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Best Loafers & Casual Shoes for Men: Buy Black, Brown & Velvet Loafers for Dress & Casual

Team up that dapper blazer with the men’s loafer shoes from Fendi, Burberry, and Rockport at TopOfStyle. Be it high-end dress loafers, Venetian loafer, gym casual shoes, tassel loafers, or velvet loafers revving up your look becomes easy with these effortless slip-ons. To match with jeans, shorts we've curated loafers from Amazon, Walmart, eBay & more sites to buy cheaper than sale.

Loafers can help you achieve an elegant look while basking in plush comfort which has led to its popularity at both home and work frontier. You can opt for a contrasting color to your socks or a textured pair for accentuating your style statement with the rich collection at TopOfStyle that have been hand-curated from Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Target, and Kohls. These casual shoes can keep your feet happy whether you wear them for a day of shopping or a night out with your bunch of buddies. The low ankle loafers have lace-less uppers and can be worn easily by slipping in your feet. So just filter out your choices according to your preferred color, size, brand, fit, material, price, and discount for reinventing your footwear collection with the celeb-inspired numbers at TopOfStyle.

Types of Loafers & Casual Shoes:

  • Penny Loafers: Add in more sophistication to your look with the penny loafers which can help you transition effortlessly from formal to casual settings. It is characterized by a leather strap running across its top and a diamond-shaped design. Penny loafers look best during summer on being worn with chinos, t-shirts, and even tailored shorts.
  • Belgian Loafers: These round loafers were originally a slipper meant for indoor use. However, it has undergone massive style transformations over years and presently comes with a simple structured sole and tied bow.
  • Horsebit Loafers: Also popularized as Gucci loafers, this comfortable footwear can help you create a distinct look with the metal clasp at the front. This iconic style was designed in 1953 by Guccio Gucci who worked as a lift boy at the Savoy hotel and analyzed the offbeat style of elite guests.
  • Slipper Loafers: Feel comfortable while keeping your feet protected with the slippers which are well suited for big and tall men relaxing at their homes. The backless nature of these slip-on gets further accentuated by a foamy rubber midsole and smooth footbed to keep you basking in plush comfort.
  • Mules Loafers: Lack of any constraint around the foot heel makes mules the perfect choice for men on the lookout for slip-on These shoes were popularized as bedroom slippers in Ancient Rome. But the fashion police have shown it a green signal for being worn on different occasions throughout the day.
  • Moccasins: Moccasins are usually made up of soft leather such as deerskin. It is characterized by sides made of leather and a sole that remain stitched together at the top maybe with a vamp. Its soft sole ranks high in terms of flexibility while the embroidered or beaded upper accentuates your style quotient. While moccasins are extremely comfortable, they are not recommended for walking and undertaking similar physical activities given the lack of heel support and an outsole.
  • Driving Loafers: The driving loafers are usually crafted with supple leather or suede and have been specially designed for bringing in more ease to your driving sessions. They have a flat bottom and rubber grips that get caught on the pedals while traversing through erratic roads.
  • Espadrille: This simple summer style can have either a platform or high heels for catering to your individual style preferences. However, the USP of this transcendental style lies in the flexible sole made using esparto rope which can help you exude laid-back vibes at casual events whether you opt for silver, grey, brown, black or white.


What are loafers?

These slip-on shoes do not come with a fastening or lacing system. They have either low or no heels making them the perfect business or casual shoes.

Why are shoes called loafers?

Loafers carry a casual vibe making them ideal for lazing around and this has led to its unique nomenclature. This is the reason behind its popularity amongst college students as they don’t even have to bother about tying the laces.

What are loafers used for?

Loafers can serve as an ultra-stylish addition to your casual and formal wardrobe. Its minimalistic and easily adaptable design can help you dress up or down while looking sophisticated all the way. These office-friendly shoes are especially worn by men who wish to stay comfortable throughout the day while being on jobs requiring them to be on their feet round the clock.

Are loafers business casual?

Loafers can help men strike the right balance between casual and formal. Its laid-back design joins hands with the heel and structure of a formal dress shoe making them perfect for being worn to business casual settings.

Where can I buy men's loafers?

You can buy the best men’s loafers at cheap prices from TopOfStyle for transforming your simple looks into trendy ones effortlessly. Our huge collection of work casual shoes can elevate your wardrobe by transcending all labels.

Are loafers smart casual?

Leather loafers can make you look smarter especially when worn with a tailored outfit. They are also more hardwearing and sturdier. Suede loafers, on the other hand, are best suited for casual events during summer and spring.

What types of loafers are in style?

Mesh loafers are extremely stylish and perfect for being worn with a variety of casual outfits.

Do you wear socks with loafers?

Loafers look cleaner and more austere when worn without socks. But if you are a socks person, then you need to take care of the colors and patterns so that they conform to your attire.

How many types of casual shoes are there?

Canvas Sneakers, Dress Sneakers, Bluchers & Derbies, Men's Loafers, Combat Boots, Moccasin-Style Boots, Double Monk Straps, Chukka Boots, Chelsea Boots, and Brogues.

Which type of shoes is best for casual?

Brogues, Wingtips, Monk Strap Shoes, Chelsea Boots, Dress Boots, and Loafers are best for casual setups.

What are the most comfortable men's casual shoes?

Loafers are both comfortable and easy to wear which has made them the go-to footwear of all modern men.

Tips on How to Buy and Choose The Right Loafers & Casual Shoes for Men Online:

  • While buying shoes online, you might not be able to physically touch and weigh the same for getting an accurate idea about their quality. This is why it is advisable to read the product descriptions for understanding the same in-depth. Suede and leather are the most common varieties of loafers. You can sport the leather variants to formal events as they adjust to your feet for guaranteeing top-notch comfort. Materials like suede are earmarked against more casual events and can make you look trendy on being worn with jeans.
  • Loafers come in a variety of shades ranging from orange to red, bright blue, and many more. If you are planning to grace formal events, then black or brown loafers can serve as your best bet. However, you can be more flexible with the color option and opt for oxblood or tan while getting dressed casually. Brown loafers rank high in terms of versatility and look good on being paired with shades of green and navy blue. At the end of the day, you can select casual footwear according to your budget and lifestyle demands. Muted tones of beige, brown, navy blue and black are always in vogue and it is always advisable to spend more on the same.
  • Choosing the right size of shoe is another crucial issue while shopping online. Manufacturers usually provide a size guide to help users with the measurement. But for getting the right fit, you can wear a sock of medium thickness and place your feet on a blank sheet of paper before outlining it with a pencil. It is also imperative to note here that both of our feet might not be of the same size and thus you need to measure both and consider the larger one.
  • Your chosen casual shoes need to be darker than the shade of your pant. However, they need to be the same color as your belt. Wearing a black belt with brown shoes is the worst type of fashion faux pas you can commit. Loafers can be casual and classy at the same time which has led to their popularity amongst men of all ages. You can team them up with selvage, ripped, and washed jeans of any shade for a cool look.
  • If you have been suffering from plantar fasciitis or painful sensations at the bottom of your foot, then you need to invest in casual shoes with non-slip soles. Specialized sneakers from brands like Skechers, Cole Haan, Sperry, Dr. Martens, Merrell, Timberland, Versace, Polo, Louis Vuitton, Aldo, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Crocs, Ecco, Lacoste, Deer Stags, Vans, and Puma can buffer you from slipping on the job while offering excellent traction.