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Gold Toe: Buy All Types of Socks for Men & Women

The iconic gold thread at the toe of the sock, that’s what gave to Gold Toe socks. The brand has become an irreplaceable synonym of top-quality socks. Besides making socks for men and women, they also make t-shirts and underwear.

Gold Toe, the US-based brand, started making the distinctive golden toe socks in 1934. And by 1940, they became so popular that every American wanted a pair of socks with golden toes. Over the calf socks, crew socks, knee-high socks, dress socks, slipper socks, no show socks, compression socks, ankle socks, you name it; they’ve got them all. Plus, they are available on almost every online shopping site, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohls, and Macy's.

The perfectly knitted Gold Toe socks will leave a delightfully comfortable imprint on your memory. In fact, it is the unassailable quality and durability of the socks that helped them become one of the most liked sock brands in the USA. Plus, the color schemes, prints, styles, and patterns of the socks make them stand out on the market shelves. The jaw-dropping qualities of the socks like anti-sagging, ultimate comfort, and super affordable rates will surely overwhelm you.


What is a golden toe?
Back in 1930 to hit the monopoly of this popular product manufacturer added gold acetate thread to the toes in order to make it look different in a strategic form.

Are Gold Toe socks made in the USA?
Yes, Gold Toe socks made in the USA.

Are Gold Toe socks 100 cotton?
Yes, the Gold Toe socks are made out of 100%pure cotton material and are breathable that protect the skin from allergies and fungal infections.

Does Walmart carry Gold Toe socks?
Walmart stands with a great collection of Gold Toe socks for both men and women that too at a reasonable price.

Does Gold Toe make diabetic socks?
Yes, diabetic socks are made by Gold Toe. They are specially designed for diabetic patients which helps to alleviate pressures on the foot. Diabetic socks are non-constricting, seamless, and have a super stretchable quality. They are easily available at Walmart, Amazon, Target, and other online stores.