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Buy Men’s T-shirts: Polo, Long & Short Sleeve Tees

Radiate cool vibes with the good quality t-shirts at TopOfStyle which can elevate your appearance drastically. Choose amongst our men’s plain t-shirts, slim fit t-shirts, full sleeve, extra-long, deep v neck, etc. on sale from top brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Hugo Boss, and many more for stepping out in style.

Shirts For Men: Designer, Wrinkle Free, Non-Iron Dress Shirts To Buy Online @ Affordable Prices

Shirts carry the prowess of transforming your roguish look into an unruffled one almost instantaneously. They carry a sophisticated aura that can pump up your style quotient while wrapping you in plush comfort. You can select from a variety of styles and designs at TopOfStyle for adding a magical facelift to your wardrobe. Be it long sleeve shirts or patterned shirts for a party, you can avail of them at lucrative rates for taking a trendy step forward. There was a time when men's casual shirts were characterized by baggy fits. However, this male wear staple has come a long way in the form of regal prints and patterns which can help you hog the spotlight at every event you grace.

6 Different Type of Shirts Designs for Men to Buy Online

  1. Camp Shirt: Camp shirts have a straight cut and loose fit. Their USP lies in a camp collar and placket front-opening.
  2. Dress Shirt: Men’s dress shirts come with a stiff collar and full-length opening which runs up to the hem making them perfect for formal events.
  3. Poet Shirt: A poet shirt has loose fitting and bishop sleeves while the large frills surrounding the cuffs impart a Victorian feel.
  4. T-shirt: T-shirt is a popular variety of men’s shirt which comes without buttons or collar for nailing that laidback vibe. They are usually short-sleeved and made using finely knit fabric.
  5. Polo shirt: Polo shirt, also known as a golf or tennis shirt is characterized by a longer back than the front and an abbreviated button placket around the neck.
  6. Baseball Shirt: A baseball shirt is distinguished by a team insignia, three-quarter sleeves, and a flat waist seam.
  7. Corduroy Shirt: Shirts made from this statement fabric feel soft to touch yet durable enough for regular use as you pair them with trousers or jackets.
  8. Hawaiian Shirt: This collared yet buttoned dress shirt variant features vibrantly printed fabric that can get you vacay ready in no time.

Types of Fabric Used in Shirts available on sale for Online Shopping

The comfort and fit of shirts belonging to different brands depend largely on the type of fabric used. There is no one size fits all rule in this department and your choice of fabric will depend upon the climate, occasion you are gracing, and your personality. To make things easier, we have listed the most popular fabrics which can help with the online shopping drill.  

  • Poplin: Poplin fabric in shirts is actually medium weight cotton which is common in men’s designer shirts dyed in solid hues.
  • Oxford: Gucci shirts for men in oxford fabric are characterized by looser weave and slightly heavier thread. A rough texture makes them more durable compared to other fabrics.
  • Denim: Denim shirts are crafted using a yarn-dyed warp-faced cotton twill fabric which stands distinguished from cotton duck through its diagonal ribbing.
  • Pinpoint Oxford: Designer shirts in pinpoint oxford fabric use tighter weaves and finer yarn than the oxford fabric making them a highly preferred formal shirt choice.
  • Chambray: The chambray fabric carries between light to medium weight and a colored wrap usually comprising of a white filling.
  • Crepe: Summer shirts often come in crepe fabric which is characterized by a puckered surface resulting out of highly twisted yarn either in the weft, warp, or both.
  • Flannel: Zara men’s shirts come in a flannel fabric whose warm and fuzzy nature can serve you well once the mercury takes a dip. While they look bulky, the flannel shirts feel extremely soft against the skin.
  • Dobby: Certain dobby fabrics look similar to broadcloth when it comes to weight and thickness while others can look like twill given their thicker weave. While some of the Louis Vuitton men’s shirts in dobby fabric feature solid hues, others come in woven stripes.
  • Gabardine: Dior shirts in gabardine fabric come off as medium weight and comprising of fine yarns. It has a larger number of warp yarns compared to weft yarn.
  • Polyester: Polyester serves as a major component of stylish shirts as they can hike up your style quotient as you get winter-ready. It is fully resistant to stretch and abrasion making it a durable fabric choice.
  • Linen: Tropical shirts are mostly made up of linen fabric. The men’s linen shirts can keep you basking in comfort even when the temperature shoots up outside.
  • Cotton: Cotton shirts are a popular choice of shirts both with and without collar as it feels easy against the skin with its sweat absorbing attributes.
  • Rayon: Halloween shirts are often made of rayon fabric which carries a lustrous shine while being resistant to wrinkles and abrasion.
  • Knit: The best thing about knit fabric is that it looks similar from both sides and does not curl at the edges for hiking up the level of durability. This fabric serves as the best choice for fashion-forward people given the beautiful textures which can surely turn the spotlight on you.

Tips to Wear Shirts with Style for Men

  • While picking up printed shirts, you need to take care of your skin tone and hair color.
  • People having dark hair and pale skin tone should opt for casual dress shirts in richer and fuller colors. Such a choice of colors can light up your face rather than cause it to look washed out in a sea of pastels.
  • Tanned men with dark hair look best in flannel shirts in shades of salmon reds and olive green.
  • Low contrast men with red or blonde hair and light skin tone can go ahead with formal shirts in muted shades like beige, pastel, or off-white.
  • White and light blue are the most popular choices of dress shirts as they can elevate your whole look irrespective of the occasion you grace.
  • After stacking your wardrobe with certain flexible solids, you can proceed with patterns like subtle polka dots.
  • The presence of more texture adds an informal flair to the Macy's men's shirts. You can surely experiment with men's shirts from Amazon, Walmart with textures like mélange, chambray, and linen while attending laidback events.
  • Dress shirts come with a variety of collars and you need to select the one that serves you best. If you have a habit of wearing a tie, then a forward point collar can complement your whole look.
  • Men’s tie-dye shirts with spread collars can serve you well if you don’t mind undoing a couple of buttons.
  • Express men's shirts with French cuffs are considered formal but can also be styled in casual settings.
  • You can also opt for other cuff styles depending upon your personality like a barrel cuff or two-button rounded cuff as they are less formal than the French varieties.

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