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Wallets For Men: Buy Wallets with Chain, Money Clip, Card Holder, Zipper & Key Rings From Amazon, Walmart at Best Price

Searching to buy the best stylish wallet designs for men? We've curated wallets from popular brands like Gucci, Fossil, Puma, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Coach & more from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Asos, and more sites with better price comparison. Explore bifold wallets, trifold wallets, slim wallets, chain wallets, money clip wallets & travel wallets.

Pay your bills without fumbling with the functional wallets from Gucci, Nike, and Ralph Lauren which come with a separate cardholder. The premium leather wallets with chains can be in trifold or money clip design with zipper, Velcro, or magnetic closure. Explore curated men's wallets to buy online from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more online shopping sites with price comparison.

An accessory stands out as the truest representation of a man’s sense of style and overall personality. Wallets are small rectangular foldable means for storing your cash, cards, and other essentials in an organized fashion. After all none of us wish to be caught rummaging through our designer wallets while tipping the waiters at a five-star restaurant. This is why modern-day manufacturers are levying more importance to the organization game. TopOfStyle has a rich collection of the latest wallets from top brands like JCPenney, Aldo, Coach, and Fossil which are hand-picked from online platforms like Amazon, Nordstrom, Kohls, Walmart, eBay, and Asos at wholesale rates for bringing greater efficiency to your everyday life.

Different Types of Wallets for Men to Buy Online

Bi-Fold wallet

These rectangular-shaped wallets are usually folded in half and can strike the perfect blend between style and functionality. You can store money in the long open pocket while a variety of other slots help in keeping ID cards, credit cards, and even receipts. Often, the Gucci bi-fold wallets are accompanied by a coin purse.

Tri-Fold wallet

If you are searching for a wallet that can accommodate many things within a small space, then you need to bring home a rectangle-sized tri-fold Ralph Lauren It has vertical slots and two flaps which fold for closing the wallet that is more spacious than the bi-fold variant.

Breast pocket wallet/Secretary Wallet/Long Wallet

These wallets have been specially designed for being carried in your jacket’s internal pocket. They have an elongated shape and come with large pockets which can easily accommodate currency of varying sizes.

Hipster wallet

The hipster wallets are adequately large for carrying most phones yet compact enough to store your essentials and carry them in a hands-free manner. You can carry them either as a plain wallet or a convertible hip bag by removing the strap and clipping it to the belt loops.

Slim wallet

The compact design of a slim wallet helps in holding roughly 8-10 cards and cash even while being folded in half. You can carry them in your jeans pocket while delivering a smoother-looking silhouette than most of its peers.

Travel wallet/Passport Holder Wallet

Store all your important travel-related documents neatly in place with the travel wallet which has tall and slim dimensions. These wallets are extremely handy and usually accompanied by a magnetic button closure.

Travel wallet (Wallet with change pocket, zipper inside, coin zip)

Zip closures in the travel wallets are trimmed in leather which adds to its longevity and security. As the zippers keep everything inside, you don’t have to worry about losing your essentials.

Chain Wallet

Losing card and cash will now become a thing of the past with these unique wallets which remain attached to your jeans. These wallets usually have a bifold design and come with multiple compartments for storing your cards and even cash.

Credit cardholder/card case wallet

Going by its name, this kind of wallet has a compact and sleek design that offers storage for your credit cards, ID cards, and even your bills. These wallets are often accompanied by a money clip attached to one side for being carried around easily.

Cheque-book wallet

Carry your cheques in style with this exclusively designed Burberry wallet which also offers adequate space for carrying a pen and a few cards. These wallets have an elongated shape and come in shades of black or brown.

Key wallet

Carry your keys along in this unique wallet which also offers enough space to store your cash and cards.

Sports wallet

Sports fanatics are bound to appreciate these special wallets which are manufactured by renowned sports companies like Nike, Puma They carry the logo of the sports company and also rank high in terms of durability.

Tactical wallet

These wallets help in maximizing both space and efficiency with their rugged design which can have your back throughout the day. They have a slim design which helps in carrying them in the front pocket while the aluminum built adds to its longevity.

