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Gloves & Mittens for Girls: Shop For Toddler, Little Kids & Girls

Buy your little girl and toddler a high-quality warm pair of knitted gloves with long cuffs. This winter season, fulfill your need for stylish, waterproof, and wool gloves and mittens from top brands. Shop gloves in shades of blue, pink, black.

During Cold Weather, newborns should wear warm gloves with full fingers. While tons of gloves and mittens are available for girls in the local markets, not every pair is good enough. Help your kids stay warm with top-selling gloves from stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Our hand-picked collection of gloves and mittens is curated with the best products from brands like Disney, Camlinbo, and Evridwear. You can also shop for softball gloves for girls to help them play in the snow with ease. The gloves in our collection from reputed brands like Miaowoof, Boao, N'Ice Caps, Hicarer, HEAD, and Columbia are budget-friendly.

For Christmas, make sure your baby girl wears gloves and mittens made from materials like acrylic, fleece, polyester, or cashmere. Cashmere or Acrylic gloves are available in assorted multicolor shades to help your kid stay warm and fashionable.

Types of Gloves and Gloves & Mittens for Girls for online shopping in the USA


Snow gloves are waterproof to avoid the formation of moisture and loose grip. Kids should wear durable snow gloves while playing or skiing.


Ski gloves are pretty similar to snow gloves, but their outer covering is made of nylon or other synthetic fibers. You can consider buying good ski gloves for your little girl from brands like SATINIOR and EBOOT.


Winter gloves often have paddings of synthetic fibers, and they're also made from wool. You can get a pair of warm winter gloves for your toddlers to make sure they stay warm.


A pair of fingerless gloves won't cover the tip of your fingers. You can make your kids wear fingerless gloves from JAN & JUL when the weather starts to get cold.


Anti-slip gloves from VBIGER are perfect for kids when they're playing in the snow. An ideal pair of anti-slip gloves won't let the tools slip from the kids' hands.


Touchscreen gloves will keep your hands warm for sure. However, the difference between a touchscreen glove and a regular glove is enormous. A good touchscreen glove will let your kids use smart gadgets with ease.


Waterproof gloves are no less than a blessing during the cold weather. The outer surface of waterproof gloves is equipped with synthetic fibers, and they keep the hands warm.

Elbow Length

Elbow Length gloves are generally made from satin for their shiny looks. Your kid would love to wear elbow-length gloves with their favorite dress on special occasions.


Convertible gloves are both fashionable and an absolute necessity when the winter gets to its peak. At TopOfStyle, you can buy a pair of convertible gloves for your toddlers, kids, and teenage girls at massive discounts.

Tips on how to buy the best and right gloves & mittens for girls online

  • Before buying a pair of gloves or mittens online for girls, check what size will fit your kid.
  • Don't forget to check the quality of the gloves' material.
  • If your kids are planning to play in the snow, get them a pair of waterproof gloves.
  • For gloves durability, consider buying well-knitted gloves.

Winters can get worse without the best pair of gloves and mittens for girls and kids. Choose your kids a colorful range of warm gloves at TopOfStyle.

FAQs for kids gloves & mittens

What types of gloves are best for winter?

Mittens tend to be best for extreme cold weather, as mittens are designed in such a way that four fingers are covered together separating the thumb, which creates heat between the fingers. Thus it provides more warmth than gloves.

Who makes the warmest winter gloves?

  • Hestra 3 Finger Mitten.
  • MCTi Waterproof & Windproof Ski Gloves.
  • Hestra Fall Line Short Ski.
  • Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski.
  • Kinco 901 Ski Gloves.

What are the thinnest warmest gloves?

One should select Smartwool and achiou fabric if you're searching for the thinnest and warmest gloves to protect your fingers from extreme cold.

What is the difference between mittens and gloves?

Mittens cover your four fingers together and your thumb separately whereas gloves provide each finger separate covering, which makes it easy to hold things using fingers although by wearing gloves.