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Official Demi Viper BluBlocker Sunglasses - 2721K


Official Demi Viper BluBlocker Sunglasses - 2721K

BLUBLOCKER STYLE - Our high-definition amber Malenium lenses block 100% of UV and Blue Light, giving you a level of protection and clarity that only BluBlockers provide.
BLU BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY - Blue light blocking lenses make objects appear clearer, sharper, and well-defined. You get amazing clarity and the best protection with our high-definition lenses. The world will change and youll never go back to ordinary sunglasses again.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - BluBlocker Corporation uses only the best materials. Our frames are made out of a flexible memory retention nylon material that can be stretched, but will always return to its original shape. Not only are our lenses scratch resistant, but you can hit them with a hammer and they wont shatter.
COMPOSITE LENS - Composite lenses incorporate polycarbonate and other ophthalmic materials. Theyre designed to accommodate most eyeglasses wearers.