Sanita, Algria, and many more. You can filter out your choices according to your preferred style, color, fit and even compare the prices amongst online stores like Macy’s, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Kohls for bagging the best offer during clearance sale events. Whether you wish to radiate posh vibes at the next pool party or keep cozy as the mercury takes a dip, we can keep your feet happy and fashionable with some of the best clog and mule styles.

Types of Mules & Clogs Shoes:

  • Leather Mules: Add a dash of comfort to every step you take with the leather mules & clogs on sale at TopOfStyle. Apart from making you look suave at work; they can also have your back on causal occasions as you team them up with jeans or chinos.
  • Garden mules & clogs: Keep your feet dry while working out in the yard with these slip-on numbers which usually come with removable, washable, and replaceable insoles that can guarantee excellent arch support. They often have perforation on the top for easy passage of air and water drainage.
  • Wooden mules & clogs: The best orthopedic clogs come in wooden variants as they help in reducing back pain by maintaining a straight posture.
  • Mule Sandals: Nail a chic look with the slip-resistant sandal mules and clogs which can keep you basking in comfort even when you have to stay on your toes throughout the day. This slip-on style is perfect for people who do not wish to deal with the mess of shoelaces.
  • Mule Boots: Blend in the best of both worlds with this unique variant which has a pointy or square toe like the classy boots and backless ankle design. They often have a textured outsole or might be accompanied with embellishments for hiking up your style quotient.
  • UGG mules & clogs: If you have a penchant for lightweight yet highly fashionable mules and clogs, then you can opt for the UGG variants which can keep you basking in comfort by ensuring a snug fit. The fluff clogs of UGG can serve as an indulgent treat for tired feet as the flexible sole renders adequate durability for being used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Black mules: Nothing spells outclass as well as the designer mules in the shade of black and crafted using rich materials such as leather. You expect a comfortable sole and multi-directional grip from these mules which guarantee complete freedom of movement.
  • Swedish clogs: The unique craftsmanship methods followed by generations of Swedish cobblers have been replicated with a modern-day twist in the Swedish clogs which are characterized by wooden heels for keeping you comfortable round the clock.


Are clogs good for your feet?

Clogs have gained popularity in both leisure and professional environments as a classic shoe style. They are sported by teachers, hospital staff, cashiers, childcare workers, and similar people who have to be on their feet throughout the day for the following reasons:

  • The contoured arch of clogs offers a maximum level of support to your feet’ natural curve. This helps in reducing pain in the bottom region of your feet and stress on lower back muscles, knees, legs, and ankles.
  • Lightweight natural materials go into the composition of the clog soles which guarantee stable and well-balanced support to your entire feet. The shoe bottom's natural shock absorption abilities help reduce discomfort even after standing for long periods.
  • The best thing about clogs is that they mold to the natural curvature of your feet for lowering the chances of friction burns, corns, calluses, and blisters.
  • The closed-toe design of clogs buffers your feet from injuries caused by falling objects and other environmental factors.
  • Clogs are uniquely designed to allow maximum breathability to your feet while reducing moisture build-up which can otherwise cause bacterial growth.

What are the best clogs?

The clogs by Crocs, Dansko, Merrell, Skechers, Sandgrens, Stegmann, Sanita and Algria hands down wins the position of the best clogs in town.

What are clogs used for?

Traditionally, clogs were used as protective footwear in factories, mines, and agriculture. Even today it is worn to radiate a stylish vibe while keeping your feet well buffered from the weathering agents of nature.

Do you wear clogs with socks?

Sheer socks can be worn with clogs during the summer months while thick woolen socks can find their way into your winter wardrobe. Teaming up clogs with socks can perk up your outfit for those Insta-worthy looks.

Which is better Dansko or Sanita?

Dansko footwear is characterized by a wider heel cavity and heel. It is also known to have better shock absorption when compared to the Sanita clogs which make them a more comfortable option compared to them latter.

Are wooden clogs comfortable to wear?

Wooden clogs have been accredited for offering excellent arch support and easy movement to your toes. You can thus wear it regularly for basking in plush comfort whether at work or play.

Are mules comfortable walking in?

Yes, mules are extremely comfortable to walk in irrespective of the high or low variant you choose. But you need to make sure that the vamp of the shoe fits snugly for a comfortable experience.

What kind of shoe is a mule?

Mules are a variety of footwear having a backless style. Traditionally the mules were either round or closed-toe but modern designers have imparted a facelift to this timeless trend in the form of peep or open-toe styles.

Tips on How to buy and choose the right clogs & mules for men online:

Clogs and mules are specially crafted for guaranteeing top-notch comfort even when you spend a significant amount of time on your feet. You can bring home the best clogs and mules while following these below-mentioned tips during your upcoming online shopping spree:

  • Firstly, you need to decide on the space of the toes and the height of the heel. At the end of the day, work shoes need to spell out comfort with a big C. It is thus advisable to opt for clogs with either no or medium heels and a broader toe area so that your toes can spread out freely. As a rule of thumb, the heel should lift freely, the toes shouldn’t meet the end of the clog and the top of your foot shouldn’t feel too tight. You can usually find information pertaining to the measurements directly from the size chart which can be found easily while browsing through different options at TopOfStyle.
  • Once you have decided on the fit, it's time to shortlist the material. Clogs with leather or suede uppers are known for their longevity. But if you are planning on using them outdoors, then it is best to opt for clogs in artificial waterproof materials.
  • While clogs and mules come in an array of shades, it is best to opt for classic shades like black or brown as they can be paired with almost all the apparel in your wardrobe and on a variety of occasions.
  • While clogs and mules are typically classified under the casual footwear category, you can wear them to the office during those long days at work when you might be yearning for a bit of comfort. It is also imperative to note here that certain professions like surgeons, cleaning staff and even those working in restaurants can also be seen wearing clogs.