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Jeans for Boys: Buy Skinny, Distressed & Ripped Jeans Online

Searching to buy stylish jeans, designer jeans, or skinny ripped jeans for boys? At Topofstyle, we've created various designers jeans for kids from various websites for better price comparison. Explore distressed jeans, loose jeans, biker jeans at the cheapest price in various colors like black, blue, grey, white, red, and more.

Over the years, jeans have evolved a lot, and today, there are various types of jeans for boys. You can wear blue, black, or navy blue jeans with a stylish shirt to a party, shopping, date, or work. If you wish to wear something brighter, colorful, you can opt for vintage jeans in red, green, and grey.

We bring you a curated collection of jeans from top stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohls, and GAP. At TopOfStyle, you can complete your hunt for jeans from high-end brands like Wrangler, Levi's, Lee, and Featured Character. Our stylists have also included ripped black jeans with elastic waist, white skinny elastic waist jeans, and much more just for you.

TopOfStyle also offers you children's black skinny jeans from brands like The Children's Place. On top of it, we also got jeans for men from Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label, Levi's, and FREDD MARSHALL.

Tips on how to buy the best and right Jeans online

  • When buying jeans online from a clearance sale, look for jeans from the best brands.
  • Always consider your measurements before purchasing expensive jeans to avoid inconvenience.
  • When buying jeans for teenage boys, you may choose a bigger size.
  • Choose the brand wisely as there are plenty of options like American Eagle, Simple Joy's by Carter, and others.

Different Types of Jeans for Boys to Buy Online in the USA


Torn or ripped jeans are great for casual wear. These jeans have cuts and are ripped at places.


Skinny jeans are tighter than straight jeans, and they stick to both hips and thighs. You may wear them to parties.


Pull-on generally doesn't have zippers. Pull-on is stretchable and can be worn for a city stroll.


Often designed semi-ripped, Biker Jeans are slim fit and have the looks of a biker's protective gear. These are great for rides.

Boot Cut

Boot Cut jeans have a wider bottom to fit nicely on the leather boots. You can wear boot-cut jeans almost anywhere.


Stretchable jeans don't feel as tight as skinny jeans and keep you comfortable. Stretchable jeans are ideal for long outings and trips.


Straight-fit jeans provide perpetual comfort as they don't narrow down from anywhere. You can wear these to work and parties.


Cowboy jeans were designed for great comfort while doing work that requires extensive effort. They are wider at the thighs and have tapered cut from knees to fit over boots.


Out of all types, Denim is probably the most versatile jeans preferred by men. Denim jeans are available in various fits and can be worn on all occasions.

Relaxed fit

Somewhat similar to straight jeans, a relaxed fit is loose at the thigh, legs, and seat. Relaxed fit jeans perfect for a Sunday outing.


As the name indicates, tapered jeans get narrow towards the bottom, quite the opposite of straight jeans. These are great for guys with bigger thighs.

Slim Fit

If you love well-fitted jeans, the slim fit is your perfect bet. The slim fit is narrow at the bottom, and unlike skinny jeans, these are a bit lose.


Distressed jeans are similar to ripped jeans as they also have cuts and distressed designs at places.


Available in various fits, wrinkled jeans may have wrinkles all over or in parts at the front. They are ideal for hanging out with friends.


Acid Washed Jeans have an elegant look that's perfect for dressing down. You can buy light washed jeans in various fittings.


Husky jeans are plus-size jeans for kids, and these fit loosely. You can buy Husky jeans in various sizes.

Decide the fit you want from your jeans as some are skinny and some are stretchable.

If you're buying for toddlers, look at the material and check if it comes with an elastic waist or not.

Where to buy ripped jeans?

Finding the right fit ripped jeans for boys of different ages is difficult because not all jeans are made for all the age groups of kids. Mostly Amazon, Walmart, Macy, Asos are selling them but at, we have curated stylish jeans for your kids that are available on the different age groups of children.