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Jeans For Men: Buy Denim Pants Online From Levis, Wrangler, Old Navy & American Eagle

Jeans have been a staple of men’s wardrobe since time immemorial. If you have been wondering about what jeans to buy, then you have come to the right place. At TopOfStyle, you can get your hands on some of the best jeans for men which can make shopping a fun episode. We have listed down some of the coolest jeans types like ripped, skinny, three quarter, etc. which can flatter your body in the best possible manner, whether you are big and tall, have a protruding stomach, or big thigh. Be it stretchy jeans or the ones with elastic waist, you can easily select the style which fits you best. We have curated some celeb grade men’s jeans on sale from the best brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, Seven7, Jordache, etc which can help you strike the perfect blend between style and comfort. Whether it is the stretchable varieties, the ones without stretch in vibrant shades like green, blue, yellow, black, or the timeless denim jeans, our extensive collection with a cheap price tag can serve as your perfect ally for staying in fashion without having to put in much effort.

When it comes to versatility, very few apparels can match up to the stature of jeans. You can easily pair these branded numbers with a variety of top-wear and at a plethora of events. But while buying a pair of jeans, you need to search for something which can offer an ideal fit. The best jeans on sale at TopOfStyle come with their own style so that you can enter the right comfort level while looking trendy.

If you are thinking about where to buy the right jeans for men then Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy's, Walmart, Target are the best websites for you. At TopOfStyle, you can browse through hand-picked styles from these portals and get a tailored fit whether you wish to sport jeans with button fly or with elastic waist. Just filter out your choices and walk away with the best pair of jeans which can back you with a myriad of style options.

10 Different Types of Jeans Styles for men to shop online

  1. Skinny Jeans Just as the name suggests, these jeans ensure a snug fit courtesy of their skin-hugging attributes. The skinny jeans for men come in low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise waist cuts. They are stretchable and are worn as a style statement as you can’t expect a high level of portability from this bottom wear option which becomes a strict no-no for bulky guys.
  2. Ripped/Distressed Jeans Be the star of every event you attend with the black ripped jeans for men which can help you nail a rugged look with its threaded accents. The natural wear-and-tear feel of the ripped varieties with an elastic waist looks best when paired with blazers and dark-colored shirts.
  3. Slim-fit Jeans The branded slim fit jeans can make skinny guys nail a dashing look by imparting a proper shape to their legs. Its tapered fit and tight leg opening can offer you the perfect concoction of style and comfort.
  4. Super skinny Jeans – Nail a sharp and body-conscious silhouette with the black skinny jeans which stretch in the right places for accentuating your chiseled physique.
  5. High-waisted Jeans – After ruling the fashion scene during the ’90s, the high-waisted jeans have again made their foray into mainstream fashion with a universal appeal that can flatter all body types.
  6. Cargo Jeans Make a cool fashion statement with the cheap cargo jeans with button fly which are characterized by a plethora of pockets to carry all your essentials around. The loose fit of cargo jeans makes them a more viable option compared to other forms of fitted bottom wear during the summer months.
  7. Work Jeans Feel comfortable at your workplace with the best work jeans on sale which are defined by their straight fit. They don’t widen downwards, neither do they have a wide thigh space and can flatter men with athletic body types.
  8. Bootcut Jeans The stylish and tapered bootcut jeans offer a great fit till your knees and then flare out past the calf muscles.
  9. Relaxed fit Jeans If you have thick thighs, then the relaxed fit jeans with elastic waist can serve as your best bet. They offer extra room around the waist region to keep you basking in plush comfort all year round.
  10. Loose fit Jeans – A baggy fit of loose fit jeans with big thighs can impart optimum breathability to your skin so that you feel great even when the Celsius shoots up. This style is best suited for big-boned men with a considerable waistline as it doesn’t cling to the butt or thighs.

This economic fabric curated from cotton fibers can amp up your style quotient in no time. They feature a twill fabric weave making it an extremely durable fabric and helping it in holding shape. It is characterized by the diagonal ribbing fabric which remains visible on the face of the fabric.

Be it yellow, black, blue, green, white, grey, or light blue, you are bound to feel spoilt for choice while taking your pick amongst the cotton jeans which can help you nail casual fashion seamlessly. Apart from ranking high in terms of style, they can also make you feel very comfortable.

How to Buy the Right Jeans for Men?

Trial and error seem like the best way of getting the most flattering jeans fit. However, you can save yourself from all the trouble by selecting a style according to your specific body type:

  • Thin men with lean muscles, small shoulders, and flat chest need to swear by straight jeans from Diesel with a low rise as that will complement their slender build. Baggy and wide-leg styles should be avoided as they will simply draw attention towards your unrefined legs. While skinny styles will make them look slimmer, the high-rise varieties will make their bum look flat.
  • Next on our list comes athletic men having muscular legs and buttocks. Their toned body can be accentuated by the straight leg, slim fit and boot cut Seven jeans in low rise. They can further show off their toned bum by choosing Carhartt styles on sale with pockets on both sides. Baggy jeans can camouflage their athletic physique making all those gym hours go to waste.
  • Stocky men with bigger legs can make heads turn with the regular fit True Religion jeans having wider legs as that will accentuate their toned physique. The flare of boot-cut jeans can make them look heavier and should be avoided. The same goes for skinny jeans which leave very little to the imagination.
  • A typical soccer player body characterized by thick and wide legs looks best in relaxed fit Ariat jeans as they can help them stay comfortable throughout the day. The straight-leg jeans having a high rise and loose jeans with a wide leg can also serve as viable options for this stocky physique.
  • Plus size men with a wide midsection can camouflage their flabs with high-rise varieties of relaxed and loose-fitting jeans from Hollister. Slim fit and skinny jeans are a strict no-no as this can strike imbalance to their silhouette and make the upper body loom large.

Things to Consider While Buying Men’s Jeans Online?

  • Before buying stretchy jeans from Levis, you need to have a clear notion about your waist and hip measurement in inches.
  • While a size chart is very important, it might change from brand to brand. Whether you are big and tall or have a short build, you can take an informed decision by browsing through the size which the model is wearing and his body stats.
  • If the confusion still persists, then it is best to measure a pair of pre-owned jeans that fits you perfectly. Just measure the backside of your jeans and double the number for selecting the right size.

How to Style Jeans for Men?

  • Pair cool blue distressed Wrangler jeans with a round-neck white T-shirt from Guess for a timeless look while out chilling with friends.
  • A smart casual look can be nailed by teaming up slim-fit men’s jeans from Gap with a striped Diesel T-shirt, Zara cardigan, and H&M slip-on shoes. Complete your look with large-framed glasses and a leather-strap watch to exude a nerdy flair as you step out for fun at the theatre.
  • Tall and slender men can team up ripped Lee jeans with over-sized tops and brown heeled boots. You can accessorize your look with a chain bracelet, metal strap watch, fedora hat, and dark sunglasses for inviting admiring glances.
  • Chill out in the summer months with Rock Revival biker jeans having a tapered-fit worn with a red gingham check shirt and slip-on shoes.