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Shop Boy’s Sunglasses: Toddler UV Protection Sunglasses

Searching to buy top branded best sunglasses for kids to protect eyes? Choose amongst toddler UV protection sunglasses, polarized toddler sunglasses, sports sunglasses, baseball sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, and more so from brands like Oakley, Ray Ban, Carters, and Hipsterkid that your juniors can have a blast outdoors whether at sports or while lazing around.

Buy sunglasses online for boys and toddlers. Explore wayfarer, square, round, and sports UV protection sunglasses in a range of classic frames, lenses, and colors from top brands at a low price.

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Types of Sunglasses For Boys:

Aviator Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban aviators are extremely lightweight and accompanied by tinted glasses. It was originally designed for catering to pilots in the 1930s which has led to its unique nomenclature. These sunglasses look best on kids with oval and square faces as it enhances their facial features while balancing out round edges.

Sport sunglasses

The sporty pair of shades from Oakley feature a sturdy unbreakable build so that it doesn't get damaged while your kids engage in fun and games. These sunglasses are worn while participating in different sports like cycling, running, skiing, playing baseball, and many more.

Sunglasses with strap

Your teenager's eyewear stays protected against accidental bumps and falls with the accompanying straps which remain attached to your glasses temples and hang around the neck. The Carter's sunglasses can be hung off the neck while sitting in a shaded area and placed back on as your kid gets into a sunny spot.

Mirror sunglasses

The mirror sunglasses from Nike has a reflective outer optical coating which makes them resemble mirrors. Your juniors can enjoy a grey or brown-tinted vision with its unique lenses which bring down the light passage by 10-60% so that it can be worn in water, higher altitudes, sand, and snow.

Wayfarer sunglasses

The sturdily built Wayfarer shades by Under Armour can elevate the style quotient of kids with round faces. This variety of sunglasses remains a classic favorite of people of all age groups as it can make you look elegant without going overboard.

UV protection sunglasses

Help your toddler make the most out of summertime with UV protection sunglasses. Various top brands like Quicksilver and Pro Acme can buffer your kid's eyes from prolonged sun exposure while also adding inertia to the recovery process post-eye surgery.

Polarized sunglasses

Hipsterkid sunglasses come with an added layer of polarization which can shield your boy's eyes while participating in water or ice sports. They are great in blocking intense reflected light and reducing glare for a clearer vision.

Newborn sunglasses

Newborn babies are extremely vulnerable to harmful UV light as the pigments present in the iris filtering out UV light is not properly developed yet. This is why a UV-filtering pair of shades are recommended to bring down the risk.

Popular Shape For Sunglasses:

  • Square sunglasses – Square sunglasses look cool on teenagers with a round face. You can choose the ones with pointy or round edges for accentuating the narrow jawline of your boy. While the square sunglasses are generally available in over-sizes, you can also opt for a smaller version for your junior
  • Round sunglasses – Round sunglasses suit toddlers with square faces as it balances out the facial features for enhancing the look of your little one. Round glasses have a circular frame which can be plastic, metallic, or clubmaster style.
  • Rectangle sunglasses – Round-faced kids look best in rectangle sunglasses which come in varying sizes and levels of frame thickness.

Tips to Buy Right Sunglasses for Boy Online?

Boys below 10 stand at heightened risk of damaging their eyes due to the harmful UV rays as the skin surrounding their eyes and eyelids are more delicate than adults. But you can shop for the best sunglasses for kids online by following these below-mentioned tips:

  • Select sunglasses which offer 99-100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.
  • The dimensions of your chosen sunglass need to be such that it covers both the eyes of your toddler and the surrounding skin.
  • Opt for unbreakable sunglasses which can sustain the regular scratches and drops. Various well-known brands offer kids sunglasses made from flexible and bendable materials such as silicon rubber.
  • The frame needs to be close-fitting and have spring hinges that extend beyond 90 degrees.
  • Check out the quality of the lenses before placing the purchase. It is best to stick to renowned brands which do not distort any images, lines, or shapes. Polycarbonate is a popular lens material that is lighter and more impact-resistant than standard lenses.
  • Ensure that your old boy's sunglasses are accompanied by a cord or retainer which can be attached with the frame to keep the glasses from getting misplaced or falling off.
  • While the color of the tint doesn't determine the ultimate efficacy of the glasses, it is a matter of personal choice and you should definitely enquire about the favored shades of your teenager before making the purchase.


How do you choose sunglasses for kids?

  • Select lenses offering UV protection to buffer your toddler from harmful radiation.
  • While choosing a tint for children, it is advisable to opt for darker hues as their eyes have larger pupils compared to adults. Colors like grey don't allow the passage of much visible light and can guarantee visual comfort while your baby is out there on the beach.
  • The degree of impact resistance offered by the lens is another important consideration while picking up sunglasses in a new style. Polycarbonate is the most preferred choice of lens in baseball sunglasses, cycling sunglasses, and running sunglasses for kids as they are strong, durable, and impact-resistant.
  • The frame of your kid's sunglasses needs to be such that it ensures a snug fit so that fewer UV rays reach your child's eye. You also won't have to worry about the frame sliding down your child's face if you buy a properly fitted one which feels pretty comfortable to wear.

Are sunglasses safe for children?

Sunglasses can protect the eyes of your kid from harmful sunlight coupled with their light-filtering lenses. Colorized plastic such as polycarbonate goes into the manufacture of these lenses where metallic oxide pigments and soluble organic dyes are added to help with light absorption. Polarized lenses block intense light by using a special filter. All such attributes make sunglasses an extremely safe option for children especially when you take them to bright sunny beaches, areas of high altitude, and near water bodies that reflect light. You can also make your little ones wear sunglasses when it is cloudy as the roads, water, pavements, and even snow carries on reflecting UV light.

Are Babiators unbreakable?

Babiators are crafted with 100% rubber making them virtually unbreakable. This is why you are offered a year's guarantee by the manufacturers against breakage. Soft and lightweight nature of the shades are adored by juniors as it doesn't pinch their tiny noses. The frames are both flexible and durable while the lens is shattered and impact resistant.

Does Ray Ban make baby sunglasses?

Yes, Ray Ban is the manufacturer of Wayfarer style of sunglasses. These iconic sunglasses are 100% polarized for offering both UVA and UVB protection. They are also PVC, Phthalate, and BPA-free. The flexible nature of the sunglasses and shatter-resistant lenses make them the perfect choice for your baby.

Where can I buy kids' sunglasses online?

You can now buy the latest sunglasses at cheap rates from TopOfStyle which can elevate the style quotient of your baby boy. Here you can choose the best shades from top brands in a variety of tints. The user-friendly interface of TopOfStyle allows filtering out your choices according to lens type, shape and even price for bringing home the best sunglass on sale.