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Swimwear For Men:

Retro swimwear and high SPF can get you ready for a medley of sunshine, sand, and breeze. Gone are the days of unflattering trunks as the hottest banana hammock and risqué swimwear at TopOfStyle ooze out raw sex appeal. Grab the Quicksilver, Vilebrequin, or Hurley swimwear with c ring or with a pouch for painting a handsome picture at your upcoming poolside escapade.

Looking back fondly at those summertime memoirs might make you feel elated about the latest trick you picked up while water-skiing. But the pictures can leave you red-faced as the ill-fitting trunks fail to do adequate justice to your god-gifted assets. TopOfStyle can keep you covered with its versatile collection of the best swim trunks for men which can add to your efficiency and charisma both on and off the water. Whether you wish to frolic on the beach or go for some spontaneous trips to a cool beachside bar, our designer brief and bathing suits can help you hog the spotlight without having to put in much effort.

You can choose amongst our long sleeve swim shirt, swim trunks with liner, speedo swimwear in solid, printed, striped, and tropical or Hawaiian patterns and even compare their prices amongst different portals like Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Target, and Kohls for matching your vibe while walking home with the best deal.

Types of Swimwear for Men to Buy Online

  • Jammer – Don’t misjudge these as the cycling shorts start from the waist and finish above the knees. These are usually sported by professional male swimmers for enhancing their swim time efficiency. A higher level of modesty guaranteed by the jammers can serve the self-conscious swimmers while delivering a sleeker and smoother look with its lycra and polyurethane build.
  • Swim trunk – Swim trunks for men have a similar length as that of boxer-brief trunks although they are loose-fitting like the board shorts. The best swim trunks for men are crafted using nylon, polyester, or spandex. They look best on men with compact body types as the high cut creates an illusion of longer legs especially when you opt for short swim trunks with smaller prints, vertical stripes, or in darker shades.
  • Brief – The cut of swimwear briefs is similar to that of men’s underwear ones, however, they are specially manufactured for sustaining the water environments. Spandex and polyester composition impart a sung and lightweight feel to the swim briefs which is ideal for being worn during water sports courtesy of its aerodynamic nature. The speedo swimwear comes with a low waistband which can beautifully complement athletic men with strong abs.
  • Rashguard Men: Keep up with the outdoor fun without any fear of getting burnt by opting for a rash guard which is often accompanied by UPF (ultraviolet protection factors). The quick-drying attributes of rash guards also serve as an added plus whether you opt for shorts, t-shirts, socks, leggings, etc.
  • Swim shorts: This popular choice of men’s swimwear can serve you well during vacation getaways and even a quick swim in your local pool. Modest designs of the swim shorts are characterized by an adjustable and loose fit. This unique style makes it a flattering option for those with dad bods.
  • Board shorts For Men: The knee-length and even longer cut of board shorts make them ideal for surfing although it has gained acceptance as a multi-purpose garment for being worn to summertime activities. These shorts have a loose fit around the knee and thigh area. They feature a Velcro snap and are made typically using nylon and polyester fabric.
  • Swim Shirts: You can expect complete sun protection with the long sleeve swim shirt and surf shirts which have a looser fit and lighter build than the rash guards. The swim shirts are available in a variety of styles and patterns which offer a high level of coverage whether at the beach or your backyard pool.
  • Mankini: This one-piece bathing suit features a deep V-cut and straps that run over the shoulder while a thin strip of fabric covers the back. This kind of swimwear was brought to the limelight by Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Borat.

Best Swimwear Material

  • Lycra – This soft and luxurious fabric is a popular choice of wet suits as it can endure the harmful effects of chlorine. If you thinking of taking occasional dips every now and then or spending some leisure time at the pool, then lycra suits can serve as your best bet.
  • Polyester – The polyester briefs are perfect for regular swimmers’ courtesy of their stretchable and fade-resistant attributes. You can use them for a long without having to worry about the swimwear getting opaque or baggy.
  • Performance swimwear can serve as the best bet for people who have performed on their minds as they offer minimal drag and resistance while in the water.


What men's swimwear is best?

Briefs and trunks are the best swimwear for men as they are made using comfortable fabrics such as spandex, polyester, nylon, and cotton. They come with drawcords and an elastic tie waist while helping with getting into and out of the same.

What is the best bathing suit for a big belly?

Super-fitted suits are a big no-no for men with big bellies. Rather you can go for swimwear with drawstrings or relaxed waistbands. The ones with built-in control panels can also work the magic of shapewear. Darker shades tend to induce a slimming effect especially if you opt for timeless hues like black, maroon, navy, and dark plum.

Is it OK to wear Speedos?

Men look gorgeous in speedos and it is a shame that this swimwear is not sported very often. However, it is absolutely fine to wear speedos whether you are sunbathing at the beach or swimming in your backyard.

Tips on How to buy and choose the right swimwear for men online:

  • Primarily, you need to have a clear notion about your active requirements. Loose fabric can lead to thigh chaffing being wet for too long. This is why pro-surfers resort to tight-fitting designers For prolonged sun exposure, it is always better to opt for something which covers both the upper and lower portion of your body.
  • Once you have sorted out your requirements, you need to decide on the visual impression you wish to create. Family vacations are not very style sensitive but bachelors hitting beach parties need to be picky with their choices. Men who are trying to look professional can buy conventional styles online like square cuts or trunks in restrained stripes or solid colors.
  • Being honest about your body can make you look good whether you opt for dry suits or speedos. If you have a tummy flab, then trunks with a looser cut can camouflage your bulges. Swim briefs are perfect for the confident man as they can bask you in plush comfort while showing off your toned thighs and buttocks.