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Thermal Underwear, Shirts, Pants, And Tops for Men

Make your winters warm with our range of branded Men's thermal. At TopOfStyle, shop lightweight, long sleeve woven thermal shirts and compression cotton knit or fleece thermal pants and leggings. We have hand-picked various types of high-quality thermals for men.

Men's Thermal Underwear, Tops, Shirts & Pants from Carhartt, Fruit Of The Loom, Cuddle Duds & Hanes To Buy Online

A good body warmer is an absolute necessity in winters because life without thermals can get harsh and cold. You must get yourself good quality thermals to prevent the cold from making you sick. Moreover, good thermals will also ensure that you don't need multiple clothing layers to stay warm.

Thermals have evolved over the years, and now, you can shop them in a wide variety. Irrespective of how big & tall your body is, we have got the perfect thermals for you. Shop the best thermal tops, leggings, and union suits from Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, and Target. We have thermals starting from under $10.

If you're very particular about your thermal brand, our collection won't disappoint you at all. Explore hundreds of branded thermals in colors like grey, black, white, red, and beige. Are you wondering what all brands of thermals we have in our collection? Well, we have thermals from Hanes, Carhartt, Patagonia, Under Armour, Wrangler, Duofold, Thermajohn, and Dickies, to name a few.

We sensed that you're not happy with all the brands that we got in our thermal collection, and you wanted more. We have also got thermals from Fruit of the Loom, DG Hill, ORORO, and Wantdo. Shop for high-quality men's thermal only from our branded collection.

Types of Thermals for Men to Buy Online in the USA

Thermal Pants

Thermal pants fit close to the legs and insulate them to ensure that the body stays warm, and the temperature doesn't fall. You can wear thermal pants under your regular jeans and pants to stay warm.

Thermal Tops

As the name indicates, thermal tops are for the upper body, and thermal tops come in various sleeve variations. Wear full sleeve, half-sleeve, or sleeveless thermal tops under your shirt, hoodie, or sweater, and stay warm.


An excellent thermal legging is made with synthetic materials that keep the body warm and provide comfort. Wear your jeans on leggings and move in style without worrying about the cold.

Thermal Long Johns

Thermal Long Johns can keep the body warm as their fabric doesn't let the air pass, thus keeping the body temperature warm. You can wear thermal long johns for the upper body or lower body as per your choice under your favorite winter outfit.

Union Suits

Union suits are one-piece thermals that are knit using materials like wool to keep your body warm. Wear Union suits under your favorite winter attire and stay fashionable.

Long Underwear Set

A long underwear set is a set of thermals for the entire body, wear this set under your outfit and keep cold away. Long thermals are made of fabrics like fleece and wool to ensure a warm body temperature.


As the name indicates, an undershirt is thermal for the upper body that can keep the body temperature warm. You can wear an undershirt below your outfit and stay warm.

Underwear Sets

Thermal underwear sets are warm underwear, and the sleeve length of the shirt may vary depending on the set. You can wear thermal underwear set in extremely cold locations to stay warm.

Top & Bottom Thermal Set

A top & bottom thermal set is just like the underwear sets, and it keeps your body warm by fitting closely to the skin. Pair your top and bottom set with your outfits, and don't worry about the falling temperatures outside.

Tips on how to buy the best and right men's thermal online

Choosing the right pair of thermals could be troublesome because there are so many options that can confuse you. Worry not. Our tips on how to buy the best and right men's thermal online will help you make the right choice.

  • Decide what color thermal you would love to wear under your clothes or in the house.
  • Don't take the fabric for granted and choose the fabric wisely before making the purchase.
  • Ask yourself if you would like to wear full-sleeve thermal tops, half-sleeve thermal tops, or sleeveless thermal tops.
  • Know what size of thermal would fit you properly to get the best results and stay warm. A loosely fit thermal is good for nothing.
  • Ensure that the thermal you're buying isn't bulky as heavier thermal won't have an ideal fitting.

Thermal shopping can get tricky if you don't know what material to choose and how each type of thermal is different. Moreover, you can't even afford not to wear thermals because during the winters, who doesn't want to stay warm?