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Sweaters for Men: Turtleneck Sweaters, Cardigans Sweaters & Knit Pullovers

Sweater is a catchphrase referring to an assortment of various knitted clothing styles that serves as the perfect blend of casual and formal fashion. Nail winter fashion different types of men’s sweaters design curated online shopping sites with price comparison.

Buy men's knit sweaters, cardigans, pullovers for the chilly season. Explore styles like cashmere, turtlenecks, crew neck & v-neck, and crochet sweaters from top brands in all color variations.

Winter months are synonymous with sweaters which have gained a massive fan following courtesy of their versatility. You can pair the cardigan sweaters, sweater jackets, and other varieties with jeans, t-shirts, and even blazers.

At TopOfStyle, you can browse through a fashionable assortment of styles handpicked by our experts from online portals like Amazon, Kohls, Macy's, Walmart, etc. Be it a Christmas party or formal events at the office, you can stay comfortable and feel stylish with our massive collection of sweaters with hoods, collars and buttons, zippers, etc.

Our intuitive interface can help you select the best style after filtering them according to your discretion and price.

Types of sweater for Men to Buy Online in the USA at the cheapest price

Rollneck Sweater – Nail a heritage-inspired look with the roll neck sweater which carries a rugged flair. You can team up this Irish fisherman-inspired stylish layering piece with a collared shirt for that suave look.

Cowl neck Sweater The USP of a cowl neck sweater lies in a loose fabric draped around the collarbone making the knitwear look substantially similar to a turtleneck. This sweater style can keep you feeling comfortable even when the mercury dips down while making you stand out on fancy occasions.

Crewneck Sweater – A crew neck sweater is characterized by either a round or no neckline making it the perfect option for being worn with other apparel options. This simple and common style is characterized by a narrow band of ribbing which adds to its degree of bulk. While this minimal style doesn’t look flattering with neckties, you can definitely squeeze it with some business-casual staples.

Turtle neck Sweater – The classic style of turtleneck sweater features a tall collar that remains folded over itself. On being unfolded, the collar can reach your cheek or lip region. Apart from adding warmth to your winter wardrobe, the turtlenecks can also serve as a stylish replacement to the conventional pointed turndown collar.

Knitted Sweater – Turn heads wherever you go with mens knitted sweaters featuring intricate craftsmanship. Since the knitted varieties usually don’t have any definition, you can aim for a sharp look by pairing them up with a belt.

Zipped Sweater (half zip, full-zip) – The half-zip varieties can keep you snug even during windy weather. You can open it up by wearing a collared shirt underneath the sweater. Next comes the full zip variety which is better suited while dressing for outdoor activities. The convenient and functional design of full-zip sweaters can be layered under a winter coat.

Cardigan Sweater – This variety of sweaters opens in the front and can be fastened by zippers or buttons. You can layer fine wool cardigans under jackets as well as suits for nailing different looks ranging from business-casual to sportswear with panache.

Vest Sweater – Men's sweater vest can help you strike the perfect balance between warmth and bulk. Its intended purpose often gets portrayed by the design. The ones having button fronts, zippers, and high collars are mostly worn as outerwear. Similarly, V-neck sweater vests can ensure a snug fit underneath the jackets.

Mock neck Sweater – This variety of sweaters has evolved into the winter wardrobe staple of amazon users. Its streamlined cut follows the natural shape of your body without clinging too much to your problem zones. You can wear this lightweight variety of sweaters on your own or by layering to ward off the chill.

Pullover Sweater All the varieties of sweaters which need to be pulled over your head rather than being shrugged over your shoulders fall under the pullover category. Some pullovers come with a quarter or half-zip necks for catering to your versatile style needs.

Types of Fabrics Every Man Should Consider Before Buying Sweaters Online

Cotton – The cotton sweaters on sale can serve as your ideal pick while trying to nail the layering game. These Christmas holiday staples can be easily tossed into a conventional washer and dryer for easy maintenance.

Fleece - Men’s fleece sweater can get your style game going strong. It can keep you warm once the mercury slides down without adding to the bulk.

Wool – This traditional component of wool sweaters can impart a lot of insulation with its sturdy build. Wool is generally obtained from sheep and comprises protein along with a small percentage of lipid. 

Cashmere – A cashmere goat’s hair is considered as gold standard amongst mens cashmere sweater materials courtesy of its flexible, light, and insulating nature. They are indistinguishable from woolen varieties but surely come off as finer.

Merino Wool – The USP of merino wool lies in its ability to absorb odor molecules which get subsequently released during washing. The extremely fine nature of these knitted sweaters feels luxuriously gentle on your skin.

Tip On How To Buy Best And Right Sweater Online?

  • Primarily, you need to check the sweater material as this has a magnanimous role to play in keeping you buffered from extreme weather conditions.
  • The size of the sweater you select will dictate your ultimate look. You need to be particularly cautious about the sweater chest size, sleeve length, and overall length. Usually, all these details are listed on the manufacturer’s website. It also becomes imperative to keep in mind that certain sweaters shrink in size after a few washes. You can circumvent this problem by availing yourself a size bigger than what you usually wear.
  • Top brands like Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Patagonia, Tommy Hilfiger, J Crew, Louis Vuitton offer sweaters in bright colors like red, cream, yellow, grey, black, mustard yellow for elevating your personality to whole new levels. However, it is always safe to stick to foundational colors like brown, blue, white-grey, oatmeal, and green before branching off to more vibrant hues.

How To Style A Sweater for Men?

  • The round-neck striped sweater looks cool on college guys being teamed with stylish chinos.
  • Roll neck sweaters in solid patterns look best at formal events. You can sport this crossbreed between a crew neck and turtleneck to look dignified at a wedding.
  • Argyle patterns with elbow patches and shoulder patches can help you hog the spotlight with a flamboyant style. However, you need to coordinate your remaining outfit in a way that doesn’t rival your look.
  • Shawl collar sweaters can add to your classy charm during the Christmas holidays by creating an illusion of a hoodie around your neckline.
  • Men’s sweater vest serves as an excellent alternative to suits which can make you look decent irrespective of the pattern printed on the same. The best thing about this style is that it can be even be worn with a bow tie.