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Buy Men’s Ties: Bow Ties, Cotton, Silk Ties & Pocket Square

A well-tied fine-looking tie design for men speaks of his style and confidence. We have a well-tailored necktie collection from Amazon, Walmart, and Macy's that includes bow ties to ties that match with blue suits, black suits, grey suits for weddings, and groomsmen from brands like Burberry, Brooks Brothers, etc.

Buy men’s knot ties, bow ties, and pocket squares online at a sale price. Explore a curated collection of groomsmen neckties for weddings, parties, and formal occasions, whether you want to match with blue suits, black suits, grey suits we have all colors, patterns, and fabric varieties.

Buy the finest ties for men at an affordable price

Nowadays, sophisticated men have a wide range of excellent choices as matching neckties are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From expensive designer ones to extra-longs, casuals, wedding ties, tuxedos, oversized, big and tall, there are plenty of prints and hues that will flaunt your personality with style regardless of your predilections.

Buy Different Types of Men's Ties Online at Sale Price

Necktie with clip

Neckties are popular types of traditional classic ties for men. If you feel lazy, you can go for a pre-tied clip attached to a regular necktie that helps you wear it with no effort. A black, burgundy, or navy blue necktie from Tommy Hilfiger or Hugo Boss can transform your look with a little twist in the design.

Necktie with zipper

Here is another wonderful tie design that saves your time. These stunning choices come with a pre-tied knot. Busy bees just have to adjust it according to their neck width. An expensive-looking silk zipper tie from Robert Talbott or Ted Baker is the ultimate choice of statement makers.

Cowboy necktie (Bolo Tie)

Leave those ordinary ties for men and have fun with the trendsetting bolo tie popularised by famous pop icons. These electrifying looks are created from braided leather and come in different shapes and designs. Steal the spotlight on any casual occasion by wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo bolo tie.

Wide Tie

A toe's width usually ranges between 2.75" to 3.25". If the tie is wider than that, it should be considered as a wide tie. In that case, a 3.5" tie is cool. But if you go wider than that, you may have to face the risk of fashion blister. Get a Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger one and impress the onlookers with your impeccable style.

Dress ties

This upscale fashion neckwear is pointed at both ends. These are usually wider and larger than other categories. Perfectly designed for formal settings, the Half Windsor knot and the Windsor knot from the 1920s make them unique pieces of neck accessory. Vesuvio Napoli, Brooks Brothers, Burberry are some of the tempting choices.

Skinny Tie

Skinny ties are significantly thinner than ordinary tiles and look marvelous at celebrity events. Skinny ties Jazz your modern outfit by highlighting it stylishly. Cotton or a microfiber one from a brand like Hisdern is a dapper fashion statement.

Bow Tie

If you are getting ready for your next calendar event, keep in mind that your seersucker suit is incomplete without a bow tie. This sort of tie sits in between your collar perfectly and accentuates your whole look in any wedding event. A patterned Burberry bow tie is the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Pocket square

Have you seen a small rectangle cloth in a gentleman's jacket pocket? It is called a pocket square that severely enhances your visual appeal. Upgrade your style instantly with silk, cotton, or linen pocket Square from Hisdern.

Ribbon Tie

Get introduced to a vibrant and fun trend of bow tie that consists of are fabric ribbon that allows you to tie it around your shirt's collar. If you are looking for this profound piece of neck jewelry, you can plump for a brand like Ted Baker.

Knit Ties

Knit ties are a bit different from other traditional ties. Its bottom is entirely flat, while its sides are straight. In short, the width of the top and the bottom is the same. Knit ties are specially designed to rock a traditional setup. Hugo boss will be a great brand choice.

Club Tie

A club tie is usually worn by the club members only. These silk stunners usually come with diagonal stripes and consist of two or more colors along with the club emblem. George is a reputed brand that comes up with different club ties.

Ascot Tie

Ascot ties cover a major portion of your throat line just below your chin. You can wear this necktie under your dress shirt or over your undershirt. A scarf pin is attached to keep it in the right place. If you are looking for this luxury wear, go for a shimmery red ascot from Stacy Adams.

Continental Tie

When the collar of your dress shirt partly covers the bow tie, it is known as a continental tie. You should check out the exquisite collection of Michael Kors.

American Regimental Tie

British regimental stripe's modern counterpart American regimental stripes were first introduced by Brooks Brothers in the 20th century. In an American regimental tie, the stripes start from your right shoulder and last till your left shoulder.


Cravat originated from the 17th-century regiment is now back in style with its dressy appearance. These are ideal for weddings and not for business meetings. A velvet jacket horror smart blazer goes well with this luxurious style. A red or maroon silk or velvet cravat from Vesuvio Napoli will be a classic choice.

Clip-On Tie

If you are tired of the tutorials on wearing a tie, clip-on ties come to your rescue. It's a pre-attached accessory tied to your tie so that you can wear it effortlessly. Keep Brooks Brothers or Canali clip-on ties handy, and voila, you are ready for your party.

Kipper Tie

Kipper ties are hailed directly from Britain's Fashion Streets. Its distinctive Over-the-Top-design and bold colors help you to identify them quickly. Express your put-together personality with a Michael Kors silk or satin skipper tie.


Neckerchief, a square cloth around your neck, is synonymous with cool and trendy. If you plan a road trip with your best buddies, go for a round-neck t-shirt and a neckerchief from George or Valentino.

Types of tie patterns

Solid Tie

Solid ties are simple, versatile, and perfect for formal events. Match the sumptuous color of your tie with your suit, and you are ready to go.

Tartan, Check, Gingham, or Plaid Tie

Tartan, Check, and Gingham, or Plaid are three different patterns. But we simplified it by putting them together as any vertical or horizontal pattern. Solid color dress shirts go well with them, especially with Plaid.

Diagonal Striped Tie

These ties are diagonally striped and suit various occasions. Color coordination with your suit and shirt is perfect for an on-the-go look.

Polka Dot Tie

When an array of circles fills a tie, it is called a polka dot tie. These are daily worn and perfect for striped shirts.

Geometric Tie

If you see a symmetrical pattern repetitively in a grid, you can easily recognize it as a geometric pattern that effortlessly fits dark ties.

Paisley Tie

Indian or Persian originated Paisley blows your mind with its ornamental design. Its curved ends and teardrop shape respond well in casual settings.

Floral Tie

Floral ties are specially designed for weddings. Light and bright ones are perfect for summer, while dark ones are ideal for autumn and winter.

Novelty Tie

Novelty ties consist of the prints of Christmas events, Santa hats, cute puppies, etc. Grab the eyes of the onlookers at any party with your sleek look.

Animal Print

Silk ties with small and repetitive animal prints like birds or fish are popular as animal prints. This one is great for both personal and professional settings.

Sequin Tie

Shining ones usually crafted from silk, satin, velvet, or linen are recognized as sequins.

These best pieces are gathered from online shopping sites like Amazon, Macy's, Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom.