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Best Smart Watches For Boys: Buy Smart Watch With GPS From VTech & More

Your tech-savvy kids will adore Apple, VTech smartwatches which come with GPS and Bluetooth integration. These waterproof numbers hand-picked from online portals like Amazon, Walmart can watch out for your boy’s fitness level by tracking their sleep schedule, distance walked, and many other variables.

Children adore simple yet exciting accessories and this quality can be found in the best smartwatches which come loaded with additional features like cameras, alarms, and event calendar. TopOfStyle houses some of the coolest collections for both kids and teenage boys with GPS functionality which can help them stay aligned with their fitness goals. The waterproof variants from Vtech can adder greater efficiency to the swimming and diving session of the boys while showing their related vital stats on the HD touch screen. You can assist your kids in exploring their creative abilities by gifting them INIUPO, GBD, PlayZoom, and Marvel smartwatches in attractive shades of blue, black, red, and many more. Nurture your boy’s passion for photography and help him understand the basics of math by bringing home the best smartwatch at clearance prices after comparing rates of Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Target, and Macy’s.

Features in Smart Watches for Boys:

Smartwatch with Camera

Foster the budding photographer in your little one by gifting him a smartwatch with an in-built camera. But for best results, you need to opt for a watch with a full HD display for viewing the frames and water resistance for those stellar underwater shots.

Smartwatch with GPS

Does your child aspire to be the next Usain Bolt? Gift him a GPS integrated smartwatch today so that he can keep a tab over the distance covered, speed and pace while undertaking different outdoor activities. The GPS wearables can also send location-based information to parents for acting as an additional cushion of safety. 

Smartwatch with inbuilt Music Player

Be it punk rock or K-Pop, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to storing music in the smartwatch for offline playbacks as your kid gets ready for the next marathon. Several smartwatches with sim-card integration allow streaming music over the cellular network so that your boy can enjoy his favorite tracks without any break.

Smartwatch with Phone Call Facility

Your little boy can now use his Garmin smartwatch for remotely answering phone calls once you pair it with cellular connections. These highly functional smartwatches are accompanied by a microphone and speaker to help in placing the call without the smartphone. However, these LTE smartwatches suffer from massive battery drainage issues and you need to take care of the same before investing in one.

Waterproof Smartwatch

Get your smart boy a waterproof smartwatch from reputed brands such as Garmin so that he can ring in greater efficiency to diving and swimming sessions. Apart from telling time, these watches can also keep a tab over distance, speed, and time-related variables coupled with GPS integration.


Alarm clocks are slowly turning into an integral part of smartwatches. You don’t need to have your phone nearby as your smartwatch will send vibration or ringing alerts so that your boy doesn’t miss out on homework while being engrossed in gaming.


Inculcate the knowledge of mathematics in your kid from a young age by teaching him to operate the smartwatch calculator. This can be of great help while solving small problems like paying the shopkeeper on an errand. 

Supported Application & Technology


Bluetooth connection fosters seamless communication in a hands-free manner. It ensures that your boy never misses out on the messages and phone calls whether out on a run or while playing with friends in a highly noisy environment. Scheduling study timetables also become super easy as your boy will simply have to speak into the smartwatch and the remainder will be set automatically.


Gifting your boy, a smartwatch having 4G/LTE connectivity can serve as his key to untethered life. While he gets to answer calls and respond to messages courtesy of the carrier’s data plan, it can also guarantee parents complete peace of mind as their calls don’t go unanswered anymore.

Activity Tracker

Your kid will now get to keep a tab over his fitness progress, be it in terms of steps taken or calories burned and a lot more with the activity tracking attribute of his smartwatch. The ultimate accuracy however depends on the number of sensors present in the watch. It can also track the sleeping patterns so that your boy wakes up feeling all fresh and ready to take on this world.


The LCD display of smartwatches can help your kid keep count of the steps taken. This feature is an integral part of the activity tracking function of smartwatches which can offer the requisite impetus to your teenager whether he is working out just for fun or for meeting bigger health goals.


Having the contacts integrated in the smartwatch over Bluetooth will make sure that your boy won’t face any difficulty in placing calls whenever required. This will also offer complete peace of mind to the parents who know that their child can call for help readily.

Social Media

Smartwatches with cellular connections will send social media notifications so that your young boys can access the latest comments on their posts even while on a run.


Bluetooth integration can help boys access all the features of their smartphones around their wrists. Be it clicking pictures, getting notified of the upcoming schedule, or posting on social media, smartwatches can get it all done in a hands-free manner.

Material for Smart Watches Band & Straps:


The aesthetically pleasing plastic bands rank high in terms of versatility which allow shaping them in a variety of designs. They weigh very little and don’t cost much. Your little boy can wear a smartwatch with plastic straps to his next swimming class without having any durability woes.


Little boys love to play around and rubber straps can serve as their ideal buddy during their daily endeavors courtesy of their easy-to-clean attributes. They are usually resistant to scratch and waterproof which allows wearing these straps to those occasional dips in the pool. It fits seamlessly and can help your little one nail a sporty look.


Silicone material offers a high level of resistance against both high and low temperatures. They come in varying hues and feel comfortable to wear. You can inculcate eco-friendly knowledge into your little boy right from a tender age by gifting then silicone strap watch bands. The elastic nature of silicone makes it impossible to deform so that your boy can wear it to different adventure sports.


Nylon offers the perfect blend of practicality, durability, and comfort. They guarantee a higher level of breathability compared to other materials and also look more appalling. Nylon watches are pretty easy to clean and they also dry out quickly. Since these straps come in a variety of designs and colors, you can stock up on an array of nylon straps for brightening up your little one’s wardrobe.


Although resin doesn’t stand out in terms of stellar good looks, you can expect a high level of functionality out of the same. The USP of resin straps lies in their lightweight built and easy maintenance. All you need is some mild soap and water to keep it looking as good as new. You can wear straps having these durable bands to your next water sports sessions such as diving, swimming, windsurfing, and sailing.