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quick jeans buying hacks

6 Hacks New Jeans to Buy without trying them on

6 useful hacks to buy new perfect fit jeans or trousers without waiting outside the trial room Do you know you can actually tell whether a pair of jeans will suit you perfectly without...

4 Different Types of Tie Clips & Bars Designs with Images

4 Types of Tie Clips & Bars Designs

You might have spent days practicing that perfect knot so that the next time you wear a necktie you look like a besuited gentleman which you always wanted to be. But your tie just...

Types of sundresses for spring summer

11 Types of Sundresses for Women to Try in Summer

Summer season is characterized by carefree dress styles and nothing can look prettier in this season of sunshine than the vivid sundresses. This term refers to the dresses which are sported by the lasses...