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Best Smart Watches For Girls: Buy Smart Watch With GPS From Disney, VTech & More

Excite your princess by gifting them the best smartwatches from top brands like Disney and Vtech with GPS integration. Compare prices between online stores of Walmart and Amazon before choosing waterproof kids' smartwatch having colorful straps like pink, yellow, black, red, etc.

Searching to buy trendy and cute waterproof smartwatches for kid girls? Buy smartwatches for any aged girl with features like waterproof, GPS, replacement bands, HD touch screen, educational learning, and more.

The ever-evolving market of smartwatches adds fantastic options on a daily basis for catering to the requirements of different sections of society. Small girls love wearing smartwatches that come in appealing designs for adding to the glamour quotient of their outfits. If you are planning to buy smartwatches with a replacement band for your little princess, then TopOfStyle can serve as your one shop stop destination.

We have a rich collection of smartwatches from top brands like Vtech, INIUPO, GBD, and many more which are hand-picked from different online portals such as Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, eBay, and Target so that you can compare the price and bag the best deal at clearance rates. Whether your girls aged 3-14 years like ultra-sleek and lightweight watches or the ones with bulky dials, you can get it all under one roof at TopOfStyle. These smart gadgets can keep track of their time, propel them towards fitness goals, help them take pictures and also assist with education as they use the calculator function on the go.

Features In Smart Watches For Girls


Reputed brands such as Vtech offer smartwatches with a built-in camera which can help your girl click pictures even without the mobile phone around. Water-resistant smartwatches with camera function serve as an additional cherry on the cake as she can click some super cool under-water frames. And if the smartwatch comes with an HD Touch Screen, then she can view all the clicked frames with greater precision.


Global Positioning System or GPS integration can keep track of the different outdoor activities of your child whether she engages in hiking, running, or cycling. An SZBXD watch with GPS maps your speed, distance, and pace for offering real-time insight and pushing the young buds towards their ultimate fitness goals.

Music Player

It now becomes possible to experience phone-free musical entertainment while on the next run with the offline music players of smartwatches. You can store the favorite tracks of your girl in her smartwatch so that she can enjoy them on the go.

Phone Call

Give your girl the gift of hands-free calling by getting an LTE smartwatch through online shopping. However, these Garmin smartwatches require a running network connection, speaker, and microphone integration so that the calls can be placed even while being away from the smartphone.


Your young ones can wear the Disney smartwatches to all upcoming water activities if they are waterproof. Apart from offering protection against the impact of water, these watches can also keep a tab over the distance swam, time taken, and calories lost in the process.


Smartwatches of top companies like Apple and PlayZoom come with an alarm clock and built-in speakers so that your girl is sent timely alerts even when the smartphone is not in sight. Although the vibrations aren’t strong enough to wake them up from a deep sleep they can send notifications in an efficient manner.


Apart from being a super cool fashion statement, donning a calculator smartwatch can also come to the rescue of your princess while solving small math problems. It serves as a great tool for learning math in a fun-filled way.

Supported Application & Technology


Instant communication becomes possible coupled with Bluetooth functionality in the smartwatch. When was the last time your child missed a phone call from you due to the noisy surrounding? It can actually be a cause of concern for parents and that is where a Bluetooth smartwatch comes in to fill the void by sending wrist vibrations or ear ping.


Your child can now leave the smartphone at home while out on the daily jogging sessions and still receive your phone calls coupled with a 4G/LTE cellular connectivity. They can also send messages, listen to music and enjoy other smartphone features in their Marvel smartwatch.

Activity Tracker

Integrated sensors in the smartwatch can measure the movements and motions of your girl for keeping her aligned towards a path of health and fitness. The data collected gets converted into related metrics like steps count, general activity, sleep quality, and calories burned. This can nurture your young buds whether they wish to keep healthy or train for an upcoming sports competition


Activity trackers rely on the functioning of a pedometer which can detect motion from the hand and hip movement. The GPS-enabled pedometers can even provide an estimate of the distance traveled with +/-5% accuracy. This attribute of Funntech watches can benefit your girl whether she is walking home from school or participating in physical activities.


Once all the phone contacts are synced with the smartwatch over Bluetooth, your child won't face any problem in placing calls whenever they need.

Social Media

Kids are using social media a lot nowadays. You just need to educate your child about the right ways to do so and your kid can become the next Justin Bieber. She can upload pictures of her accomplishments like her latest sketches, songs recorded, fitness milestones reached, and more in a one-tap manner.


Technological advancements are empowering smartwatches to operate in a manner similar to smartphones so that young minds can carry the world on their wrist. But for this, they would require a separate cellular connection and Bluetooth feature for syncing all your phone contacts.

Material For Smartwatches Band & Straps


Teenage girls don’t like bulky watch straps which weigh down their wrist. Plastic can serve as a viable band choice as it feels like a second skin and is extremely durable. It is also resistant to water and comes with a cheaper price tag.


Ensure a secure fit with the rubber straps which guarantee complete freedom of movement. The best thing about rubber is that it is fully waterproof and this makes it a viable option for being worn during water sports. Your girl can wear it over prolonged stretches at the next swimming class and then wipe it dry with a towel.


Silicone is a highly resilient option that also feels comfortable to wear. It is completely non-toxic, does not emit any odor, has strong plasticity, and superb tactile sensation. Your little girl can wear silicone watches in extreme temperatures without any quality degradation.


Your princess can now enjoy a soft and plush feel against her skin with the Nickelodeon watches having nylon straps which will completely make them forget that they are wearing anything at all. It is extremely lightweight which makes it an even better option for little girls. Cleaning the nylon straps is fairly easy and can be managed with warm water and some detergent. However, it is not waterproof and is thus not advised if your girl participates in sports regularly.


When it comes to functionality, resin wins the game hands down which has led to its massive usage in smartwatches which are worn to sports activities. It feels extremely light and can be cleaned easily using just mild soap and water. Resin being a low-cost material serves as an affordable choice of watch bands.

Glitter/Sparkly Straps

Help your little girl channel some major princess vibes with Barbie, L.O.L. Surprise! and Disney Frozen watches with glitter straps which are usually made of plastic or metal with a highly reflective and scratch-resistant coating. You can choose these sparkly straps in a plethora of hues such as pink, blue, black, or red for sprinkling some fairy dust to your little one’s getups.