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Flats for Girls

Shop online for comfortable, lightweight girls' flats shoes in various colors like red, white, beige for various purposes. TopOfStyle brings you girls' flats from prominent brands like Crocs and Bloch. Our collection fetches you flats in material like Satin, Leather.

Buy the latest styles of ballerinas, ballet flats, mary janes flats, flat shoes, casual flats & dress flats for toddlers, little girls, and big girls at a discounted price.

A pair of fancy flats with a stylish dress never displease anyone who loves fashion. Toddlers love to wear new clothes, shoes, and flats every day as their bright colors make them happy and cheerful. Get your little girl a pair of matching flats with their new dress.

At TopOfStyle, you get to choose toddler flats with sparkly glitter designs for parties, dance, or cosplay princesses. Apart from such shiny designs, our collection also has water-resistant flats for little kids from brands like Capezio, GUGUYeah, STELLE. Our collection of shoes for girls' flats is curated from the most demanded products on Kohl's, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

If you're looking for simple and sober flats, our collection also has flats that'll go best with school uniforms. And, if you need some unique flats for bridesmaids and wedding purposes, we have got you covered. Your baby girl will be comfortable and happiest when she wears the best flats from Mini Melissa, Felix & Flora.

Different Type of Flat shoes for Girls to Buy Online in the USA

Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes were initially made for dancers, and today, they are worn by kids and adults passionate about dancing. You can buy a pair of Pointe shoes in colors like Golden, White, or pink.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats lack heels, and they are quite trendy amongst women of all ages. You can buy ballet flats made of leather or rubber.

Ballerina Shoes

Ballerina shoes are ideal for dancing, and these are lightweight because they are often made from Canvas. Explore a wide range of Ballerina shoes from Mini Melissa and Furdeour in our collection.

Mary Jane Flats

Mary Jane Flats have a low cut for better fitting. Get your first walker a pair of these flats in black leather from Macy's or Target.


Slip-on flats are comfortable to wear, and these don't have a strap for support. You can find a variety of slip-on flats with flower prints.


Anti-Slip flats have soles with a firm grip for better support. Anti-Slip flats are ideal for school, playground, and wet surfaces.


Jelly shoes are famous for their unique design. Made of PVC, these shoes look transparent.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are lightweight, and these shoes provide a firm grip to the feet while moving forward. You can shop a variety of walking shoes for your baby girl in designs like flats with Bowknot, etc.

Tips on how to buy the best and right girls flats online at the best price

  • To buy the best and right girls flats online, you should consider the sole quality. A good sole means a better life of the flats and more comfort for your girl.
  • If your girl is passionate about dancing, you shouldn't compromise with the shoe material.
  • When buying flats online, check if the shoes can provide stability to the feet.
  • Choose the color of the flats wisely because it gets confusing to pick the best color.
  • If you're buying ballet flats, check if they will fit your girl comfortably. The ballet flats should have enough space in the middle to house the feet.

An ideal pair of flats will make your girl's feet feel lighter and more comfortable. Shop girl's flats in vibrant shades and unique designs.


1. What are the best ballet shoes?

The ballet shoes are thin slippers to be tied with lace. Ballerinas use these type of shoes for bally dance, as it provides complete freedom of movement and ensures the safety of the feet for dancers.

2. Are canvas ballet shoes better than leather?

Canvas ballets are best for regular use as it holds the feet shape properly. Canvas helps to starch the feet while dancing and provides for better.

3. What do ballerinas put in their pointe shoes?

Ballerinas are bound to get stress fractures, cuts, scrapes, and burns during their long rehearsals on the stage. The tips of toes are given high pressure while dancing so it becomes necessary to protect them for which ballerina use Gellows and Foam tape that prevents to get blister or scab on the feet. Gallows are reversible and with the right thickness, made of a special gel on one side and cotton lining on the other. The gel absorbs shock so Ballerinas don’t have to suffer too much pain in their joints.

4. What is the best pointe shoe brand?

If you are in search of the best pointe shoe then here is the list recommended having a look at:

  1. Russian Pointe.
  2. Bloch.
  3. Freed of London.
  4. Capezio.
  5. Grishko

5. Are leather ballet shoes better?

Yes as leather is most durable. It is generally thought that leather is sturdier than satin or canvas. The support it gives young feet helps to strengthen and develop the correct technique.

6. Why are ballet shoes pink?

Women’s ballet shoes are of pink color with shortened ballet skirts to allow a better look at the footwork.