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Selling on Amazon is future

Amazon is well-known as the world’s largest online market-place. When in 1995 amazon launched its website no-one in the world have ever imagined that it will become the new tech giant. From music to web series, hosting services to supply-chain, Amazon is handling many businesses, but mostly known for the online shopping experience. They bring a whole world of market in your computer or mobile. Amazon achieved this status with a lots of efforts and continuously running up with latest technologies.

If we check data of a last few years, was having market share of 34% in 2016, 37% in 2017, 41% in 2018 and 45% in 2019. So it is steady in acquiring whole e-commerce market in its own basket. According to some data, is grabbing $367 billion worth of e-commerce market in 2021. The nearest competitor is far below 8% of the market.

Moreover after pandemic situations, people will buy more from online stores, rather than visiting malls or supermarkets. In the near future we will see more sales and more share of the Amazon.

“If you are not selling on Amazon, you are missing major part of your Revenue.”

How does work? is smart way to shop your fashion and lifestyle items online. There are thousands of brands and store in amazon. It’s not easy to find what you wants to purchase. You must understand the current trends, top brands and pricing options from various online store.

With Topofstyle Users can discover new looks and trends appealing to them. There are various ways like browse, search, and follow the Lookboard and many more to do it. When you are on product page, you can compare price from various online stores.

Users can create their own Lookboard to wish list their wardrobe items. Lookboard can be shared with your friends and can be followed by your followers.

How listing on can benefits you?

  • Traffic:

  • Topofstyle is getting 100K Users every month who are potential buyers of your fashion products. If your products are appealing and you want attention, this might be perfect.

  • Seo value:

  • Your Store listing will have a Link and a visiting users from our website. This will create positive seo impact on your listing. You might have improved search performance and better visibility in google and amazon store.

  • Google images exposure:

  • There is a good chance that your product image will have good performance in google image search. As our website is optimized and better performance in google image search, you will get the bit of the benefits.

  • Social media exposure:

  • We are getting good response from Pinterest, Instagram and facebook users. There is a good chance that your product might be hot in social media.


  • is not a product selling platform. It is a fashion product discovery and price comparison platform. We handpick and list the best products from the USA’s top sites.

  • Users are inspecting reviews, ratings, products quality, prices, uniqueness and many more things before buying. So you should have good products if you want to grow your sale.

  • Minimum 5 product links are required

  • Supported Categories: Clothing, Shoes or Fashion accessories

  • Supported Stores:, eBay, Shein, Macy's, Zappos, Ssense, Zuliliy, Gap, Jcrew, Underarmour, Lulus, Asos, Kohl's, Aliexpress, Urban outfitters, Uniqlo.

  • Each product will be manually checked for eligibility. And only the eligible products will be accepted.