Front pocket wallet

Access your cash and cards easily with the front pocket Louis Vuitton wallets which have ultra-slim dimensions for fitting easily into your front pocket. This also serves as a safer option than carrying it in your back pocket as it brings down the risk of getting pickpocketed.

Elastic wallet band

The elastic wallets are perfect for storing credit cards and even folded cash in a snug manner. It is made by sewing two-inch-wide sports elastic and is one of the most popular DIY wallet options.

L-zip wallet

This rectangular-shaped wallet comes with a zipper running through both its sides. The L-zip varieties are extremely functional and come with a coin compartment, multiple card slots, and other practical pockets.

Money Clip Wallet

Slim dimensions of this synthetic leather wallet allow storing folded cash, credit cards, and ID cards in an organized and easily accessible fashion. The level of tension can be adjusted for securing a stack by simply rotating a spring-loaded clip. You can keep the money clip wallets either in your front or back pocket.

ID card wallet

You won’t ever have to worry about misplacing your ID cards anymore as the ID card wallet stores it all in a handy yet neat manner. Men adore ID card wallets as they are very compact and allow storing only the essentials.

Taxi wallet

Be it a weekend getaway or night in the town, a taxi wallet can serve as your best companion with its small-folding dimensions and multiple pockets that can fit easily into your front pocket or even a small bag. Minimalists adore Hugo Boss taxi wallets as this allows them to carry around just the basics like cards and coins while the folded bills stay hidden in an extra compartment.

Belt wallet

This canvas wallet resembles a belt having a secret compartment zippered into sections for storing folded bills, documents, and other small objects. It looks and functions in a way similar to a regular belt.

Velcro closure wallet

A Velcro suede wallet features a zipper-less zipper that allows it to stay shut until pulled apart. The Velcro material is usually placed on the two opposite ends which keeps the wallet secure.

Keyring Wallet

Men who have been juggling with multiple keys can find respite in a keyring wallet which can store all the keys in an organized manner. They are usually accompanied with a zip-up closure allowing the keys to be neatly tucked in either at the front or back pocket.

Wallet with magnetic closure

Strategically placed magnets around the area where the Versace wallet closes to make it a highly tactile option. This kind of closure can either be irreversible or detachable and can be of great help in securing all your wallet constituents in place.

Tracker wallets

If you have a tendency to misplacing things, then a silicone wallet with an embedded receiver can solve all your woes. This allows finding the wallet quickly if it ever gets stuck behind the dresser or on the couch. Usually, the tracker wallets come with an application that has to be downloaded to your smartphone for sending tracking signals.

Coin pocket wallets

You can now keep loose change readily available with the Calvin Klein coin pocket wallets in nylon blends which allow easy filtration while purchasing something. These wallets are comparatively smaller in size than the regular ones which help in stowing them easily inside your pocket.

Rugged wallets

If you are someone who has to travel outdoors then you need this durable wallet to keep all your valuables protected even in the face of environmental extremities.

RFID protection wallets

The latest RFID wallets feature a unique lining that prevents the RFID chips in your debit or credit cards from being scanned by malicious thieves and individuals. All unauthorized NFC, BLE, and RFID scans are blocked by this wallet for offering greater peace of mind to cardholders.

Knife wallet

Just as the name suggests, these compactly designed wallets come with a hidden knife that can help you make minor cuts when required.

Tips on How to Buy & Choose Right Wallet for Men Online

  • Select a minimalist style in plain hues like black, grey, brown, red, navy blue, tan, and blue which can elevate your style quotient irrespective of your apparel choice. Bankers are advised to stick to formal shades like black or brown whereas men working in creative fields can choose among more vibrant patterns.
  • Next, you need to offer adequate consideration in choosing the right size of the wallet so that you can carry your essentials without making your pant pockets look bulky.
  • The ultimate functionality of your wallet will be determined by its number of compartments. Your choice needs to be directly synced with the essentials you are planning on carrying along such as bills, credit cards, and banknotes.

Shop men’s wallets online. Browse the best leather wallet, cardholder, money clips, bifold, ‎trifold, minimalist wallet, slim designer wallet, sport wallet, card & id cases in a variety of styles at low prices.