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Shorts for Men: Buy Board, Khaki, Long, Short, Basketball & Cargo Shorts Online

Life is too short to wear the same type of shorts and that’s why TopOfStyle presents an extensive list of athletic shorts, golf shorts, cargo shorts, volleyball shorts, etc. in a variety of shades ranging from khaki to black, green, and olive. You can actually live in our polyester and cotton shorts which come with 6-inch, 8 inch, and 12-inch inseam.

Radiate cool vibes even when it gets pretty hot outside with our versatile collection of shorts for men. At TopOfStyle, you can find some of the best athletic shorts for men and cargo shorts for men on sale which can keep you comfortable round the clock. Be it dog walks, weekend shenanigans or barbeques by the pool, black cargo shorts for men can help you carry out a sexy look without having to put in much effort. The intuitive interface of TopOfStyle presents an assortment of the best shorts for men from various online portals so that you can compare their prices before making the final purchase call. You can even filter out the shorts according to brands, price, color, fabric, and patterns for nailing a flattering fit.

Types of Shorts for Men to Buy Online in the USA

Ripped shorts – Adding a sexy edge to your style becomes easy with the ripped shorts which come with threaded features for making it look more realistic. Distressed shorts are an absolute rage amongst celebrities and the same vibe can also be seen amongst teenagers.

Athletic Shorts For Men: Stay cool and dry during workouts with the best athletic shorts for men which are made using moisture-wicking fabric that guarantees optimum ventilation as you engage in cycling, exercise training, hiking, running, boxing or jogging.

Short Shorts For Men: Exude retro vibes with the cropped style of short shots which is ideal for those casual days. They look best when worn with espadrilles, white trainers, and playful accessories such as bright watches, baseball caps, and round sunglasses.

Basketball Shorts For Men: Benefit out of enhanced ventilation with the super-light basketball shorts which are crafted using comfortable moisture-wicking fabric for guaranteeing a roomy feel.

Men's Workout Shorts – Improve your gym performance with the right pair of workout shorts which prevents chaffing while its moisture-wicking composition keeps you feeling breezy.

Cargo shorts For Men: This proudly pocketed style has come a long way from being a lazy man’s summer legwear to being a streetwear sensible bottom-wear option. You can keep your look minimal by pairing cargo shorts with an oversized T-shirt.

Board shorts – A drawstring waist sets apart the board shorts from swimming trunks although both of them look similar. Other than having your back at aquatic encounters, they can also make you look fashionable during workout sessions.

Biking shorts – Enjoy a smooth cycling experience with the biking shorts which deliver the right amount of stretch without any restriction. Built-in ventilation of these shorts offers strategic breathability to your skin while conforming to the natural curves of your posterior.

Golf shorts: Look ultra-sleek with the Nike golf shorts for men which allows focusing fully on the game without any distraction in the form of unnecessary pockets.

Compression shorts For Men: You can control muscle oscillation during exercise with compression shorts which have gained traction due to their ability to reduce injury and improve blood circulation.

Boxer shorts – These elastic waist shorts have attained this nomenclature from their high resemblance with boxers. The boxer shorts are usually available in satin, jersey knit, silk or cotton fabrics.

Running shorts: Lightweight fabric goes into the composition of the best running shorts which helps in preventing skin chafing by wicking away perspiration. You can either opt for fitted style or regular ones of running shorts for catering to your individual comfort meter.

Booty shorts: Display your butt to perfection with these extra short shorts which are usually made using spandex or denim fabric.

Bicycle shorts – Have a nice time cycling without experiencing any pain from spending prolonged time on the seat with the bicycle shorts which come with dense padding. You can pedal for miles without worrying about saddle sores.

Fishing shorts: Just as the name suggests, the fishing shorts can guarantee you a jolly good time with their high level of water repellent attributes and lightweight 4-way stretch fabric.

Hybrid shorts: Multi-stretch fabric is used in making the hybrid shorts which bring quick-drying and moisture-wicking characteristics to the table. While they look similar to regular shorts, they perform like board shorts or bathing suits.

Camo cargo shorts: The cargo shorts for men on sale can serve as a funkier alternative to your regular shorts as you style them every day along with T-shirts and belts. These utility-oriented shorts come with pockets to store small essentials on the go.

Long cargo Shorts: Look stylish and feel comfortable whether you are chilling with friends at home or taking a walk in the neighborhood with long cargo pants. The black cargo shorts for men come with side cargo pockets for carrying your phone, wallet, and even car keys as you nail casual style like a pro.

Soccer Shorts: The breathable quality of soccer shorts can easily cater to all your requirements both on and off the field. Moisture-wicking fabric helps in keeping moisture away from the body while an elastic waistband keeps the shorts in place even when you move drastically in the field.

Blue jean shorts: You can bank on the blue jean shorts as an everyday wardrobe choice as it keeps you comfortable while you dress casually.

Best gym shorts: Wear the gym shorts to bask in maximum comfort while exercising. Top brands like Under Armour, Nike, Reebok, and Adidas offer a rich collection of gym shorts in nylon and cotton fabric.

