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Men's Athletic Shoes: Shop Running Shoes, Basketball Shoes, Training Shoes & Sneakers Online

What is a better way to kickstart your year with fitness resolutions than buy yourself an amazing pair of running shoes? If you’re looking for athletic shoes for men that are comfortable, cheap, and have great arch support for long durations then you’re at the right place! is an online store where you can buy the best athletic shoes for men on clearance sale and heavy discount! Stocked up with thousands of options from top brands such as Reebok, Jordan, Nike, and Asics, our shoe store is the one and only stop you need to fulfill all your footwear demands as per your individual demands.

Each of the sections provides you with a range of the most comfortable athletic shoes for men that are affordable and fit your requirements as well as your budget. There are customized requirements for orthopedic athletic shoes that several of the top brands like Reebok, Jordan, Nike, Asics, etc. cater to such as men’s athletic shoes for diabetics or men's athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis. We have an extensive list that explains the different types of athletic shoes available to buy online, what each of them has to offer, and how they can be stylishly worn to serve some dashing looks that are Insta-worthy!

Shop 29 Types of Men's Athletic Shoes Online From Different Stores

Athletic shoes come in all patterns and colors for you to make a selection at the cheapest price deal. Ranging from steel toe athletic shoes for men that give men an edgy yet confident look to minimalist athletic shoes for men that are good to be worn on any occasion, the type of shoes depends on the utility you have for it.

Below you will find our most searched and purchased types of good athletic shoes for men to choose your favorite from:

  1. Basketball Shoes: These shoes are fancy on and off the court and perform extremely well for avid basketball players. Jordan, Reebok, and Nike shoes have a fantastic build and make an uber-stylish statement representing the youth.
  2. Canvas Shoes: Built to last long, cool canvas shoes can tolerate great wear and tear while they are super cheap and affordable for students looking for discounts.
  3. Cycling Shoes: Shoes for cycling have a slip-on style as they provide the convenience of not having to worry about laces coming undone in the middle of a trip.
  4. Golf Shoes: Golf shoes are highly professional and functional and help you walk down a variety of landscape styles and have a good grip while pivoting to strike. Your feet stay comfortable, non-sweaty, and light all day and night while you play on the golf course.
  5. High Top Shoes: High tops are made in the USA and have the specialty of being laced up a little above your ankle. These can be worn to college with or without lace and never have gone out of style. 
  6. Running Shoes: If you love to indulge in a short burst or a long sprint from time to time, invest in a pair of good running shoes for men due to the marathon-friendly sole, arch support, and ridges on the bottom of the sole.
  7. Skate Shoes: Why rent a pair that may be old, when you can buy yours on sale? Find your custom-fit zero-drop skate shoes that provide balance and support on your roller skating expeditions.
  8. Studio Shoes: Don’t make a mark on the polished hardwood floors of your studio or squeak around while walking due to the wrong type of shoes. Buy a pair of impressive studio shoes that are created as per the flooring of a studio, be it art, dance, or ballet room.
  9. Tennis Shoes: Built for comfort and functionality in brisk movement, stay light on your feet while having a grip good enough to deliver powerful smashes.
  10. Trail Shoes: Trail running shoes for men’s hiking and outdoor activities are specifically meant to keep out little rocks and fragments out of the soles’ grooves while being easily rid of the dust!
  11. Training Shoes: Wear a pair of stylish training shoes that will keep you looking cool in the gym while delivering good sole support and leaving your feet sweat-free.
  12. Volleyball Shoes: Since the sport involves lots of jumping, short bursts of runs, such quick movements call for a special pair of volleyball shoes that will help you play with a better grip.
  13. Walking Shoes: Whether for a long morning walk or a routine grocery run, the cushion of the soles with memory foam will keep your feet comfortable and far from being tired out soon by supporting your ankles, knees, and shin.
  14. Water Shoes: Water shoes are built from premium quality materials made in the USA that dry quickly and stay in place while you traverse through water without making your feet vulnerable.
  15. Wrestling Shoes: If you practice mixed martial arts and other forms of wrestling in sports, these shoes will surely help you keep your weight planted while giving your fluidity of movement.
  16. Climbing Shoes: Built for uneven terrain and a superior grip from all angles, these trusty shoes will never let you misstep.
  17. Baseball cleats: Baseball is a sport of great stamina and agility that requires the use of proper men’s baseball cleats; invest in a pair of our premium shoes online while looking fashionable on the pitch.
  18. Barefoot Shoes: The newest trend in minimalist shoes is barefoot shoes, which provide you the feel of walking bare feet, just with added protection for your soles. They’re highly popular due to their durability and the way the mold around your feet is like a second skin!
  19. Track & Field Shoes: These are meant for sprints and jogs on a typical track that requires a solid grip as well as on the field playing light sports that involve jogging and running. Grab a branded pair like Asics from our online store.
  20. Cross Trainer Shoes: Cross-train fashionably while sporting the best athletic shoes for men. These shoes are designed particularly to help you keep an even footing and distribute the weight of your soles to arch better arch support on the cross trainer in gyms.
  21. Soccer Cleats: Soccer or Football Cleats are a must for the sport due to the terrain being made of grass. Also known as studs, these shoes provide the best grip with spikes on the bottom of the soles to prevent skidding and slips on the field.
  1. Softball Cleats: Bring a winning streak to your team with our stellar range of softball cleats. Choose from a variety of brands and sizes to show up with your best game!
  1. Lacrosse Shoes: Usher in victory with our collection of lacrosse shoes built for ultimate athleticism and agility.
  2. Hiking Shoes: Hike up wild terrains this year by chasing your travel goals. Buy our hiking shoes or trekking shoes to help you traverse through varied terrains while having a fun journey!
  3. Cricket Shoes: Pitch perfect includes the perfect style, which can be achieved with our collection of cricket shoes. Crafted with expert care, your feet will feel zero friction as these are the best athletic shoes for men with bunions.
  1. Knitted Shoes: Bring out the best fashionable ensembles in your wardrobe starting this year and match them with a pair of smart knitted shoes to match. With a flexible upper meshed body, you will experience new levels of comfort on a light sports day. 
  1. Kungfu Shoes: If you’re learning or practicing martial arts, why not do it efficiently? Buy a pair of shoes meant especially for martial arts such as kung fu, karate, taekwondo, and more to remain agile on the dojo!
  1. Ski Shoes: Set your travel goals to somewhere snow-capped and enjoy the thrill of skiing through the beautiful sheet of white. Invest in a pair of well-fitting ski shoes from our collection of famous brands to guarantee your safety.
  1. Cheerleading Shoes: Bring your best foot forward in this year’s game season by adding these beautiful cheerleading shoes meant to be fashionable and support your feet while you perform magnificent stunts.

