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Dress Shoes for Men: Buy Oxfords, Wingtip, Derby & Cap toe shoes

Shop multifarious dress shoes for men from our exquisite range featuring oxfords, slip-ons, stylish dress sneakers, etc. Check out Aldo, Clark, Louis Vuitton, Steve Madden dress shoes for prom and other occasions in leather and suede featuring shades like black, brown, blue, burgundy.

You’re doomed if you think nobody will notice your shoes at parties and grand occasions. Shoes define one’s class and the standards they have set for themselves. Dress shoes are an unavoidable staple that makes one’s fashion statements loud and clear. Got a party approaching? Or are you thinking about getting a new pair of everywhere shoes?

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Different Types of Dress Shoes For Men:

Black Dress Shoes

Black slip-on dress shoes for men are amongst the most popular dress shoes. You can adorn a pair of black leather dress shoes to look dapper and graceful.

Brown Dress Shoes

Brown dress shoes for men come in multiple varieties that make a man look snazzy. You can wear a comfortable brown dress shoe with chinos, blazer, pants, etc., to look your best in formals.

Smart Casual Dress Shoes

Casual dress shoes aren’t necessarily made of leather, and their funky yet classy look makes them a good alternative for formal dress shoes. You can wear casual dress shoes both for casual outings and with party wear dresses.

Red Dress Shoes

Red shoes for men’s dresses can change the overall appearance of a man if worn properly. Red dress shoes are made of leather, velvet, and suede, and you can wear them with blazers, tuxedos, etc.


Comfortable Dress Shoes

Men’s comfortable dress shoes are a blessing as they comfort the feet balls with their well-padded insoles. You can wear comfortable dress shoes with pants, chinos, jeans, etc., and they are made of leather and suede.

Oxford Dress Shoes

Oxford dress shoes enhance men’s dressing style by manifolds and make them look irresistibly charming. You can pair up men’s oxford dress shoes with suits, vests, chinos, etc., and they’re made of genuine leather.

Derby Dress Shoes

Derby Dress Shoes complement the dress if matched right, and they go well with multiple dresses, including tuxedos. Men’s derby dress shoes are made of leather, and their lace eyelets sit on the top of the shoe vamp.

Navy Blue

Navy blue dress shoes are graceful; moreover, these shoes are made using leather, suede, and velvet. You can adorn a pair of men’s navy blue shoes for dresses with vests and coats.

Green Dress Shoes

One has to be careful while matching green dress shoes with their dress as if mismatched; they can make a man look dull. Men’s green dress shoes are made of velvet, leather, and suede, and you can wear them with blazers, shirts, and coats.

Loafer Dress Shoes

Loafer Dress shoes fit nicely without shoelaces, and the wearer looks charming. Generally, dress loafers are made with genuine leather or suede, and you can style loafer dress shoes with khakis, coats, jackets, and blazers.

Silver Dress Shoes

Silver dress shoes for men can polish men’s elegance and style if matched right. Slip-on silver shoes for dresses are the most famous, and you can adorn them with coats, jackets, etc.

Brogue Dress Shoes

Brogues dress shoes are made of leather, featuring broguing on the top and its sides. Ideally made of leather, you can pair up brogues with suits and blazers.

Formal Shoes For Men

Formal Shoes for men’s dresses make the man look dapper and classy. You can wear formal leather shoes for men with pants, coats, blazers, vests, and tuxedo jackets.

A One-Stop Destination to Buy Best Dress Shoes Online

Men’s best dress shoes are made of leather, suede, and they come in shades like black, brown, and red. You can wear the best dress shoes for men with chinos, pants, and a variety of dresses like tuxedos, coats, vests, etc.


Tips on How to buy and choose the right dress shoes for men online:

  • Properly measure your feet before buying a new pair of leather dress shoes. For best fitting, measure your feet during the afternoon or evening because the feet tend to expand during the day.
  • Pay attention to the shoe’s texture and shine.
  • Consider buying wingtip toe over square toe boots.
  • Don’t neglect heels from your new pair of dress shoes if you’ll be wearing them to professional meetings.
  • Experiment with your style by wearing high-top dress shoes.
  • Add single monk strap and double monk strap shoes to your list if you’re heading to semi-formal settings.

Dress shoes come in a plethora of designs, types, styles, and wearing them makes the man dapper. Explore the world of men’s dress shoes from top brands at slashed prices at TopOfStyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are considered dress shoes?

A formal or a casual shoe, oxfords, and derbies is considered dress shoes if it looks elegant and complements the wearer’s attire for casual and formal settings.

What are the best dress shoes?

Oxford, Derby, Brogues, and Monk Straps are some of the best dress shoes.

How much does a good pair of dress shoes cost?

A good pair of elegant dress shoes cost nearly $375; however, you can also find cheaper and more expensive pairs of good dress shoes at

What are the top 5 shoe brands?

Skechers, Clarks, Steve Madden, Aldo, and Allen Edmonds are the top 5 shoe brands.

Why are dress shoes so expensive?

Dress shoes are expensive because the leather and other materials used to make them are costly. Moreover, top-quality dress shoes are handmade, making the pair of dress shoes expensive.

Which shoes are best for a formal dress?

Oxfords, Derbies, Monks, and loafers are the best shoes for formal dress.

Can you wear dress shoes every day?

Yes, you can absolutely wear dress shoes every day with your casual and semi-formal attires.

What are the best quality men's dress shoes?

Ecco Holton Apron, Deer Stags Trace, Clarks Tilden, Alpine Swiss Double Diamond are the best quality men's dress shoes.

Which type of shoes is best for formal?

For formals, oxfords and derbies are the best types of shoes.