Camouflage shorts: Look elegant in the camouflage printed shorts which are ideal for those hunting episodes. They are made from breathable fabric like polyamide which fosters fast drying.

Tactical shorts: Take up cross-training and light-duty works with the tactical shorts which come in an array of sizes, colors, and styles for catering to your specific taste. The tactical shorts are specially strengthened for sustaining rugged environments and have been specifically built to last long.

Capri shorts: The three-quarter Capri shorts run longer than normal shorts up to calf length and are ideal lounging options during summertime.


Jogger shorts: You can actually live in the khaki jogger shorts which can play up your look when teamed with casual shirts, sweatshirts, or T-shirts.

Big and tall Shorts: Nail weekend casual style with the big and tall shorts for men which offer a superior fit and ample coverage according to the proportions of larger men.

CrossFit shorts: Add in more efficiency to your workout sessions with the CrossFit shorts which don’t come off as too tight and guarantees complete freedom of movement. You can also expect comfort and support out of these shorts which are usually made from quick-dry textile.

Stretch shorts: Enjoy unrestricted movement which can become a life-saver during long runs with the stretch shorts whose quick-drying fabric keeps you feeling light and breezy at all times.

Mountain biking shorts: The athletic cut of mountain biking shorts can add to your level of efficiency while passing through technical trails. It comes with reinforced impact zones and ample storage solutions for a better riding experience.

Track shorts: Your skin remains protected from chaffing with the lightweight fabric of running shorts which helps in wicking away perspiration. The unrestricted movement guaranteed by the track shorts is ideal for long runs.

Cut off shorts: The cut-off shorts are made by cutting off jeans or similar bottom-wear above the knee. This variety of shorts is preferred for the rugged look and feel it tags along with courtesy of the scruffy cut edge around the hemline.

Padded bike shorts: Bike cyclists can now enjoy enhanced flexibility with the padded bike shorts which guarantee ultimate comfort and dryness while reducing friction with your body.

Skinny shorts: Nail a flattering look with the skinny shorts which are usually crafted using innovative stretch denim for those occasions where you wish to turn heads with your flamboyant style.

Board shorts (hurley brand): Have fun in the sun with the board shorts which can also be worn during workout routines apart from the obvious aquatic encounters. The Hurley shorts can guarantee all-day comfort so that you can make the most out of your surfing lifestyle.

Floral shorts: Say ‘Hello Summer’ with the elegant floral print shorts which can boost up your look in no time on being paired with neutral shaded tops.

Mountain bike shorts: These baggy shorts have been specially designed to heighten your off-roading experience. Its high-tech fabric composition tags along with moisture-wicking abilities help with effective heat management while ensuring a comfortable fit.

Printed: Whether you have a penchant for cool stripes or cartoon prints in green, black, olive, blue, or grey, the graphic shorts can turn eyes at every event you grace. If you are not very confident about these eyeball-grabbing shorts, then you can opt for the micro prints and pair them with solid color polo shirts.

Types of fabrics used to manufacture shorts for men

  • Cotton: Keep comfortable throughout the year with cotton shorts which are characterized by a breathable and lightweight texture. You can wash and dry the cotton varieties without any special care.
  • Polyester: This synthetic fabric works best in swimming shorts as they rank high in terms of durability even after regular usage. They tend to dry out faster and do not weigh you down even after you get out of the water.
  • Nylon: High level of elasticity and lightness makes nylon the best choice of shorts for men's sports activities.
  • Spandex: Spandex has evolved into a hot favorite activewear fabric that delivers a high level of flexibility and moisture-wicking abilities to have your back during exercise sessions.
  • Corduroy: The distinct cord pattern of corduroy fabric can help you nail a style statement during the fall months. A high level of comfort and flexibility is guaranteed by the corduroy shorts which serve as excellent loungewear options.
  • Silk: Nail a luxurious look with silk shorts that ensure maximum comfort both while lounging and sleeping.


What kind of shorts should guys wear?

Solid shades of white, tan, navy, khaki, and off-white look best in men’s shorts. You can nail a preppy look by opting for plaid shorts with a white base and by pairing them with a polo shirt.

What does 7-inch shorts mean?

The 7-inch varieties of shorts usually fall around 2-4 inches above the knee and can help you nail a flattering look. These multi-purpose shorts can serve you well during changing weather conditions and while trying to cover shorter running distances.

Are men's cargo shorts still in style?

Cargo shorts are a practical bottom-wear option that has recently entered the golden book of fashion with its utilitarian style. After all who doesn’t like taking long walks in the city while carrying all essentials in a hands-free manner.

What type of shorts should I wear?

The mid-length shorts are usually considered as the universally flattering variants of bottom-wear for men. They have an inseam ranging between 7 to 8 inches and can keep you comfortable while walking, playing golf, and doing similar activities.

Tips on how to buy the best and right shorts for men online:

  • While buying shorts from online portals like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Kohls, Macy's, or Ten Thousand, you need to opt for slim-fit shorts unless you are thinking of going hiking.
  • Inseam length of 7-1-0 inches is considered best as it tends to streamline your appearance.
  • You can gain an understanding of the exact measurements from the manufacturer’s website which lists down all the product details.