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Belts for Men: Buy Leather, Dress, Reversible, Casual & Woven Belts

Our wide variety of belts for men from online shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart will knock your socks off. The collection includes black leather belts, dress belts, ratchet belts, stretchable belts, web belts, golf belts, knife buckle belts from luxury fashion houses like Gucci, Michael Kors, etc.

Buy leather, dress & casual belts for men online. Browse reversible, casual, printed, woven belts that match your preference in a buckle, style, color, the pattern for any occasion from top brands at the best price.

Buy classic belts for men at an affordable price

From Gucci to Michael Crocs, every major luxury fashion house has been vying for space around your waist for the last couple of years. The added variety has managed to create quite a buzz in the industry.

Buy Different Types of Belts for Men Online

A belt without a buckle

Classic elastic waist belt without a buckle blend into any attire quite indiscernibly. These classic pieces hold your pants tight. If you are hunting for a sophisticated style with flexibility, you should plan for a tempting color like brown. A leather belt without a buckle directly from the Italian fashion house Gucci will be an excellent choice for you.

Velcro belt

Velcro belts are designed to give you a more stabilized and engaged look by actively pushing your stomach against the belt. It actually works like a second rib cage where your bones don't exist. These stunners are available in offbeat mysterious hues like black, brown, navy blue from brands like Dickies, Chanel, etc.

A belt with rhinestones

Rhinestone, the simulation of diamonds, offers the same sparkling effect. A belt with high-quality dazzling Rhinestone is synonyms to gorgeous, stylish, and sharp. A white, off-white, or black leather belt or suede belt from a coveted brand like Steve Madden with their informal glamorous vibe has become a rage on the runways.

Prong buckle belt

The prong or the buckle's tongue is made from steel and beautifully fits through the buckle of a belt. A Brown or black prong buckle leather belt from Levi's perfectly complements your formal, while nylon or suede ones are ideal for casuals.

Dress belt

Dress belts are specially designed to compliment formals and business attires. These sleek and thin bobby-dazzlers are usually 1 to 1.5 inches wide. Never pick the style that goes opposite to your outfit. Go for an exquisite leather belt from luxurious brands like Levi's, Calvin Klein, or Valentino.

Reversible belt

Reversible belts feature twistable buckle or changeable buckle that help you to use them in both ways. Sophisticated men prefer to use brown and black reversible belts with their leather dress shoes to create a big impact.

Casual belt

Casual leather belts feature dodgy rings. Instead of buckles from a line-dancing class, you'll be introduced to sleek leather design. Break the monotony by choosing a soft suede belt instead of a leather one from brands like Columbia, Dickies, or Timberland.

Jean belt

A jean belt cuts your body into you two different halves. As a result, sometimes you look smaller and sometimes taller. Picking up a belt that matches the color of your shirt or trousers will make you appear less pronounced and taller. Keep your denim up with the biggest names like Levis or Dickie's.

Leather braid belt

When leather is braided to invent some of the best designing effects, it is known as a leather braided belt. From eye-catching straps to whips, these stunners are created by high skilled designer virtuosos. Feel the luxury around your hips with Hugo Boss.

Ratchet belt

When a belt is ratcheted down to get the desired size, the buckle mechanism is known as Ratchet belts. Sophisticated men usually replace a traditional belt with a no-hole ratchet belt of Michael Kors or Quicksilver for a secure fit and well-put-together look.

Sliding buckle belts

If you are a busy bee looking for or a belt that allows you to adjust the length of the strapped quickly, you should choose adjustable sliding buckle belts. These affordable statement makers are now available in red, maroon, and beige from reputed brands like Timberland or Steve Madden.

Stretchable belt

Designers usually stretch over the largest pulley during the installation of a stretch belt. Never try to use a sharp object during installation. Otherwise, it will be damaged completely. Buy a genuine leather belt or a Canvas belt to flaunt your athletic figure like a street-stunner.

Italian leather belt

If you are looking for a perfect wardrobe staple created by blending high-quality leather functionality and style, you should go for exquisitely crafted Italian leather belts with buckles. In that case, what can be better than a formal brown belt directly from the Italian fashion house Gucci?

Uniform belts

A nylon webbing strap belt in neutral colors like navy blue, brown, or black with metal hardware buckles is known as uniform belts. Levis, UnderArmour, are such brands that take pride in designing these belts.

Basket-weave belt

The specialty that differentiates a basket-weave belt from a regular belt is its weave pattern. Its textured surface due to this pattern creates an exotic look of a woven basket. A black or brown basket-weave belt constructed from high-quality leather from Valentino or Levi's will be a sleek add-on to your wardrobe.

Web belt

A webbed belt, also famous as a military belt, can be easily distinguished by its buckle design. The lack of cord holes makes it more special. These durable and robust skater belts from Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger are perfect companions for your outdoor activities.

Big and tall belt

The name says it all. The king-size leather belts have captured the Global fashion arena with their bold statement. These non-fussy stunners complement almost anything you wear. You can easily create a sophisticated summer look with a black, Big-and-tall belt from Dickies.

Baseball belt

Baseball belts are a kind of lifesaver for baseball players as these belts help the trouser be in the right shape. Now it has become a fashion statement. If you are looking for an elastic belt or genuine leather belt from online shopping sites, Under Armour and Columbia will be the best brand picks for you.

Golf belt

Golf belts will steal your heart with their woven patterns. People usually go Gaga over white belts from brands like UnderArmour, Nike, or Levi's. Nowadays, other solid colors with hidden buckle mechanisms have managed to impress the statement makers.

Textured belt

Textured belts are available in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. Sometimes you will find a buttery soft one, and sometimes it comes with a woven pattern. Canvas and cloth belts are pretty famous as these come with fabric texture, and you can wrap these stunning choices around your waist quite easily. Hugo Boss Italian textured leather belt will be an exotic option for you.

Knife buckle belt

Knife buckle belts are opposite to a regular belt, as you will find a knife attached to the belt's buckle. The knife will be hidden in the buckle until you open it when it is required. Ensure your safety while traveling with Dickie's stainless steel knife buckle belt.

Belt with hidden zipper

These belts look like a perfect stylish ordinary belt. But you will find a secret pocket in it which will not be visible from the outside. Dickie's waistband with a hidden zipper will knock your socks off with its quality.

Belt with two circles

The name explains it all. These belts come with two circular buckles. These new style fashion accessories are available at Amazon from a brand like Salvatore Ferragamo.

Plastic buckle belt

A belt buckle can be used only made from metal or plastic. Plastic buckle attach to a nylon belt create an exclusive look. Choose a reputed brand like Levi's to enjoy the delightful quality.

Tips to Buy Best Belt for You

  • While choosing a perfect belt, match it with your shoes.
  • Brown Shoes look amazing with both brown and black belts.
  • Apart from versatile colors like brown and black, white, off-white, tan, grey, blue, maroon also in fashion.
  • Plump for the best one depending on your style and need.

All these beauties are collected and listed from online shopping sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Macy's, eBay, and Kohl's.