How to Wear Different Types of Athletic Shoes?

Not sure how to pair your athletic shoes for men with your outfits or what to wear with your running shoes, guys? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Use these top athletic shoes fashion tips 2020 to turn up looking like the handsome devil you are!

  • Club a pair of your favorite tan chinos with cheap low-top white canvas shoes bought online and a polo shirt for a perfect casual outing or a fun date on a budget.
  • Wear high tops, tennis shoes, knitted or walking shoes with a pair of faded skinny jeans and a plaid shirt for an effortlessly chic look.
  • One of the best tips to wear running shoes is to add a pair of athletic shorts, joggers, or tracks along with a tank or t-shirt. Black, white, and grey running shoes match everything!
  • If you’re worried about what socks to wear with athletic shoes, you can wear knee-length socks, ankle socks, shoe liners, or calf-length socks depending on the sport. For casual outings with athletic shoes, stick to ankle socks of the same color as your pants, or trendy prints if you’re quirky!
  • If you’re thinking about how long should you wear athletics shoes, the answer lies in their use as well as duration. Usually heavy runners or sports players change them every 4-6 months depending on the wear and tear. However, you can judge for yourself as great brands such as Nike, Adidas, and others have extremely durable shoes that can last up to over a year!
  • One of the most essential tips to boy trail running shoes or any running shoes at the store is to go half or a whole size over your original size. This will give your feet wiggle room and save your toes from getting bruised. So if you’re an athletic shoes men’s size 15, go for a 15.5 or 16 in clearance.