Buy Russell Athletic Shorts, Sweatpants, Sweatshirt, Jackets & T-shirts

Buy RUSSELL ATHLETIC products such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, boxers, shoes, etc are easily available online on Amazon and Walmart. RUSSELL ATHLETIC wear is distinctively designed to focus on the fabric and comfort of an athlete.

RUSSELL ATHLETIC brand was founded by Benjamin Russell in 1902 in Alexander City, Alabama. It is a US-based clothing manufacturer. Precedently, In the 1910s their brand became established. Later, in the 1920s Russell Jr & Sr both created the first-ever cotton jersey, famously now known as “sweatshirt”.  By 1925 Russell started producing sweaters, long underwear, athletic shirts, and many more. They also started producing women's wear like vests & bloomers. In 1932, RUSSELL acquired Southern Manufacturing Company, which gave a means of entry to athletic team apparel in cutting and sewing operations. In 1938, Russell began making woven athletic garments for many sports.

RUSSELL ATHLETIC wear predominantly uses materials like cotton and recycled polyester. All products are machine washable. Most of the activewear is lightweight and water-resistant. All products are available in sizes from S to 3XL. Their Athletic wear makes you feel good in the skin while practicing exercises.


Is Russell Athletic a good brand?
Russell Athletic is one of the best brands for activewear as the material is lightweight and water-resistant it’s perfectly suitable for sports activity and workouts.

Is Russell a Walmart brand?
Yes, Russell is one of the Walmart brands, that intact consumer’s trust with value and comfortable the products, especially for activewear.

Where are Russell Athletic clothes made?
Russell Athletic products are manufactured in the USA.

Is Russell Athletic made in the USA?
Yes, Russell Athletic is an American clothing manufacturer located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Where are Russell Athletic clothes made?
Russell Athletic clothes are manufactured in American with the largest private employers in Honduras and El Salvador.

Where are Russell shirts made?
Russell shirts are manufactured in the USA with quality material and advanced designs which is perfect for activewear and daily workouts.