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Men's Loungewear & Sleepwear: Buy Luxury Pajama Sets, Pajama Shorts, Dressing Gown, Robes, Onesie & PJ Set Online

Look good and feel ecstatic in the men’s sleepwear set from TopOfStyle. Our unique styles ranging from pajama sets to robes, thermal sleepwear, honeymoon sleepwear, nautical 2 pcs set, joggers pajama and many more can elevate your bedtime experience while offering excellent lounging opportunities.

Buy Leisure Clothes Such as Comfy Nightgowns, Pajamas, Robes, Onesies & Bathrobes From Top Brands @ Low Prices

At TopOfSTyle, we believe that you can be fashionable at all times, even while going to bed. And that’s why we have come up with a hand-curated collection of the best sleep shorts, lounge pants with pockets, funny pajama pants, and many more from top brands like Hanes, Nautica, Fruit of the Loom, Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, DAVID ARCHY, Ekouaer, Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Del Rossa, Brook Brothers, etc. Whether you are searching for simple designs or luxury pieces, you can buy them online from our user-friendly portal after filtering your choice according to colors, size, and even type. A price comparison feature of different online shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and Kohls can help you grab the best deal.

Different Types of Sleepwear Listed for Online Shopping

Pajamas sets for men: The best two-piece pajama sets on sale comprise a loose buttoned-up collared shirt and loose-fitting pants in matching material. They come in a variety of patterns like check, plaid, striped, solid, and printed with intricate designs.

Lounge Pants For Men: Spend a relaxed day at home by putting on your lounge pants which come in different materials like flannel, cotton blend, silk, satin, and so on so that you can take the pick according to the weather condition.

Lounge Tee/T-shirts (Sleep-tee/Sleep-T-shirt/top): If you have a tendency of getting hot during bedtime, then lounge t-shirts can do the trick in your favor. You can easily shop for a sleep-tee and mix n match it with your favorite pair of shorts in navy blue or sky blue for a good night’s sleep.

Pajama shorts Men: Benefit from top-notch comfort and durability with the lounge shorts which have a breathable structure courtesy of their unique construction. Excellent stretchability makes the lounge shorts your ideal hang-out buddy during weekends or those laidback after-office evenings.

Pajamas For Men: Take a simpler bedtime route with the classic pajamas in grey, wine, or blue hues which can be easily worn with t-shirts. The soft texture and comfortable fit of pajamas can get you ready to hop into bed. They ensure that Men's best Christmas pajamas, silk pajamas, or onesie pajamas offer to keep you buffered from freezing even when your blankets accidentally fall off.

Sleep Pants (Nightshirt/Loose Sleep Shirt) – The soft and stretchable sleep pants feature a wide-cut design that helps with easy movement. They usually come with side pockets which can guarantee you maximum lounging comfort.

Men's Sleep Shirt: This modern way of sleeping is comparatively longer than regular shirts and can extend up to the knees while keeping a certain part of your legs uncovered.

Jogger Pajama Pants: The utterly comfortable jogger pajama pants resemble regular pants with elastic bottoms. You can think of them as sweatshirts for your legs as they look exactly similar to the cuffs of your sweatshirt.

Men's Nightshirts: These are a classic sleepwear choice that was a rage before the two-piece pajamas filled up our wardrobes. They were initially worn by kings and were uniquely designed to offer a loose fit to the body with a hemline ending below the knees.

Robes: This comfortable nightwear usually comes with a belt that assists with secure fastening. It is characterized by a definitive shawl collar which can impart additional style and texture with its contrast color or fabric. You can wear the robes over pajamas for the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

Men's Onesie: The onesie-style pajamas can commonly be seen in comedy films. However, they can have your back during camping sessions by keeping you buffered from cold as your entire body remains covered to seal your body heat. Onesies were originally a staple amongst young children which have gained traction amongst adult males courtesy of their utilitarian design.

Sweatpants: The warm and insulating sweatpants can be easily teamed with a plain or matching T-shirt for a well-dressed sleep schedule. They offer an adjustable fit to keep you wrapped in plush comfort even if you are a light sleeper.

