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Buy Best Hoodies & Sweatshirts for Men: Active, Casual & Winter

Boost up your style without compromising on the comfort meter with stylish hoodies for men. Explore a curated collection of men’s hoodies on sale. Choose from diverse styles of streetwear hoodies, zip-up hoodies, designer hoodies, pullover hoodies, and hooded sweatshirts with zippers for men to nail winter fashion like a pro.

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Hoodies have gained cult status amongst the millennial population who wish to attain the perfect harmony between comfort and fashion. At TopOfStyle, you can get your hands on some of the super cool hoodies for men which can keep you cozy even when it gets chilly outside. There was a time when sweatshirts were exclusively earmarked against gym sessions. But modern athleisure fashion is all about making a statement while bridging the gap between workouts and hangouts. You can think of men’s sweatshirts to be the warmer and more attractive version of sweaters which come with an inner fleece lining for adding to its softness quotient. You can check out some of the men’s designer hoodies and sweatshirts from top online portals like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Macy's, and Kohls at TopOfStyle and even compare their prices for walking away with the best deal.

Types Of Hoodies or Sweatshirt for Men to Buy Online

Hoodies with Zip – Let in more air during the summer months and keep the cold away during a chilly season with the zip-up hoodies which can be adjusted as per preference. Since the zipper is the USP of these hoodies, you can either go for a lighter or brighter shade than the remaining jacket.

Printed Hoodies – Be it customized prints or tending slogans, these cool hoodies for men can easily add a dash of spunk to your otherwise monotone look on being paired with smart sneakers and blue jeans.

Graphics Hoodies – Exude a laid-back vibe with the men's graphic hoodies which come with a variety of artistic displays for transforming your regular hoodie into a work of art.

Designer Hoodies – If you have a penchant for big names, then you can opt for Gucci, Dior, Burberry, or Balenciaga hoodies which can make you look effortlessly chic.

3D Hoodies – Just as the name suggests, 3D hoodies can turn heads wherever you go and are best suited for being worn during the holiday season.

Pullover Hoodies – If you are not a fan of the zipped-up varieties, then the pullover mens hoodie can serve as a match made in heaven. These hoodies look best when worn to informal events and come with some really dramatic designs for channeling your funky personality.

Fleece Hoodies – Nothing says ‘Hello Winter’ as well as the men's fleece hoodies which can keep you all warm and fuzzy with its robe-like appearance.

Drop Shoulder Hoodies – Rock casual fashion with the drop shoulder hoodies for men which creates a capelet effect with the excess fabric in the sleeve which runs from the waist to the underarm sleeve seam.

Hooded Sweatshirt – Hooded sweatshirts can offer you the perfect blend of style and comfort with a muff that remains sewn into the shirt’s lower front and a string for adjusting the hood.

Long Sleeve Hoodies – Keep your arms covered with the long sleeve hoodie on sale where the sleeve runs from the shoulder up to the wrist sleeve.

Plus Size Hoodies – Fashion is not limited to men with chiseled abs and that’s why plus size hoodies are an absolute must for all chubby fashion mongers who wish to slay the winter style game like a boss.

Knit Hoodies – Radiate a hipster vibe with the knit hoodies which come in a plethora of color schemes. It serves as the perfect cross between a regular athletic hoodie and a Baja hoodie.

Baja Hoodies – Soft cloth is used in making these hoodies which can help you hogg the spotlight with its multicolor hues. You can go all hippie by pairing the Baja hoodies with loose-fitted cotton traveling trousers and geeky glasses.

Sleeveless Hoodies – Enjoy unrestricted movement with the mens sleeveless hoodies which are ideal for engaging in high-intensity interval training or playing sports. It also helps in portraying your biceps to perfection.

Flannel Button-Up Hoodie – Stay in vogue with the flannel button-up hoodies which can keep you basking in comfort with its sheer fineness. The flannel button-up hoodies usually feature a differently colored and textured hood than the remaining garments which adds to its unique look and feel.

Hoodies with Drawstrings – Ensure a right fit time and again with the drawstring hoodies which can take the role of a life savior during inclement weather. Drawstrings can also infuse a fun element into your hoodie design other than buffering you from different weathering elements.

Hoodies with Pockets – Carry all your essentials like pens, car keys, mobile phone, and wallet in the hoodies with pockets. While some people prefer having two pockets at the bottom, others look out for hoodies with multiple pockets on the sleeves and front region.

Full-Zip Hoodie – A full-zip hoodie can help you nail the layering game in style. You can even adjust the zipper according to your comfort meter or leave it completely opened while the side pockets help in securing the smaller items while you are on the move.

Performance Hoodie – Stay cool even during the summer months with the performance hoodies which allow maximum breathability to your skin. This functional style of clothing is generally crafted using polyester fleece and is a favorite amongst athletes.

Skull Hoodies – Display your edgy personality with the skull hoodies which are an absolute hit amongst the school and college-going crowd. Usually, these hoodies come with a black background but you can opt for brighter hues to create a bold style statement.

Polo Hoodies – Dress up elegantly in the polo hoodies which feature a classic polo emblem on each side and are usually worn to the golf course or tennis ground.

Skate Hoodies – Individuals with a penchant for skating can opt for skate hoodies that allow them to glide along swiftly with next to no wind drag. They keep your chest warm and mostly come in sleeveless designs.

Fur Hoodies – Brave cold winter nights with fur hoodies that guarantee a luxurious and soft feel to their wearers.

Slim-Fit Hoodies – Create an illusion of a slenderer physique with the slim-fit hoodies which can hide your problem zones while accentuating the muscles in the right places.

Sherpa Hooded Sweatshirt – Stay warm even when the mercury drops down with the Sherpa hooded sweatshirt which is crafted from a unique blend of acrylic, polyester, and cotton.

Fluffy Hoodie – The ultra-soft nature of fluffy hoodies feels very luxurious against the skin as it keeps you basking in warmth even when it gets tremendously cold outside. Usually, they feature drawstring straps and a loose hooded design.

How To Style Hoodies & Sweatshirts

  • Nail a layered look by pairing oversized zip-up hoodies with a crew-neck T-shirt, slim jeans, and a jacket or overcoat.
  • Exude athleisure vibes with a black Nike sweatshirt worn with minimal leather sneakers and fitted joggers.
  • The timeless pairing of a leather jacket and designer hoodies can turn heads at every event you grace. You can keep the leather jacket and jeans in black shades while opting for hoodie shirts in contrast shades to smarten up your look.
  • Rip up the traditional look book by wearing a charcoal grey suit with a grey hoodie and lace-up sneakers in the place of your routine work shoes.
  • High-low dressing is becoming the next big thing in the fashion sector and you can nail the same by teaming up a neutral color hoodie with sports-luxe sneakers and a pair of trousers.
  • Plain crewneck men's sweatshirts on sale can serve as your perfect ally for simple occasions where you just wish to stroll around the park or run some errands.
  • Adding some flair to your look becomes easy by wearing a button-down underneath your 3xl sweatshirt as the collar hangs out from the top and your shirt pokes out from the bottom. You can even add a textured dimension to your look by rolling up the cuff of your shirt above the sweatshirt.