Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633

Boys 8 Ride Wellington 3633

Product Details

Boys Rocky Outdoor Footwear: Kids can explore, trek, play hide-and-seek with their friends, climb trees, and skip through the mud puddles. The outdoors truly is one of the few places where children are allowed to act their age and be downright silly. A great pull-on boot to have them wearing the next time they go out to play is this Rocky Kid's Ride Wellington Waterproof Boot. The upper of this Rocky kid's boot is a combination of distressed looking dark-brown leather and a Mossy Oak Break-Up camo pattern that has been printed onto durable nylon fabric. Nylon is a great fabric to incorporate into kid's boots because it is tremendously resilient, has a high level of abrasion resistance and is easy to clean. If you take a close look at the MOBU camo, you will surely notice the amount of detail that has been put into making this print look true-to-life. You can see the leaves are slightly drooped down, and are casting a shadow against the tree's bark. By having this camo print on their Rocky Kid's Ride boot, your little one will feel as if they can blend in with the woods. Kids enjoy getting a running start and jumping into vast puddles, they like playing in the mud, and they will take advantage of every opportunity that arises where they can get dirty. So this causes you to worry every time they head outside to play. You won't have to cover these Rocky Ride boots with garbage bags in order to protect them. Take a deep sigh of relief as we tell you that these camouflage boots were built with guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Construction, the look will be preserved and their feet will remain perfectly dry down inside of these boots. There is a 8" height with a cushioned insole to keep their feet comfortable. The 3633 Rocky Kid's Ride rubber outsole is strong and hardwearing. They'll just enjoy playing, but you'll like the quality of these Rocky Ride boots. Get them a pair today! Grandma Bait -Get Hooked. FQ0003633