Silk Pajama Set: Feel a bit elevated even during bedtime with the super luxe silk pajama set which is ideal for people who like to radiate elegance even while resting their tired nerves.

Pajamas Shorts: Blend in the best of style and functionality with the pajama shorts which can guarantee you a good night’s sleep while also allowing you to lounge around casually with a group of friends. These shorts are generally made using a rib-knit fabric and come with an elastic waistband to keep all chances of wardrobe malfunctions at bay.

Sleepwear Shorts: This easy-breezy option is an absolute favorite of men who like to keep things light during bedtime. The shorts are usually crafted using nice and stretchy cotton with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you basking in comfort even when the mercury shoots up.

Sleepwear Sets: Getting a cozy night’s sleep becomes easy with the sleepwear sets which come in different styles for upgrading your comfort level.

Nightgown: Sleep routines become more comfortable with a nightgown which can be thought of as the overcoat for your pajamas. They can keep you warm while unwinding in the evening or grabbing breakfast. This loosely hanging item is usually made from satin, cotton, silk, or nylon and might have subtle embroidery around the collar.

Types Fabric Option Available to Buy Men's Sleepwear Online

  • Silk: Silk has gained traction in the sleepwear segment given its luxurious attributes which feel super plush against the skin. A matching button-down set, in shades of black, white, or burgundy can help you nail a sophisticated look at all times.
  • Cotton: Cotton is one of the most popular sleepwear materials which feels non-irritating on the skin. Naturally soft and breathable attributes make cotton the best sleepwear option as it hangs loosely against the skin.
  • Flannel: Button-down sets are usually made up of flannel fabric whose plaid patterns can serve you well during the Christmas holidays. They can keep your comfort meter high even when the mercury takes a dip.
  • Fleece: Personalize your look with fleece pajamas which come in unique prints and colors like maroon, olive, red for lounging at home on a chilly winter evening.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a low-maintenance fabric option for pajama shorts and sleep shirts which can be easily transitioned into daytime wear for being worn in the house and even in public.
  • Linen: Linen is a high-end material that feels slightly heavier than cotton. The breathable nature of linen makes it a top choice for sleepwear.
  • Satin: The final contender of our list is satin which has gained popularity courtesy of its beautiful sheen which can pen down luxurious bedtime stories.

Tips On How To Buy The Best And Right Sleepwear For Men Online

Online shopping has turned into a rage courtesy of the better display capabilities and unbeatable price offered. It also tags along a high degree of convenience as you can choose your favorite sleepwear from the comfort of your home by following these below-mentioned tips.

  • Since you don’t have an option of giving physical trials while shopping online, it becomes imperative to have a clear notion about your exact measurements before placing the order. If you are wary of your size, then you can seek out the assistance of sizing charts that translates typical sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large into corresponding measurements.
  • We all have preferences when it comes to materials and this becomes even more important while selecting sleepwear. We need to opt for fabrics that feel easy on our skin as we unwind after a tiring day at work. People residing in cold climates can easily opt for wool whereas cotton can serve as the staple in warm weather scenarios.
  • Social media influencers have turned sleepwear into a fashion statement and so you should choose a style that looks flattering on your physique. The modern sleepwear look is all about mastering simplicity by staying away from neon shades for a tailored look.


Where can I buy men's loungewear?

You can browse through an extensive line-up of men’s loungewear in different sizes at TopOfSTyle which curates some of the best styles from popular portals so that you can compare the price and avail the best deal during a clearance sale and other events.

Is loungewear the same as sleepwear?

Loungewear is usually crafted using heavy-weight fabrics and is not as revealing as the lightweight sleepwear options. You can easily greet sudden relatives or friends who pay you a visit dressed in loungewear.

Where can I buy good loungewear?

TopOfStyle can serve as your one-stop shop for the best quality loungewear which can keep you company during those laidback evenings on the sofa with a bunch of friends. You can choose amongst a variety of styles after filtering them according to brands, colors, prints, and even material.

Where can I buy cheap loungewear?

Be it lounge pants with pockets or the best sleep shorts, you can get them at lucrative discounts only from TopOfStyle which allows price comparison between different shopping sites to help you avail yourself of the best rate.