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ISOTONER: Buy Slippers & Glvoes for Men and Women

ISOTONER – makes you feel better. Buy ISOTONER products such as slippers, shoes, leather gloves, ballerina slippers, house shoe slippers, open back slippers, clog slippers, side slippers, etc are easily available online on Amazon, Walmart, and Kohl. ISOTONER is a popular winterwear brand.

Three German migrants namely, Fritz Stern, Fritz Bendheim, and J.Kugelman arrived in The United States of America to achieve their dreams. The trio resorted to their knowledge of yarns and fiber with modern technology to generate the supreme quality of socks at a low-cost. They started producing their product from two small mills in Pennslyvania and then pertinently named their company Great American Knitting Mills.

Post World War there was a huge demand for long-lasting and affordable socks. A new partner was added to the company names Rudolph Abrams, who developed linenized toe using Irish Linen which was two times stronger than normal cotton to knit the toes of every sock. These socks are mostly worn in cold weather. ISOTONER socks, slippers, and gloves are very warm and weightless. They are ultra-soft, very supportive, flexible, and also give comfort to your feet. By the late 1940s, most Americans started asking for ISOTONER socks.


Can Isotoner slippers be washed?
Yes, Isotoner slippers are suitable for machine wash without compromising the quality of the material getting rough or any damage.

What stores sell Isotoner gloves?
Isotoner gloves are easily available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Are Isotoner slippers good for your feet?
Isotoner slippers are well known to keep your feet warm and rather than keeping your feet stable or to have great arch support.

Are Isotoner gloves warm?
Isotoner gloves are specially designed for the cold weather that can sustain in the extreme cold providing warmth and comfort to fingers inside the gloves.

What are Isotoner gloves used for?
Isotoner gloves are highly recommendable to get relief from swelling, arthritis, or reduce swollen aching hands and reduce associated oedema. So Isotoner gloves are considered to be therapeutic gloves.